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    Chapter 2

    Tina moved around the kitchen putting the finishing touches to the meal she was cooking for her and Bette. it had been two months since they had meet and Bette was coming to stay for the weekend. She wanted everything to be perfect. Tina had fallen madly in love with Bette. she was truly everything that Tina wanted. They had talked for hours, really got to know each other. They made each other laugh. They got on really well. Tina had been away for two weeks in New York filming and she was glad to be home. She had missed seeing Bette. they had talked for a couple of hours everyday after filming but Tina had been working long days so they had arranged to spend the weekend together.

    The doorbell rang out and Tina walked down and looked through the spy hole. She wanted to make sure it was Bette, the press had turned up at her house before now but they had stayed at the end of the garden as they were not allowed on the property.  Tina smiled when she saw it was Bette, she opened the door and took Bette’s bag at once, she knew that Bette had a bad week health wise

    “I can manage you know,” Bette laughed as she slowly walked in, today had been the worst day she had had this week she’d text Tina and told her that she was getting taxi because she didn’t have the energy to drive.

    “You should have told me you were here,” Tina said softly.

    “I can carry my bag,” Bette insisted. She was a very independent woman, yet she loved that Tina tried to take care of her. she’d never really been with anyone who cared.

    “B,” Tina gave her a look and Bette smiled as she sat on the sofa.

    “Yes love.” Bette said looking sweetly at Tina.

    “I care okay, I know you’ve had a bad week, I just want to make this weekend as comfortable as possible.” Tina smiled before she took Bette’s bag into her room, putting it into the walk in closet. She came back out and walked over to Bette. she gently ran her fingers down her face before gently kissing her. “Hi by the way,”

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    1. Fantastic update!

      I love that Tina wants Bette, in good or less healthy state and reassured Bette that it doesn’t matter to her.

      And very good that Tina is so open about her bisexuality. It’s a shame that it is still a matter for a lot of people. You fall in love with a person, man or woman, it shouldn’t matter.

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