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    Coming out

    “SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS,” Alice chanted as she brought a tray of shorts to the table, that Bette and Tina had just sat down at with their friends.  “Where have you two been?”

    Tina laughed as she took the shot that Alice offered her.

    “Exploring our suit,” Tina winked at Shane, as she spoke making her laugh,

    “Why do you guys have the Honeymoon suit?” Jenny asked

    “It was the last room they had,” Bette said, as she reached out and took a shot knowing that she was going to have to join in. she was very relaxed after making love to Tina. before anyone could answer Dana walked over grinning.

    “Why are you the Cheshire Cat?” Alice asked,

    “Some woman just recognised me at the bar,”

    “Go Dana,” Tina smiled before giving her friend a double high five.

    A gang of women walked past and Tina looked up as one of the group was checking out Bette, one of her friends stopped to talk to a girl on another table and the girl walked into her because she wasn’t paying attention. Tina laughed.

    “What?” Bette looked at her woman,

    “That woman was looking at you and walked into her friend.” Tina laughed

    “That’s not happened in a while,”

    “It happens all the time,”

    “Good thing the hottest woman here is with me,” Bette smiled,

    “Aww, baby,” Tina melted into her and kissed her lips. Tina pulled away as a waiter brought over two glass of wine that Bette had ordered from their room.

    “Can I ask you both something?” Jenny said, she was still nervous, this was all new to her.

    “Sure.” Tina smiled as she sipped her wine

    “How did you two get together?”

    “Here we go,” Alice rolled her eyes,

    “Do you really want to hear our story?” Bette asked,

    “Please,” Jenny asked, at the moment Bette and Tina were the only lesbian couple she knew that appeared to be normal

    “Well about eight years ago, I was running The Bette Porter Gallery. I used to have these big artist dinners,”

    “They were so fancy,” Alice said,

    “How do you know?” Jenny asked

    “Well Bette and I dated for six weeks but we were in that post dating, as it didn’t work, friends stage. I was there.”

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    1. Sweet…sweet. Nice interaction between Bette and Tina. But they need to take some time to talk about what is really going on with the two of them. They need to work on more than the physical aspect of their relationship even though the Dinah Shore is the perfect place for that. Maybe once they get home they can engage each other in some conversation about their fears and about the loss of their baby and how they really feel about having a family and the timing of that. They need some heart to heart honest communication without interruption from the gang.

      Looks like Tonya is about to become a new member of the gang….we will see. Wonder how Bette’s going to enjoy the ride home with Tonya in the vehicle?

      Lovely chapter…..thanks….

    2. Very sweet chapter!

      They need to talk when they are home and the fact that Bette took two another days of is a good sign that she is serious about working on their relationship.

      And like Bette fell in love twice with Tina, i fell in love with the story again!

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