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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 1

    New York City 2000

    A phone rings as a hand reaches for the receiver to pick it up and is placed against a woman’s ear…”Hello…Yes. This is Bette Porter…………Really?….Oh my God….This is happening?……Yes…………..Ok…..I am on my way” Bette hurriedly slams down the receiver and grabs her purse before rushing out the door. She quickly makes her way to her car that is parallel parked in front of her home. She gets in taking a deep breath before buckling up her seat belt and starts the car.  “I can’t believe I’m going to be a Mom” she says excitedly before driving off.

    18 years later:

    ”Emma hurry up…We need to go…Our flight leaves in two hours and the taxi is waiting” Bette yells upstairs as a young woman appears with a suitcase and duffle bag over her shoulder. She descends down the stairs and sets her suitcase down at the bottom.

    ”Mom…Can you believe I’m going to be a Freshman in college?”

    Bette shook her head.

    ”No baby I can’t…And you must hate me so much that you want to go to the other end of the country to get away from me” Bette says frowning.

    Emma laughs and drops her duffle bag down beside the suitcase pulling Bette into a hug.

    ”Oh Mom…You know I’m going to miss you”

    Bette sighs as she kisses Emma on the cheek.

    ”I’m proud of you…Now let’s go before I hold you here against your will and make you stay with me forever” Bette jokes as Emma grabs her suitcase and duffle bag and walks outside behind Bette.


    Several hours later

    Los Angeles–LAX

    ”Ok…That’s everything my California University bound daughter. Let’s go”

    ”Hey Mom?” Emma asks as they make their way to the terminal exit


    ”Doesn’t Aunt Kit live here in L.A.?”

    Bette stops and turns to look at Emma

    ”Emma? Your Aunt Kit and I haven’t spoken in years. Do not get any wild ideas about looking her up and showing up on her doorstep”

    Emma rolls her eyes as they resume their walk to the exit.

    ”Mom..I don’t have anyone here…It would be nice if I could occasionally see her…Just because you two aren’t talking doesn’t mean I can’t go see my favorite Aunt”

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    1. So…. Bette and Tina do not know each other, yet! And Bette is sending Emma off to college for her first year.

      I am jumping to conclusions that Emma is Tina child she gave up for adoption. And now Emma has been assigned to Tina as her advisor? Small world.

      This is going to be a interesting reunion when they finally discover who the other is. Now Bette live on the other side of the country, forming a relationship with Emma’s birth mother is going to be difficult….

      Interesting…. good beginning.

      Please post more…

    2. Wow, i am interested!

      I go along with Martha and assume Emma is the child Tina gave up for adoption and now Emma and Tina are in the same city and college and Tina is her advisor.

      And poor Bette lives across the USA.

      Look forward to read more!

    3. stargaze,
      How do you Authors do that? Wet our whistle with only 4 pages knowing FULL well our imaginations are in a sprint to start start filling in the blanks!!! HeHeHe!!!!

      Well OKay let the games begin . . .

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