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    Chapter 2

    “Right, would you like a shower?”

    “Yes please,”

    “May I join you?”

    “You want to see me naked?” Bette raised an eyebrow and Tina giggled softly.

    “I was hoping to see you naked.” Tina laughed.

    “Well you can help me shower.” Bette laughed.

    “Sounds perfect,” Tina smiled softly.




    Tina stepped out of the shower, wrapping herself into a massive bath towel before she held open the towel for Bette. Bette slowly got out holding onto the door, but she trusted Tina. Tina wrapped the towel around her and helped her into the bedroom, sitting her onto a chair near the vanity. Bette watched Tina. She was in awe of Tina, who had a love for her body. she didn’t seem bothered that Bette was watching. She knew from that first meeting that Tina looked good, and knew it. She had a confidence that Bette loved. She watched as Tina dried herself and then opened a draw taking out a tank top and shorts, that barely covered her ass. When she was dressed Tina walked over ot Bette.

    “Are you okay?” Tina asked as she gently pushed Bette’s hair behind her ear. Her fingers running along Bette’s perfect jaw line.

    “Yes, I’m just in awe of you,”

    “Me?” Tina smiled, shaking her head

    “Yes, you. you’re so sexy and you’ve got this air of confidence, that is so fucking attractive,” Bette admitted.

    “Says the woman who is sat in my bedroom just in towel,” Tina raised her eyebrow.

    “I’ve just had a shower and you’ve just seen me naked,”

    “I have and you’re muscles are amazing,”

    “I have to keep in shape, to keep my strength up,” Bette admitted. “Tina?”

    “Yes,” Tina sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Bette, who was playing with the edge of her towel.

    “You know my condition will get worse as the years go on,”

    “I do,”

    “And you are okay with that?” Bette looked up into Tina’s hazel eyes.

    Tina smiled softly. She reached out and took Bette’ hand.

    “I’m totally fine with it. Listen, I want to be with you. I want this. I usually get what I want.”

    Bette laughed and reached out to Tina to pull her to her.

    “I’m not always going to be strong physically but while I am I want to be with you, in everyway,”

    “Every way?”

    “Yes, every single way.” Bette pulled Tina closer and kissed her passionately. Both woman melting into the other knowing they were both getting what they wanted.






    Actress Tina Kennard, 31 was on ‘the Jim-Jim’ podcast this week and revealed that she is finally happy. She couldn’t really be drawn on the subject of her private life but did say “I’m at a stage at the moment were I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time”

    Kennard is currently dating writer and photographer Bette Porter, 42. The couple have been seen regularly together over the past couple of months.

    Kennard has just finished filming a two episode appearance in Law and Order, returning to LA she was seen with Porter the following day.

    Jim asked her about the relationship, Kennard simply said “I’m in a relationship but it’s between me and the person I’m with. I will openly admit it’s a woman.”

    Kennard is openly bi-sexual and her last few relationships have been with women. She said “I’m attracted to both men and women. I see a person I want. I usually get what I want. I’m very willing to stand with my fellow bisexual men and women. Being bisexual you are judged more. I think. But my last couple of relationships have been with women.”

    When asked if that was by choice Kennard laughed. “I was attracted to them, its’ that simple. I’m drawn to people and once I’m drawn in I give it my all.”

    Kennard could not be drawn on the subject of Porter or her illness. Porter walks with a cane. She has an undisclosed illness which affects her back and legs. Jim asked Kennard about it and she simply answered ‘some things remain private even for the most public of faces and I believe that my personal life away from the spotlight or promoting a show is just that private.

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    1. Fantastic update!

      I love that Tina wants Bette, in good or less healthy state and reassured Bette that it doesn’t matter to her.

      And very good that Tina is so open about her bisexuality. It’s a shame that it is still a matter for a lot of people. You fall in love with a person, man or woman, it shouldn’t matter.

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