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    Chiaroscuro Chapter 52 The Finale


    Chapter 52 The Finale


    It was the opening of the year—everyone who was anyone in the LA art and music scene was there.  One reviewer called it a “cultural phenomenon the likes of which LA had never seen before.”  Another wrote  “This was Bette Porter’s comeback—success is the ultimate slap in the face to the CAC board of directors who had so foolishly allowed her to leave.”  The LA Times called to beg for interviews and Art Scene magazine repeated the gossip that the Getty was going to offer her the directorship.  Kit heard from musicians she had worked with years before asking for invitations. Eduardo’s sculptural waterfall was such a success that it guaranteed him more commissions than he could possibly manage.  Bette’s new piece, hung on the far wall in the back room of the gallery, left people breathless and awed by her talent.

    Every music artist and producer in town, and many who flew in especially for the event, arrived for the opening of Kit Porter’s spectacular new club and restaurant.  Rap mixed with jazz, rock mixed with alternative all night long; the music went on into the early hours with everyone “mixin’ it up together” as Kit put it.  The champagne flowed all night—no one wanted to miss the next act.

    Bette moved smoothly through the crowd; as always, she knew how to work the room, never lingering too long with any one person but making sure that everyone felt her presence.  She had dressed completely in black—a long black silk caftan complemented billowing trousers that flowed over her high heeled sandals.  Her unruly hair, grown long and wild in Mexico, cascaded down her back and shoulders.  Gone was the corporate executive always in control; this woman was nothing like the Bette Porter anyone remembered.  Bette felt free.



    She had fallen asleep at the beach and dreamed of her father.  He had been her childhood anchor, her only security after her mother had deserted them. She now understood that her mother could only escape him by leaving them both. His rigidity had controlled Bette unmercifully as well and stifled not just her creativity but, she understood now, her relationships. In looking for his acceptance, she had lost herself long before her affair with Candace.  She awoke startled by the recognition that she had lost too much in trying to live by his rules to win his acceptance.  She breathed in the crisp salt air and ran her hands through her hair to unknot it.  Life was too short for pride and fear.  She would not repeat his mistakes.

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    1. Lynn, absolutely amazing. This story was one hell of a story to follow, and you are a writer who is so gifted, that words could never do justice in trying to acknowledge the level of talent that exists. I LOVE the way you formed this last chapter. Forgiveness is an amazing thing. What is it really? Is it an emotion? Is it a shadow of ones values? Is it the depth of ones character? I don’t know if it can be simplified into one place, but I know it exists, for I have forgiven many people in my life, and my wife had offered forgiveness to me when we had hit an extremely difficult place that could have had life altering consequences. I loved this part, “Bette, forgiveness opens your heart. Without it, you lose a part of yourself. Without it, you lose a part of yourself. When you forgive someone, don’t think it is a gift you give the other person—it is a gift you give yourself. And when you forgive yourself, you free yourself.” God isn’t that the truth? The ending was so delicate, the fact that Tina would still have Bette. It just hits so very close to home, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this magnificent story, and treating it with so much dignity and respect. It mirrors what we have come to know in terms of the author herself. Have a great trip hun, and don’t forget to bring on some more stuff. ** Hugs **

    2. I’m glad you came back to this story, although it’s bittersweet with this being the end. Perfect ending. Your writing is just brilliant and this story has been enchanting from the beginning. Enjoy Barcelona and I’m keeping fingers crossed for plenty of down time.

    3. Hey Lin! First thank you so much for this installment! It was beautifully written, as all of your work is, and handled with an amazing amount of grace. I am so happy that you updated this as you know that I’ve felt so inspired by this story. Thanks again Lin….it’s an amazing ending to an amazing story!

    4. That was beautiful Lin! I remember when I found this story & I started reading it, it was like I was mesmerized, I couldn’t tear myself away. That’s how good you are. I am looking forward to more of your stories.

    5. I really hate to see this story end. I have loved it from the very beginning. This piece brought you to us, and it is as if writing this story brought you home. I hope that you will continue to enlighten us with your stories. They make us laugh, cry, get all hot, steamy, and aroused but most of all they remind the reader of what life is truely all about. Enjoy your trip and be safe.

    6. I have followed this story albeit in the quiet background, but I just wanted to say it was truly a wonderful story and thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful trip to spain and I look forward to another story from you.

    7. Excellent landing Lin! You coasted along for just the right amount of time, then gently glided in to end this story in the most elegant way possible. I fully enjoyed how you tied art in and all around this story – you took it to the full meaning of Chiaroscuro and then some. Your final sentiment about forgiveness is so true. May we all learn from it and try to remember to “free ourselves” by forgiving others as we would like to be forgiven. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your writing and will continue to read all your stories.

    8. This story was good for the communication of Tina and Bette that we did not see on the show. Thank you for sharing your talent, but I must be honest and admit that I was left wanting more of a reunion that was at home with Angelica.

    9. aaaaawwwwwwww I loved that story all the way through. Thank you for finishing it so gracefully. Nice one. I look 4ward to your other stories. Have a nice time in Barcelona.

    10. Bittersweet before reading a word as at once reading a new and finale update for this amazing story. I discovered L word and this fan site about 4 months ago, and was very lucky yours was one of the first stories I can across. I sat one afternoon and read I think the first 41 chapters, I cried, I put off much work, I thouroughly escaped into your (Bette and Tina’s) world. This story has been a great read. You have managed to convey the passion and truly bring these characters to life. Many stories on fan fiction sites get a “free pass” with character development as we are all familiar with the characters in the stories.. I believe if you were to merely change the names of the characters or submit this to someone who has never seen the L word this story would still be a bautiful and passionate love story.Thank you for sharing this work.

    11. Wow I cant believe this is the end I need a continuation, I want to see their life after the forgiveness. I am so relieved that they got back together I was having doubts there in the beginning but love prevails..please write them years later and a older Angelica maybe a few more children…time heal all wounds that is just a fact! Beautifully written very talented

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