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    Christmas Eve

    “I’m happy for you, really Eric, but I want to spend a quiet Christmas Eve at home with my parents like I usually do. I don’t want to attend this party.” Tina says for the fifth time.

    It was 9 AM on Christmas Eve. Eric had come to Tina’s apartment early. He was still upset that after Melvin offered him a position in his firm, and he accepted, that Tina didn’t want to go home with him last night to celebrate. Now, after coming over early with breakfast, he was livid that she was refusing to come to the celebration dinner party that he arranged with Melvin. Eric walks close to Tina, getting in her face. “Listen Tina, I’m not playing anymore, and I’m tired of you thinking you can just push me aside whenever you want. I’ve been letting you have too much control for 4 years, and it stops now. You will be with me, at this party. You will smile, and play the adoring girlfriend, and when I propose tonight, you WILL say yes.”

    Tina feels a chill run down her spine. She had never felt fearful of Eric before, but in this moment she was. However, Tina wasn’t going to let anymore people run her life. She refused to back down. “No, I will be here tonight with my parents.” She snaps back.

    Eric smirks as he begins putting his coat on and walking to the front door. “I’ve already spoken to your parents; they’re coming as well, and your Father was quite clear that he too expects you to be there. I’ll pick you up at 5:45 PM. Be ready.”

    Tina picks up her coffee mug and throws it at the door as it closes behind Eric. The mug shatters as Tina falls to the ground in tears. I can’t take this… how do I fix this… I just want Bette back… I just want my soulmate. Thoughts run rapidly through Tina’s mind. As she thinks more and more about her past – with Bette – and her current relationship with Eric, she becomes determined. I’m going to get her back; I’ll win Bette back and we’ll be together again… but first, I’m going to publicly humiliate Eric by rejecting his proposal tonight. Everyone will know where we stand, and I’ll finally fulfill a promise to Bette – I’ll tell everyone of our love!

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