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    Chapter 2

    “I’m always up for a hug,”

    Tina laughed.

    “I’m glad I’m a hugger.” Tina kissed Bette again before she moved out of Bette’s arms and carried on making their dinner.




    Bette sat beside Tina’ on the sofa, her head on Tina’s shoulder as the film they were watching ended. Tina shut off the TV and rubbed Bette’s shoulder.

    “You ready for bed honey?” Tina asked,

    “mmm, shit I forgot to ask what’s your mattress like?”

    “I bought a new one when we were talking the other week and you said you need memory foam because of your back issues I got one.”

    “You didn’t have too,” Bette said looking at Tina.

    “I did and I have.” Tina smiled,

    Tina got up of the sofa and reached out a helping hand to Bette before passing her cane. They walked into the bedroom and Bette smiled, the room was large and well painted. It had the most amazing view of the ocean from the large doors.

    “The bathroom is through there,” Tina pointed to the closed door at the far end of the room, “Walk in closet.” She pointed to another door.

    “Thanks, I have to sit down when I shower.” Bette admitted, her voice soft. She hated showing any weakness but as her health had got worse she had made a few choices and she knew her bodies weakness and strengths.

    “There is a shower chair in the bathroom for you, it’s a fold out one, so let me know when you need it and I’ll help you.” Tina smiled

    “You know you could have any woman in the world and yet you’ve chosen this unperfect one.”

    “I have chosen the one I’m most attracted too and that’s you B,” Tina smiled.

    “You’re young,”

    “So are you,”

    “Ha, I’m 42,”

    “Yes young. Listen if you’re trying to put me off it’s not going to work.  I mean this B I do. When I said I love you I do. I’m in love with you. you make my world a million times please stop trying to put me off. Your illness, whatever you see as your weakness does not put me off. I love you. okay,”

    “I love you too,” Bette’s voice was small but she was smiling softly. She’d never had anyone speak to her the way Tina did. Tina has a passion for her that no one ever had.

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    1. Fantastic update!

      I love that Tina wants Bette, in good or less healthy state and reassured Bette that it doesn’t matter to her.

      And very good that Tina is so open about her bisexuality. It’s a shame that it is still a matter for a lot of people. You fall in love with a person, man or woman, it shouldn’t matter.

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