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    Bette smiles at Tina. She stands and then bends down to help Tina up. She brings Tina’s hands to her face, placing kisses on the knuckles before rubbing her nose and cheeks with the soft alabaster skin. “I’ll never leave you. Let’s take a walk Baby.” Bette walks Tina through the precinct and out to her car, her arm wrapped tightly around her waist, securing Tina to her side. Tina walked with her body turned slightly into Bette with her face buried into the brunette’s neck. When they get to the car, Bette directs Tina to sit in the back saying, “I just want to hold you while we wait,” adding levity she continues, “and I don’t want to fight the center console to be close to you.”

    They sit in the back in comfortable silence. Tina is sat at Bette’s right side, her legs thrown over the older woman’s lap, her face still buried in her neck and curly hair, and her left arm wrapped around Bette’s back with her hand gripping Bette’s shirt tightly. Bette’s right arm holds the blonde close as she rubs circles into her back. Her head is tilted down resting on Tina’s as her left hand rubs the fragile woman’s right; bringing it to her mouth every few minutes to offer a tender kiss to the palm. The woman snuggled for almost thirty minutes before they were interrupted with a knock on the window. Kate.

    Bette helps Tina out of the car before addressing Kate, her voice short and tight. “Tell us what happened.”

    Kate looks at them both, her eyes filled with anxiety and… bewilderment. She glances around the parking lot. “Um… I have the answers… when we’re done talking you’ll have more understanding than you want.”

    “Well…” Bette huffs impatiently.

    Kate turns. “Let’s go sit somewhere.”

    Bette’s ire rises. “Look, I don’t know what you’re playing at–”

    Kate looks at Bette pleadingly. “Bette…” She glances at Tina before looking back at Bette, imploring her with her eyes. “please? You’re going to want to sit.”

    Bette looks at Kate as her chest tightens. Realizing that this conversation may push Tina over the edge, Bette makes a decision; she gathers Tina’s attention. “Baby? Kate’s going to walk you over to that bench.” Bette points to a picnic table and bench under a tree across the parking lot. “I need to make a phone call and then I’ll be right there.” Tina’s face casts over in fear and anxiety. “It’s okay Baby. It’ll only take five minutes and you’ll be able to see me the whole time. I’m going to stay right here by the car.”

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    1. Thank you so much for posting.

      So sorry to hear about your Mother’s illness. I hope she continues to get better.

      As usual your post only serves to leave me to be like Oliver Twist and ask for more!

      All I ask is that Bette and Tina continue to fight together against the Conspiracy.

      Loving the story and looking forward to 30 more Chapters.


    2. Thank you for posting during a very hectic time for you. We so selfishly await your great post. Sepsis is a very dangerous condition for anyone especially the more older patients. So I am very pleased to hear that your Mom is recovering well.Take good care of her and give her all our love. This story is so timely now during Me Too times. Men of power are degrading and destroying women lives everyday. The recent discovery of over 1000 untested rape kits remind us that justice is not often served by those who are sworn to protect us either. I hope that Tina through the loving care of Bette and therapy can come to trust and recover. As a rape survivor , life is a day to day journey for the rest of your life. Your story has been difficult for me at times but it is well written, not explorative. Keep up the good work and bring Tina home safely. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the supporters of this site.

    3. Hi Elizabeth,

      I am glad that your mother is recovering well. That has been quite a scare for all of you!

      About the chapter, what a freaking assholes!!! I am flabbergasted that they were able to pull that stuff and the cops played along 😱 5 years centence is way to short for the cops involved.

      Glad that Dan is willing to help Tina, the anger, the humilation and powerless feeling she must feel now is heartbreaking! It will take a long time before she will be able to deal with the rape. With help from Bette and Dan i hope she will pull through it. For now, she doesn’t think she will. Very very sad.

      And it happens everyday and all around the world multiple times or even more, very sad and disturbing😢😢😢

    4. I have been silently reading this story. Thank you so much for posting. I love how Bette takes care of Tina and how she came into her life at just the right moment. I am glad your mother is on the mend. I know it can be very stressful. Thanks for all your chapters and how frequently you’ve been posting.

      Can’t wait to see how Dan helps with our tortured Tina. :(

    5. Thank you for this chapter. Hope things go well for your mom and your family. I think that if I had been Bette, I would have taken her home immediately and not waited for Kate’s explanation. I would not want Tina to hear anymore today. It has been far too traumatic. Whatever explanation as to why the prisoners were not controlled and why the precinct was viewing the video and the other information could have been communicated to Bette outside of Tina’s presence. It just another assault on an already doubly assaulted victim. Bette could then with the counsel of Dan decided when this additional piece of the sage was communicated to Tina. Knowing that the entire rape has now been published to the public could cause such a emotional trauma that it could be worse than the original event. This is cruelty beyond cruelty. And I am surprised that Kate has so little empathy for the victim that she would tell this part to Tina when she has just been through what she has been through. Once Kate had the information, she should have made provisions to tell Bette alone what she knew. This would be a huge burden on Bette as to how and when to tell Tina, but Tina’s welfare at the moment should be their top priority. Tina is now going into a catatonic state which is not good. This horrible situation just got worse. Hopefully Dan can help. Please help Tina to recover!

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