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    Chapter 2

    Tina’s eyes flickered open, she was asleep on the main sofa in a house that used to be her home. she shifted and felt the blanket that Bette must have put over her. she smiled at the thoughtfulness of the gesture. This sofa was a million times more comfortable than the one she’d been sleeping on a for a month. She must have been tried.

    Tina slowly sat up and pushed her hair out of her face, removing the blanket she started to fold it. She almost jumped out of her skin when someone started pounding on the door. Tina took a deep breath and slowly got up. she opened the door.

    No, no, no this wasn’t happening, was the only thought that went through her head.

    She had opened the door and was looking at the woman who had helped almost destroy her marriage. A woman who had known that Bette was taken and carried on regardless.

    Tina felt the pain, the anger, the inferno of rage building in her chest. She just stood there looking at her, not saying a word. Tina’s mind was swirling. Images of this woman and Bette filled her mind, she put her hand up to her forehead.

    Tina could hear Bette’s footsteps on the hardwood floor behind her, she could smell Bette’s intoxicating perfume. Yet she didn’t turn to her, she had her eyes locked on Candace.

    Bette looked a them both, she hated that this was happening. she could see Tina had gone pale, she could see the look of shock of Candace face that Tina was even here.

    “Ti,” Bette reached out and touched her back,

    Tina didn’t respond, she couldn’t. she turned and ran she knew she was going to vomit. She could feel like.

    Bette watched Tina go, she turned back to Candace and held onto the door, ready to slam it shut if she had too. She took in the woman she had risk everything for and couldn’t see why, she didn’t understand how she had let this woman touch her, never mind ruin her.

    “What the fuck do you want?” Bette demanding. She hated herself right now and she couldn’t hear Tina vomiting and she wanted to go to her, but she also knew she had get rid of this woman.

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    1. Love this story. Wish Bette had slammed the door in Candace’s face so she could help Tina while she threw up but I get that she wanted to tell her off too. Ugh. PPS, need them happy.

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