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    Chapter 7 Conflict

    The next morning: The Plaza Hotel

    After saying goodbye to Iris at the airport, Tina returns back to the hotel and notices Robin standing in the lobby along with Alexis Sergione and of course……Bette…She was definitely not prepared to deal with Bette right now especially after an emotional night from ending things with Iris.

    Tina takes a deep breath and proceeds toward her room hoping they would not notice her but of course her luck was never good

    “Tina!…Over here!…” Robin motions for her to join them.

    “I’m so not ready for this..Put on your best smile Tina and act professional. Do not lose your cool in front of her” Tina mumbles to herself..She takes a deep breath and makes her way over to them

    “Hello again Ms Kennard” Alexis nods in her direction “We were just about to have some brunch to discuss the campaign. Please join us since you will be heading up the marketing plan if we decide to go with your agency”

    Tina glances at Bette who she is definitely trying to avoid any eye contact with then shifts her focus back to Alexis

    “Please call me Tina…And I guess I can join you but I need to speak with Robin for a moment”

    Alexis nods and Tina grabs Robin lightly by the elbow leading her a few steps away

    “I’m not ready for this Robin” Tina says sternly glancing at Bette

    Robin sighs “Tina. This could be the opportunity for Trask INC to go global with a multi million dollar marketing/advertising campaign with Bellissimo Premier.  We would be idiots if we didn’t hear her ideas and come up with a proposal”

    Tina rest her forehead in her palm “God Robin I know…..I know….But Bette..I’m not ready to be around her personally much less for business…..And after Iris and I ended things last night I’m definitely not in the frame of mind”

    “Wait…What?!” Robin asks shocked but deep down she wasn’t surprised

    “I’ll fill you in later but I just came back from seeing her off at the airport. My mind is all over the place right now”

    Robin sighs “Tina I totally understand if you don’t want to join us right now…Listen I will handle all this and fill you in later”

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    1. Another disastrous meeting between Bette and Tina. Tina needs to allow Bette to explain. But so far she is building a second and third layer to her wall between them. Tina will never be able to get on with her life until she has some explanation as to what happened and why. And if given the opportunity, will Bette tell her the truth?

      Bette is doing rather well at allowing Tina to call the shots and complying with her wishes. Bette’s goal is to keep Tina safe. Even though she loves Tina with all of her heart, she wants her safe first and then with her 2nd. This is going to be a very difficult situation for Tina…. but sooner or later maybe she will give Bette the opportunity to explain.

      Good chapter… love to see more.

    2. Seems that i agree with some previous comments – everyone playing with Tina and tricking her. Even if they do it for good (by the this reason are good only for Bette and her team) it’s still don’t seem right. So if Tina after all say to all of them, including this Bette to f..k off – i wouldn’t blame her

    3. Still enjoying this story!

      So Tina and Iris broke up and i it seems that i have to rethink of Iris being somehow involved in this play.

      Poor Bette and Tina, so in love and both so hurt. Bette did have to leave to protect Tina and pays the price for it but she did decieve Tina when they were a couple and still can’t and isn’t allowed to open up. And Tina, i can understand why she is still very hurt and heart broken over Bette leaving without one word. She is acting so cold but inside she is crumbling.

      They all want to protect Tina but when the truth will come out she has been played by everyone she will explode and be hurt more than ever. But at least she will be safe but at what cost?

      Look forward to the next chapter!

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