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    Chapter 6 Realizations

    “Stop here please”

    Robin prompts the driver who pulls off to the side and parks. She watches as Iris steps out of the cab she was in and begins walking toward a sparsely lit park with a Greco style fountain..Angels surrounding the top, middle, and base. The lights from the fountain sparkling from the constant flow.

    “Thanks” Robin pays the driver and steps out walking toward Iris who has seated herself on one of the benches that surround the fountain.

    “Would you care for some company?”

    Iris jumps and quickly turns to see Robin standing behind her

    “Oh my God Robin!..You scared the shit out of me..What are you doing here?” Iris asks startled. Her hand clutching her chest

    “I’m sorry..But the question is….What are you doing here?…And all by yourself no less”

    Iris sighs

    “Tina and I had huge blowup. Well…technically I blew up at her and left. I came here to think”

    Robin moves around the bench and sits down next to her

    “You want to talk about it?” Robin asks hating to see Iris looking so down

    “I don’t know where to start. Bette has always been this huge wedge between us. I mean I knew that when I got involved with her. And now it’s like what little progress was being made has totally gone out the window.  I can’t reach her Robin and I don’t want to abandon her like Bette did. I love her but I’m losing myself. And now with Bette popping back in her life like some brewing storm I’m afraid that this is it for us”

    Robin sighs and puts her arm around Iris pulling her into her side. Iris begins to cry

    “Iris..I’m certainly not one to pry in your relationship with Tina or give relationship advice but you shouldn’t stay with Tina out of some obligation as it isn’t fair to her or yourself “ Robin explains feeling like deja vu with this conversation

    “I know that…She mourned Bette..Correction…Still mourning Bette and I was there to just listen but I fell for her in the process. And in spite of her grief she fell for me…I do love her and she has my heart but I will never fully have hers” Iris sighs and rests her head in her hands

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    1. So Tina and Iris are ending their relationship.. Yet neither one said the words. Seems like a state of limbo…Tina says Iris deserves more than she can give and Iris really does not respond. I would have have expected Iris to ask if Tina ever thought she would be able to give more. But both assumed that the relationship had reached its peak and now it was over. Not a very specific break-up. But I guess it’s good enough for them.

      So Ariana and Robin have a history? I wonder what is on the flash drive? What is the purpose of Robin’s visit to Ariana? Hope will find out soon..

      Keep the chapters coming…. very intriguing story so far…


      • Hi Martha3128!

        The breakup was more of an understanding between the two without having to be specific because they both knew the issues. There was really nothing either had to ask. It’s the way I wrote it to show that those issues were always present. No need for explanations as they both were on the same page.

        Thanks as always for reading and commenting!

    2. Hard to read part about time when Tina woke up in hospital and calling for Bette – and Bette wasn’t there.
      And second – i also thought that Iris cheating – slept with someone else. Or working on this Rocco. You surprise me, it’s good.
      Waiting for the next!

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