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    Chapter Four: The First Wave of Fear

    [Bar – 9:30 P.M.]

    “Did we order a fucking rainbow or alcohol?” Piper asked staring down at the tray of colorful drinks. “I mean I know we’re in the gayest part of Los Angeles but Jesus Christ.”

    “Shut up and drink your green concoction,” JJ said as she took the orange drink from the tray and looked at it strangely. “What are these?”

    “I actually have no idea…” Tina trailed off as she picked up the purple one. “But I guess we’ll find out.”

    “I better know who I am by the end of the night or so help me…” Piper said as she took a sip of her green drink. “It kinda tastes like green apple. Not bad.”

    “Mine tastes like oranges.” JJ said as she took another sip.

    “Grape.” Tina said as she raised hers.

    “So, how’s Bette?” JJ asked as Piper was still inspecting her drink. “Pipe, it’s a drink, not a bomb.”


    Tina smiled over at Piper. “She’s good. We had a little argument before I got here but otherwise she’s been fine.”

    “What about?” Piper asked finally finished with investigating her drink.

    “She wanted to know about us,” Tina replied gesturing to JJ.

    “Ohhhh…Yeah I can see how that could be a little awkward.” Piper said as she took another drink.

    “…Is she okay? I didn’t mean to cause any sort of trouble.” JJ asked as she looked at Tina.

    “Yeah… she was just unnerved that I never told her how long we were together and the whole engagement/breakup.”

    “I get it.” JJ nodded her head. “I guess it doesn’t really help that we are still close huh?”

    “No… but she’ll have to get over it,” Tina shrugged. “You’re an important piece of my life.”

    JJ smiled and took a sip from the red drink sitting on the tray. “Back at you.” She winked.

    “So, are you going to tell me about that case?” Tina asked.

    JJ looked over at Piper who was completely distracted by a pretty red-head who walked into the bar. “Later…I promise.”

    “You better or otherwise I’ll call the chief,” Tina said with a wink. “Piper…Piper…Piper are you with us?”

    Piper got out of her brain fog and stared over at Tina. “What?”

    JJ smiled and looked over at the red-head. “She’s cute. You should go talk to her.”

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    1. Great update Ky!

      Bette is really shaken up with the truth about Tina’s past with JJ. I know it was a big bomb shell to hear, but she needs to trust and have faith in Tina and their relationship. It would be good if she and Tina talk about it and finally solve the mess about their first break up.

      So JJ wants a Bette type , i understand that, i would love to have Bette in my life 😍. Don’t let my wife hear it 😉

    2. Thanks for the update. Why does Tina think JJ came to LA with the group, for shits and giggles? Absolutely not, she is there to see if she can get Tina back because she doesn’t believe Tina and Bette are stuck like glue., and her relationship is not good either. JJ’s own relationship will never get better if she doesn’t take better care of it and pay more attention to her lady, cut back on the hours if she can. And she is wrong, they are solid but they really need to talk. Can’t blame Bette for feeling the way she does. JJ feels way too close to Tina and Tina doesn’t see it yet. Okay, this chapter is titled the First Wave of Fear, well, how many waves will there be, I don’t think either of them can live through too many “waves of fear”, Bette certainly can not. Thanks again for posting. Have a great week.

    3. Bette and Tina really does need a long talk. Poor Bette! I feel sorry for her cause she’s so scared she’s going to lose Tina. She will if she let the green eyed monster come between them. Great post. PPS

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