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    Chapter Two: Meeting the Ex


    This chapter has a lot of descriptions of Tina’s friends, but I wanted you guys to be able to picture them in your head as you read the rest of the story.

    [8:45 P.M.]

    “Thanks Kit so much for watching Angie for us,” Tina said as she was putting her earrings on. She was dressed in a pair of black ankle booties, dark blue slim hip hugging jeans, a plain red crewneck top that hugged her body perfectly, a few small accessories and her haired slightly curled.

    “It’s no problem at all. Bette told me a few of your old friends are coming into town. You excited?” Kit asked.

    “Yeah, I haven’t seen them in person for a while now. I mean I saw Piper a few months ago when she was in town on a business trip. Haven’t seen JJ in a while. I mean, I saw a few other friends here and there through the years but not all of them at the same time.”

    “Well baby girl, you look absolutely gorgeous,” Kit beamed.

    “She always looks gorgeous,” Bette replied walking into the living room. She was dressed in a pair of black straight pants, a white tank top with a grey cardigan over it, hair curled to perfection, and a pair of black booties as well.

    “You clean up nicely,” Tina said as she looked Bette up and down. “I’m lucky.”

    “No, I’m lucky…” Bette stared into Tina’s hazel eyes. “Thank you.”

    “For what?” Tina asked confused.

    “For letting me meet your friends.”

    “Haha…Wait until you meet them to thank me.”

    “You guys better get going unless you want to wait in traffic and cause your friends to get mad at you…” Kit said opening the front door. “Don’t worry, Ang is in great hands.”

    “Thank you again,” Tina said as she got her car keys and headed out the door.

    “I don’t know how long we’ll be gone for but…”Bette began to say as Kit cut her off.

    “Go let Tina have a good time with her friends. Don’t rush her. She needs this time to hang out and reminisce about past times. Go enjoy it.” Kit said ushering Bette out the front door.

    [LAX – 10:11 P.M.]

    “God, I can’t wait to see who’s here…” Tina said as she kept looking out the window, glancing at the exit waiting for someone she recognizes to walk out the sliding doors.

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    1. I’m glad that I found a new story to follow with a very interesting beginning.
      Loved the update.Looks like the green-eyed monster is out and taunting Bette.
      Loved the stories about troublemaker Tinna,very funny 😂.
      Thanks for sharing this story and the update.

    2. Tina and the fireworks was to damn funny! I can see it now! Please don’t let the green eyed monster come out of Bette too much. I’m just happy that Tina didn’t let Bette feel left out. Bette will see another side of Tina in which she will fall more in love with. Thanks and PPS~

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