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    Chapter 2

    “Hello babe, it’s so good to see,” Bette reached up touching Tina’s arm.

    “I’ve only been away two weeks B,” Tina replied as she straighten up and walked into the large kitchen, where she was chopping everything for their dinner.

    “Two weeks was too long, I’m selfish I know,”

    “What do you mean?” Tina asked as Bette walked over and managed to get herself onto a stool at the island where Tina was working. Tina passed her a glass of wine.

    “I selfishly wanted you to myself,” Bette replied, looking over at Tina,

    Tina smiled softly

    “That’s not selfish Bette,”

    “It is,” Bette replied. “You’ve been working hard and all I wanted was you to come home so I could be with you,”

    “That’s natural.” Tina said softly, “Jodi really did spoil you for the rest of us didn’t she,”

    “what do you mean?”

    “Bette she made you feel guilty for wanting to be with the person you like or love or whatever.” Tina didn’t want to say love straight out as she wasn’t sure how Bette felt about it. “You should never feel guilty about wanting something okay?” Tina said, learning over the counter.

    “Okay,” Bette smiled softly, “What’s for dinner?”

    “I’m making tacos.”

    “Looks good,” Bette replied,

    There was a silence between them as Tina worked away, it was a comfortable silence. Something they were both not used to yet. Bette sipped on her wine.


    “Mmm,” Tina looked up at Bette and smiled softly,

    “I love you, I don’t just like you I’m in love with you.”

    Tina walked around the island and gently turned the stool, standing between Bette’s legs she wrapped her arms around her shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. Bette’s arms slipped around Tina’s hips, her hands finding Tina’s ass which looked amazing in the jeans she was wearing.

    “I love you too, Bette,” Tina kissed her.

    Bette pulled Tina into her and held her close.

    “I needed you to know,” Bette said, “This last two weeks has made me think more, since meeting you I’ve just wanted to be with you all the time. You’re the first woman I’ve felt like this for in a long time. Maybe I’m moving too quickly…”

    “Shh, you’re not. Honestly. Being in New York I just wanted a hug, I couldn’t have one from the one person I wanted one from and that was you.” Tina smiled as Bette pulled her into a hug.

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    1. Fantastic update!

      I love that Tina wants Bette, in good or less healthy state and reassured Bette that it doesn’t matter to her.

      And very good that Tina is so open about her bisexuality. It’s a shame that it is still a matter for a lot of people. You fall in love with a person, man or woman, it shouldn’t matter.

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