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    Chapter 22 – The Results Are In

    “Thank god.” Shane nods as if that’s a good thing.

    The group chuckles along with Quiara and Shane.

    The friends and family talk some more about what is going on in their lives until Jason, Pierce’s assistant motions for Tina to follow him. Tina excuses herself from the group. She tells Angie she’ll be right back and walks with Jason to a small room off to the side where Bette, Dani and Pierce are gathered.

    “Hey.” Tina smiles as she enters the room with Jason. He closes the door behind them. “What’s happening?”

    “We just lost a big district.” Bette rubs her forehead in frustration.

    “How bad?” Tina asks.

    “Milner’s now ahead by 3% points.” Dani answers as she pours over reports and is refreshing the election website page.

    “How much of the vote is in?” Tina asks.

    “About 35%.” Pierce answers. “Still too early to call.”

    “But we needed that district.” Dani waves her hands in the air. “We were counting on it. Shit.”

    “Yes we did.” Bette purses her lips in agreement. “But we’ll have to win without it now.”

    “What are the chances?” Tina asks, biting her lower lip.

    “We still have a chance if Bette gets the support of a few more districts.” Pierce nods as he looks at the updates on Dani’s tablet along with her.

    By this time Tina has made her way to Bette’s side and wraps her right arm around the brunette. Bette places a quick kiss on the side of Tina’s forehead and lops her arm around Tina also. Dani, Pierce and Jason joins Dani and Pierce as they all stare at the screen as Danio continues to update the progress.

    “We’ve got a way to go yet.” Bette glances over at Tina. “Why don’t we go mingle a bit more?”

    “You sure?” Tina rubs Bette’s back trying to sooth the tension she knows is underneath Bette’s cool demander. “We can stay here if you would prefer.”

    “No.” Bette shakes her head. “But thank you. I can’t stand around here and watch a computer screen for another hour or more. I want to stay busy.”

    “Well okay then.” Tina reaches for Bette’s hand and threads her fingers with Bette’s. “Let’s go mingle honey.”

    Bette instructed Dani to alert her for any major updates and says that she’ll be back in a little while to check in. They say their goodbyes for now and exit the small room. Bette and Tina chatted with supporters as they strolled among the crowd, smiles all around. They caught up with the rest of their family and spent some time chatting again.

    Angie joined her parents and stayed by their side the remainder of the evening. She and Tina wrapping arms around each other when Bette was called away. In quiet moments, Angie was starting to feel the twangs of sadness with Tina’s upcoming departure back to Toronto. Two weeks ago she had told her Mama that she missed her very much when they weren’t together and the same would be the case this time also. Like Bette, Angie would feel the emptiness in the house in and their lives with Tina away again, even if it was for only 3 weeks this time. Angie wanted to soak up as much time as she could with the time left with her Mama.

    As for the election, Bette and Milner traded leads the rest of the evening. Dani and Pierce shuffling back and forth with updates and data information. Bette and Dani’s heads frequently bent over the PR manager’s tablet scanning numbers and percentages. Dani’s assistant, Riley, keeping track of districts won or lost on a large LA district map on one wall of the ballroom.

    Then Jason came looking for Bette to join Dani in the side room again. Bette caught Tina’s eye and mouthed for her to follow. Tina nodded she would and suggested to Angie to stay with Shane and Quiara while she went to meet with Bette. It was getting late in the evening and Tina had a feeling that this could be the time for the final numbers to be reported. Tina met Bette in the doorway to the room and they entered together, hand in hand.

    “They just said that district 7 will announce their results in a few minutes.” Pierce informs the couple as they enter the room.

    Dani was already in front of the large TV scene. Riley standing to her left. Pierce and Jason huddled together and standing close by. Bette and Tina still holding hands. Both taking deep breathes and then Tina squeezed Bette’s hand in support.



    Praying . . .


    Up Next – Final Count




      • Hey Finn,

        Thanks for commenting!!

        Seems like I’ve become a real pro at this cliffhanger stuff!!!!! UGH!!!!!

        Yes, it’s getting late in the story & time for closing up some loose ends.

        I tried to post earlier in the week, but the site was having some technical problems – but all fixed now.

        Will post next week without a doubt!!!

        Thanks again for sharing.

        Stay safe.


      • Hiya Deanna,

        Sooooorrry – I don’t mean to make your reading life difficult – but gotta have some drama!!!!

        The PLAN will all start to come together in the next 2 chapters. I hope you’ll like it!!!

        Once this election is over, we can start to get into future plans & new challenges & conflicts!!!!!

        Take care & stay well.


    1. Ooooh, well that’s tense!! Got to say, I don’t know what I want to happen. Mayor Bette would give us some interesting storylines (if you had the time and inclination to write them, of course) but it’s also a big commitment for Tina and Angie, life in the public eye. Hmm. I wonder what you have in mind…

      The dialogue about pet names was cute. They are so adorable with Angie. I hope we will get to see that in S2 on the show.

      Thank you for the update, Collins. I know how much time and attention goes into these stories. Well done on a great arc! Take care, Largo x

    2. Collins
      This is such a lovely chapter. Not only does it move us closer to the election results but it also slowly solidifies the reconciliation between the two. They are starting to gel, Bette is trusting Tina more because Tina is showing her – with her actions – that she is here to stay no matter the situation. They are thinking beyond the here and now and doing so carefully and with the other’s heart in considerations. Well done. Please post more soon, I am curious to see if Bette wins or if her destiny lays elsewhere.

      • Hey BK,

        As I’ve said to many others, we got sooooo little of their daily life & all the little things they did with Angie & themselves for that matter. We didn’t get it in OG & most certainly not in GQ.

        I know that you have done an excellent job of filling in some of that backstory with your story The Beginning. I wanted to expand on that & provide some windows into their life & how they connect as a family & couple.

        B & T will set up an awesome future & one in which they have an equal share & is meaningful to them both as well as honor Kit.

        So where does Bette’s destiny reside???? Surely with Tina & with a great career and future. Next 2 chapters will be very telling.

        Thanks so much & looking forward to your next post as well.

        Take care.


    3. Oh Snap Collins – you are killing us with the mystery &cliffhangers! But I love them anyway!
      Great chapter and have to agree with BK in that these two are really connecting and beginning to believe that they can get their relationship back on track Angie is such a great daughter – caring about her parents happiness. Sweet.
      So what are the other plans for Kit??? Come on – give us some CLUES!!!
      Thanks for another awesome chapter and looking forward to the next. Please post soon.

      • Hey JW,

        A little mystery never hurt anyone right????

        Yes, I want some family time as this is still a delicate time for Angie as she’s trying to find her place in the world & how all this adult stuff works!!

        Yes, lots more plans to come for Kit & Tibette.

        Rest assured that they will be very well taken care of.

        You take care yourself & be well.

        Thanks so much for dropping a line – it means a lot!!

        Til next time –


    4. Hi Collins,

      I am glad i could help you with this chapter, thank you for putting my name in your author note!☺️

      This was a really good chapter to read, you know how to switch between serious, light banter and some humor.

      The reassurense from Tina that Bette still can honor Kit even when she loses the election, the cuddle time and the playfullness with Angie in bed. Real family time and bonding as a family. The connection between Bette and Tina is also stronger, Bette needs to know Tina is there for keeps and i believe she get more faith in that.

      Angie, so cute, asking about nicknames and if it is strange she and Jordi don’t use them. Had to laugh about Bette’s reaction on the prospect Angie would date boys and those boys in her house.

      Maya, finally got it she doesn’t stand a chance with that long ago legend of Bette Porter, the WeHo Lady Killer, The Queen of Lesbian Lovers.

      And how can you leave us with a cliffhanger again, we need to know if Bette won or lost the election.

      I am happy Jacky helped you to post this chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter!

      Take care and stay save and healthy!

      • Hi Bibi,

        Yes, so happy that Jacky was able to get the fixes in for the site & that all our writers can post. HIp Hip Yooray for her!!!!

        Can you imagine – boys – men in Bette’s house??????? NEVER!!!!!!! But Tina will have to calm her down or give her a tranquilizer if that happens!!!

        Yes, laying the foundation for their future & what comes next.
        You WILL find out in the next chapter – I promise!!!

        Yeah, Maya was done before it even began. She just couldn’t compare. As others we’ve seen before.

        Take care of yourself & your family.

        Best wishes my friend.


    5. Collins, Collins, Collins – you are just the devil with not giving us answers!!!!
      Like many of the other fans, you just LOVE those cliffhangers.
      I can’t wait to see what happens with Bette.
      But I am getting a sense that even if she wins, Bette has plans for something else.
      I mean Right?

      Thanks for a great chapter and please, please, please post soon.

      • Hi K,

        All will be wrapped up about the election in the next chapter – Promise!!!!

        You know that rarely life takes the path that we think it will. There are always side steps and paths not taken in favor of others traveled. Same goes in fanfiction also.

        But, much more to come & new ideas to explore. I think you’ll like the path that lies ahead for Bette in this story.

        Thanks for posting & stay safe.


    6. I’m having trouble posting comments from my iPad or phone so I’m hoping this one from my desktop will work!

      Collins, you are a baaaad lady – making us wait again, lol. It’s wonderful storytelling, though. And you’ve got me believing in Tina again. Angie is very cute asking about pet names. I always found a lot to mull over whenever I asked myself ‘What would be like to have these two as your parents??’ So I appreciated that aspect of this chapter.

      There’s a sense of things coming to a close and then opening out again. What will Bette do to honour Kit? What is Tina’s new direction? Is Angie getting more serious about Jordi? Will we get to see Quiara give birth in a future story? I’m here for all of it!

      Thank you so much, my friend. Stay well.
      Largo x

      • Hey Largo,

        Finally received your comment – what a ride!!

        Thanks so much for the compliment – it means a lot coming from a great writer like yourself!!!

        We all know that as 1 door closes, another opens. So is the case with these 2 ladies. Their plans will impact their entire lives & will compose the backdrop for the rest of their loves.

        We saw so little of family life with Bette & Tina in OG & only a few short scenes in GQ with the 3 of them, that I wanted to explore that part of their dynamic. i think they are progressive, thoughtful parents that enjoy that role and definitely want their family to be better than the ones Bette & Tina grew up in.

        So there will be lots more to tie up in the sequel – Shane & Q’s pregnancy being one of them. Angie’s gonna have a little angst in the sequel – growing pains (becoming more adult in her thinking & relationships)

        That’s all I’m saying!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks for your thoughts & well wishes.

        Keep safe yourself & stay healthy my friend.


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