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    Chapter 3. The Fraction

    The next day on Gio’s private jet:

    With the assignment complete the team has been summoned back to New York to headquarters.

    While sitting in their seats waiting for the jet to be fueled, Bette filled Cyrus and Tony in on her encounter with Tina and the woman oddly appearing beside her right after Tina left the bar area

    “Holy shit Bette “ Cyrus awkwardly rubs the back of his neck not knowing what else to say.

    Tony sighed before bringing his finger to tap gently on his chin while in thought

    “I can’t imagine the shock of seeing her again. I remember standing with you on the balcony that night when you came back from the hospital. It almost broke you Bette. I hated seeing you like that” Tony says sadly and sighs

    Bette nods as Alexis pats Tony’s leg

    Tony had been the only member of the organization besides Gio that even knew what Tina looked like.  Cyrus and Alexis joined after Gio moved the headquarters to New York so those two were the only ones who knew at the time

    “I never thought I would see her again. I figured what are the chances that we would show up at the same club at the same time in a city with millions of people.. Besides.. Tina never was a club goer. She wasn’t into that and nevertheless there she was with a girlfriend” and just her saying the word again stabbed her own heart.

    The cabin went silent except for Tony steadily tapping his finger on his chin

    Bette knew Tony long enough to know the wheels were turning in his mind. Tony was second in command of The Fraction behind Gio. The ex Mafia turned hired trained assassin organization made up the finest sniper, hacker intelligence, and surveillance experts in the world. He,along with Leone “Gio” Giovanni, broke away from the LA based Donatello Mafia crime family in 2006 and formed The Fraction exclusively to bring down individuals the US government wanted disposed of. They gave Bette a purpose after she left Tina. They saved her from herself and they were her family and she was grateful for them .

    “What is it Tony?” Bette asks while the captain’s voice blared through the speakers to prepare for departure

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    1. Evidently, Iris has met someone that she is tempted by. That person, “A”, evidently kissed her and is trying to seduce her. A evidently works for Rocco. And what better way to break Tina and Iris up than to have Iris cheat on Tina. It was A who suggested that Iris go to the club the night that she and Tina went. Tina did not decide to go until the last moment. Just as Bette did not decide to go until the last moment. So the meeting of Bette and Tina was shear coincidence but helps the plan along for getting Bette and Tina back together. Now A will proceed with her plan to seduce Iris while in New York. Then, I predict that there will be a big reveal to Tina of Iris’s infidelity.

      I do not consider a kiss as cheating in and of itself. There are all kinds of kisses – kisses of friendship, kisses of greeting or of farewell, romantic kisses, and kisses of intimate communication to name a few. A kiss does not constitute cheating unless it is accompanied with actions and thoughts toward becoming more intimate. And those thoughts and actions must be mutual between both parties and understood by both parties that is the objective. And even then, it is not cheating until further action is taken such as intimate touching or more meetings to further the relationship, And only if a person is in a committed relationship does these things amount to cheating. And only the person doing the kissing can know what is in their mind at the time they have a kiss. If it feels like they are betraying their committed relationship, it’s probably more like temptation rather than cheating. If there are no actions taken to go to a more intimate relationship, then it’s not cheating.

      Bette’s laughing at Gio’s thoughts on Rocco is really surprising. Bette should now begin to realize that Tina will never be safe until Rocco is no more. And if obviously does not matter whether she is with Tina or not, Rocco will eventually go after Tina and then Bette. So Bette leaving Tina has only delayed the inevitable showdown between Bette and Rocco. And Bette needs to formulate a plan with her group to keep Tina safe.

      This is an interesting story. It’s a puzzle in which there are many pieces. But its coming together nicely. Can not wait for the next chapter

      Thanks for this posting…..

      • Hi Deanna!

        Thanks for commenting..I’m just going to post under your comment to clear up who A is that is texting Iris..I gave a hint to that in Chapter 2 with Jasmine talking to her sister Ariana….Ariana is the one trying to seduce Iris….Will she succeed is the question!

    2. This story already has gr8 intrigue and it will be a real challenge for me to keep and open mind. Because of the fact that Bette is an assassin whether working for the “good guys” or not, means she’s bumping off people. How will Tina EVER be OK with that???

      You see Amethyst, Ive been influence by another fanfic story where Bette plaid that same type of character and Tina’s life was uphended in every way imagined! And so now I shiver.

      But that’s my prob, so I accept the conflict within, and say GO FOR IT!!

      Being the suspicious type, I have my accusing eye on Alexis as the “A” that is texting Tina’s girlfriend. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it until you prove me wrong!!

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