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    Chapter Five: Marking and Horseback Riding

    [ Porter-Kennard Residence 12:00 A.M ]

    Tina slowly closed the front door behind her as she threw her purse onto the kitchen counter. She looked around and noticed two wine glasses on the coffee table in the living room. Confused, Tina walked towards Angie’s room and carefully opened the bedroom door and noticed Angie curled up underneath her light pink comforter. With a small smile, she closed the door and began to head towards the master suite.

    As she entered, Tina saw Bette lying underneath the comforter facing away from the door. She lightly closed the bedroom door and headed towards the bathroom to remove her makeup and get into her pajamas for the night. Pulling off her shirt, bra, jeans, and panties, she threw on an oversized shirt of Bette’s and turned to face the mirror. Grabbing her nightly face wash, she gently wet her face with water and applied a small portion.

    Tina let out a deep breath and went to grab her toothbrush and toothpaste from the countertop. After brushing her teeth, she stared into the mirror at her reflection and thought of all the changes that have happened over the last few years: Bette cheating, getting pregnant with Ang, dating Helena, getting back with Bette, leaving Bette, cheating with Bette on Jodie, getting back together with Bette…

    Tina shook her head with a small smile… ‘Damn, it’s been a wild ride. We’re finally where we need to be.’

    She turned around and headed towards Bette who was still laying down on the bed. That’s when she noticed the dried tear marks that were stained on Bette’s face. She sat down on the small free space on the mattress and lightly ran her fingers through Bette’s hair. As her hand trailed down from Bette’s hair to her face, she slightly brushed the marks that were imprinted on Bette’s cheeks.

    Bette felt warm fingers trailing down her face and automatically knew who it was. With her eyes fluttering open, she stared at the love of her life and noticed the concerned look on her face.

    “I should have stayed,” Tina whispered still trailing her fingers down Bette’s face.

    Bette grabbed onto Tina’s hands and gently kissed them. “I’m okay.”

    “No, you’re not.”

    Bette looked back up into Tina’s eyes. She could see the worry, the confusion, and more importantly, the love. “I’m okay now that you’re here with me.”

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    1. Thanks a nice update.
      Glad that Tina and Bette reconnected and looking forward to Bette getting to know more of Tina’s early life.
      Hope Bette turns out to be better at Tina’s old pastimes than JJ. Want Bette to seriously better that JJ.

    2. Bette just doesn’t know what she is in for, muddin’ will not be her cup of tea. Those young men just want to get in trouble all the time. They don’t seem to realize that when you are visiting a place, you need to do what the locals do, not what you do at home, that’s why it’s called a vacation. Experience something new, wait till you’re back home to do those everyday things. Buying tires for a couple hours of fun, seems rather foolish to me. I guess when you are rolling in money, it just does not matter. Interesting update. Thanks for posting.

    3. Fantastic update!

      I am happy Bette & Tina reconnected and talked about Bette’s fear.

      Bette is so much trying to learn more about Tina and all the things she did in her past, it will be a lot of fun.

      Still don’t trust JJ.

    4. Thanks for the great update! Poor Bette she is just trying to fit in Tina’s past. I can’t see Bette enjoying the mudding. I don’t trust JJ either! Glad they had some loving. On to the next fun activity. PPS

    5. What a great chapter!! Bette and Tina reconnect, and got some loving and fun time.
      Can’t wait for the two gangs to meet and party.Alice and Piper seem to have the same kind of witty personality, and will be fun to see them interact.
      Thanks for the update.

    6. I’d like to see a hookup with Shane and having J,J. going wild on her and Alice and Piper just getting drunk and screwing. The BBQ will be interesting. This story has an interesting path to follow. Thanks for writing it.

    7. This is another nice story, Kylie. Interesting past that you created for Tina. I hope for Bette that she‘ll come to the point where she‘ll see Tina‘s friends as a part of her extended family as well.
      Please don‘t abandon this story! I wished you‘d write more. But then again I‘d like updates on „Do you belive in magic?“ more ;-)
      Thanks for sharing.

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