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    Bette walked into the house and softly closed the front door; the house was filled with soft rock music playing and Tina was cooking. Her hair was up and out of her face and Bette just took in her woman who wasn’t wearing any make up and looked perfect. She never expected Tina to cook for her. It was something that Tina enjoyed doing.

    Bette put her purse and briefcase down, however she kept hold of the bag she had bought from the jewellers. Her heels clicked on the hard wood floor and Tina looked up at her when she heard her. Tina smiled.

    Bette melted.

    It was that simple sometimes, all it took was Tina’s dazzling smile and Bette’s whole world felt easier to deal with

    “Hey babe, how was your day?”

    “Work was okay, had lunch with the girls that was a little rough.”


    “Shane and Alice,” Bette said as she put the bag down on the counter and walked around and wrapped her arms around Tina pulling her into a hug.

    “That didn’t go too well?” Tina asked her hands getting lost in Bette’s hair a habit that was become the norm for them. she loved losing her fingers in Bette’s thick hair.

    “Alice is an asshat.”

    Tina laughed she couldn’t help it. she pulled away smiling.

    “What did she do?” Tina asked, pulling away from Bette and finishing of the salad to accompany the dinner she had made for them.

    “She thinks I’ve gone completely mad because I want to move out of LA with you,”

    Tina stopped, she was scared that someone or Bette would talk herself out of coming with her.

    Bette saw Tina tense. She walked up behind her and slipped her arms around her waist resting her hands onto Tina’s stomach. Her lips finding Tina’s neck.

    “Alice nor anyone else is going to stop me, moving with you, don’t worry.” Bette whispered softly.

    “I do worry, we are a new couple. We are still learning stuff about each other. I feel like I’m asking…”

    “Ti,” Bette stopped her by spinning her around to face her “You didn’t ask me, I ask you. I want this. I want to be with you. I want you close. I also want you in a house and in a place that makes you happy and relaxed. you’re tense here. all the time. you feel closed in,”

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    1. No no no, you can’t leave us hanging there wondering about Tina.

      I am shamed to say it but i am glad Claire is out of the picture now.

      This is a horrible scene Bette had to see, Tina laying on the ground losing blood fast and to see Claire shoot herself.

      Please, post asap you can!

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