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    Chapter 4. Beginnings

    After hearing the plan, Bette folded her arms and turned to Tony who was sitting next to her.

    “Do you think it will work?”

    Tony nods “It’s actually brilliant but we can”t let Tina find out what is going on. We need to make her think it’s a legitimate meeting. Question is..will she even consider the arrangement”

    “Robin is going to make sure Tina follows through. She trusts Robin and she will be safe.  Tina won’t ever suspect something is amiss” Gio reassures

    Bette groans at the comment

    “That is true.  She never suspected anything when I was in deep with Rocco. I hid it very well from her and the only job she knew I had was bartending at Rocco’s bar. She never questioned me and I felt so guilty for lying to her”

    Gio nods and looks down at his cellphone lighting up.

    “Code” he answers


    “Proceed” He responds with the others watching and listening intently

    “The package will be there tomorrow ahead of the conference. It will be delivered by courier”

    “Message received” Gio ends the call and clears his throat

    “That was Robin. Tina and her girlfriend Iris will be arriving here for a work conference”

    Bette sighs throwing her head against the back of the chair and stares in the ceiling.  It seems that after not seeing her or hearing Tina’s name for three and half years Bette can’t escape her now.

    Memories flooded Bette’s mind as she tuned out the conversation going on and couldn’t help but remember the first time she laid eyes on Tina Kennard

    December 2007-New Years Eve-Rocco’s bar-LA

    “This place is packed tonight. Rocco will be pleased” Bette cheerfully states setting a drink down in front of the customer and turning to the guy beside her “That’s it for me.  I’m headed home. Happy New Year Red”

    “You seriously are going home. C’mon Bette. You don’t have a hottie holed up somewhere” Red laughs as he fills a glass with ice

    Bette removes her apron and places it in the hamper underneath the bar

    “Red you know damn well I don’t. You are lucky  your girl was already in the family.  I just can’t you know get involved”

    Red rolls his eyes and turns to Bette

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    1. Great chapter!

      So Bette worked as a bartender for Rocco when she met Tina.

      Martha said it all: Cinderella meet Princess Charming. The connection was made immediately!

      But my question is how did Bette get to work for a maffioso organisation?!

      I enjoy the light banter you throw in this story.

      Look forward to the next chapter!

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