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    Chapter 5. Clash

    The next evening:The Plaza Hotel-New York City

    “Well lovebirds. This is where we depart for now” Robin says grabbing her purse off the check in counter.”I’m going to freshen up and hit the bar later”

    “I am surprised you wanted to come this early” Tina responds handing the hotel clerk her credit card

    Robin shrugs

    “Why not?..The office would have been boring without you there and besides I may have some pleasure to mix with a little business” Robin wiggles her eyebrows

    Iris chuckles as Tina shakes her head

    “Sure you are” Tina says sarcastically

    Robin acts insulted

    “Well I’ll never kiss and tell anyway” Robin says as she turns to walk toward the elevators “I’ll catch up with you two tomorrow”

    Tina and Iris watch her retreating form

    “How much you want to bet her ass stays in her hotel room?” Tina asks as they both start heading the opposite direction from Robin

    “Why do you think that?” Iris asks curiously “She loves to party and she is the biggest flirt there is”

    Tina smirks

    “Smoke and mirrors babe..Trust me..She puts on a show in public but in private she is an introvert” Tina concludes putting the keycard in the door to their room and entering with Iris following behind her

    “Since when have you become a psychologist?” Iris asks setting her purse down on the bed and plopping down beside it

    “Since I put all my trust into someone and they weren’t who I thought they were” Tina says coldly

    Iris sighs

    “But I am just more careful now about who I let in my life. Robin has been nothing but a good friend to me but I keep my guard up”

    “Yeah….. I know” Iris replies sadly and looks down at the carpet

    Tina sits down besides her and takes a hold of her hand

    “I let you in my life when I was at my lowest and you above anyone else I trust with every fiber of my being. I don’t trust easily anymore and you have been so patient with me. That’s why I wanted us to spend some time together just me and you. I made reservations for us at Clementines for 7pm ok”

    Iris smiles wide  “You remembered”

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    1. Oh wow…. and intriguing plan has begun to unfold. Looks like everyone is playing Tina – Robin, Alexis, Bette and Iris. Looks like Iris has found her opportunity to escape Tina and go to meet with A. That leaves Tina alone to stew. That is quite an emotional response to seeing Bette again. Tina is definitely not over Bette and its been three and one half years. Even after she has a girlfriend, she still responding emotionally to a casual meeting with Bette. And the snide label of “Houdini” makes it clear to everyone present how she feels about her – anger, resentment.

      Interesting plot…. keep it coming. Thanks for posting…

    2. Well, Iris definetly not honest with Tina – cheting or just working on this Bette’s enemy. But Tina’s behavior with this Iris also are bad – how many times she told her that she loved Bette more than anything? Who talk something like this to your current about your ex?

      • Hi Zhenya!

        Thanks for commenting!..You are right..Tina’s responses about her ex are not something you should bring up with your current girlfriend. But Tina is dealing with a lot of anger and resentment. Iris knows this. Iris chose to stay with her. Tina has never had closure with Bette..There all kinds of emotions here in play…Keep in mind that Bette just completely walked out of her life..This is going to be a long story in order to tell Tina’s emotional rollercoaster after Bette left and up until her meeting with Iris. Lots more will be revealed.. Again thanks for reading and commenting

    3. I feel bad for Tina. Like Martha said everyone is playing her. To be dumped when you are at the hospital fighting for your life, then the new people in your life are not who they say they are. She basically has no real friends. I don’t think I would ever trust anyone again.

      • Hi Cathy!..Thanks for the post..Yes as you and Martha3128 have commented Tina is getting played and no one is being honest with her……yet….But no one in Bette’s circle is doing it maliciously. The title of the story is Fire and Ice….This is not your typical blissful TiBette romance..I will drop this hint—There will be a fallout once Tina does find out the truth in the next couple of chapters..the story will shift focus on the will be a ride…

        Thanks again for reading and commenting!

    4. And the game is on!

      I feel sorry for Tina, she is about to played by everyone and i know it is for her safety but she doesn’t trust easily after Bette left and doesn’t open up fully, but she will be so angry and hurt when she discover Robin fooled her and Iris cheating on her.

      Ouch, the introduction Tina did was ice cold, this must have hurt Bette deeply and she can’t show any emotion because of the plan and because she feels so guilty leaving Tina three years ago.

      Tina met Iris four months after Bette disappeared and she moved in after only one month?!!! And she didn’t want to move in with Bette when they were in a relationship for one year?! Wonder why that is, because Iris is a nurse and Tina needed help?

      Iris, i still have a bad vibe about her, i think she is somehow involved with Rocco and play a fantastic job as the “devoted” girlfriend.
      I agree with Zhenya that it must be hard to hear many times you loved your ex more than life. But Iris is playing a dirty game. She acts like she loves Tina so much but she cheats behind her back.

      Tina does everything she can to make Iris feel that she cares, I don’t think she really loves Iris, and Iris seeks out and gets the excuse to be able to go to A. literally thrown in her lap for meeting Bette in the restaurant.

      You already indicated that there are many toss and turns and i think you will surprise us with some things.

      I really enjoy your story!

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