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    Chapter 2. Collide

    It was like time had stopped.  The echos of the past heading towards each other like trains on a single track and here they were colliding head first.  Hitting them both with the reality that this was real. They were both here…..Facing each other. At this moment..

    Tina studied the mocha beauty intently. She was still as beautiful and radiant as ever and she couldn’t believe Bette was standing in front of her. Tina’s eyes began to narrow as she took in Bette’s nervous demeanor and felt her walls going up as she heard Bette speak.

    “So…..uhmmm….Tina?…..Wow…How have you been?” Bette asked and immediately regretted that question as soon is it left her lips.

    Tina’s eyes remained narrow and anger began to rise. She folded her arms

    “You don’t get to ask me that”

    Bette could feel the coldness in her voice

    “Right..You are right..I’m sorry. It’s just I never thought I would see you again” Bette said with thankfulness to whatever force drew them back together for this moment.

    “Why would you think that? You were the one who abandoned me while I was lying in a hospital bed near death….I haven’t seen or heard from you in three and a half years Bette…You just disappeared”

    Bette felt her words hit like frozen arrows into her heart. She couldn’t blame her yet she couldn’t tell her why she up and left her but it began to play over in Bette’s mind

    April  2009  Mercy Hospital

    “This is all my fault Gio”. Bette rests her head in her hands and begins to cry “I knew better than to get involved with her.  But I can’t lose her.  She’s in there fighting for her life because I put her in danger. I’m going to kill Rocco if it’s the last thing I do. Why did he have to go after the love of my life. It’s me he wanted”

    Gio places a comforting hand on her shoulder

    “Bette you know the best way to hurt someone the most is by hurting the ones they love.  That’s Rocco’s style…You know what you have to do.  I have talked to our contact in Washington and we are moving our operation and entire organization to New York. We are compromised here now. We must leave and that means if you stay here you continue putting her in danger. I know you wanted out after this job but seeing as you now have a target on your back you will be keeping her in danger. Come on to New York and join us. We could use your sniper skills”

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    1. Good question Zhenya, who are those two woman and why want Rocco Tina back in Bette’s arms? To take her away from Bette as revenge because Bette did take someone from Rocco.

      Why do i have the feeling that Iris could be Ariana or is somehow involved in this game to get them together?

      Bette left Tina when she was seriously injured in the hospital because Rocco did something to her to get revenge on Bette. And Bette had no choice but to leave so as not to put Tina in further danger. I think Bette is or was an undercover cop when she met Tina and Tina never knew what Bette really did for work.

      My heart is crying for both of them and I hope they will eventually have a happy and loving relationship, but I think you will let us and them go through painful and difficult times first.

      I really enjoy this story! Look forward to the next chapter!

    2. So Bette did not take care of Rocco when Tina was in the hospital before she went to New York…. that was a mistake. And if Bette was a target in Los Angeles, then she would have been a target in New York. Who is it that Bette works for? And why would Rocco wait three and a half years to get his revenge. He would have to have known that Tina survived.

      Tina was a little to emotional for things to be over between her and Bette. Anyone who cause that much of an emotional reaction still is carrying a big time torch for that person. Iris’s relationship with Tina is now in big time danger… regardless of what Tina says.

      Interesting drama…. let’s see what happens next…

      • Hi Martha3128,

        Thanks for the comments..I’m just going to go ahead and reply under your comment as seeing everyone mainly has the same questions..

        -There is more to the Rocco story —and why he knew Tina was alive and why he never went after Bette until now…All that will be revealed as the chapters go on..
        -There are 3 and 1/2 years I intend to fill in the blanks between then and the present time in the story
        -Bette’s past will be revealed and how she has come to doing what she is doing and her past with Rocco
        -Bette and Tina’s meeting and love story will also be told..
        -there are twists and turns as this story goes on

        I have read so many Bette and Tina stories and I wanted to make this one a little outside the box…

        I hope you all stay along for the journey!

    3. Hello amethyst,

      What a great story so far, I’m loving it. I really like the intrigue – what is Rocco planning? Looking forward to seeing everything unfold. Also enjoy your writing style, the way you’ve introduced Alexis and Tony and Cyrus. I am a hardcore Tibette fan – it’s understandable Tina would be angry after Bette left her without explanation. Have to say I felt like crying when Bette was saying goodbye to Tina in the hospital. Can’t wait to read more chapters.

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