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    1. Community Service Award

    Looking at the clock it was almost 6pm and Bette hurried around grabbing her earrings and fumbling while putting them in her ear as she slipped on her shoes. ”I’m going to be so late” she mumbled as she took a quick look in the mirror before grabbing her purse and heading out the door.

    As she ran down the steps of her home she heard her cellphone ring ”Shit” she muttered as she reached into her purse grabbing her cellphone and answering it.

    ”Bette Porter”

    ”Bette! Where in the hell are you?”

    ”Kit? I’m on my way ok.”

    ”We’ll get your ass in seventh gear and get here ASAP. We are all waiting on you”

    ”I know I know. Look I’m getting in the car now and I’ll be there in 15 minutes” Bette replied hanging up the phone and getting into her blue suv.


    ”Is Porter on her way?” Alice asked as she walked up to Kit.

    ”So she says. I swear I’m going to wring her neck for keeping the Mayor waiting. I mean she is getting an award for her community service work around the city and she can’t get here on time” Kit complained as she pointed out the Mayor to Alice. ” Look Baby girl. The Mayor is checking her watch. I need to do some damage control”

    ”Alright well good luck. I’m going back over to Dana and Shane. Dana has had one to many glasses of champagne and I’m afraid she is going to need someone holding her hair in a little while. The girl can’t hold her alcohol for anything as you know”

    Kit giggled watching Alice go back over to Shane and Dana and made her way to the Mayor. Clearing her throat she lightly tapped the Mayor on her shoulder causing the Mayor to turn around.

    ”Excuse me. I’m sorry..I’m Kit Porter. Bette Porter’s sister. I want to apologize for her running late.  I know your time is valuable but she will be here shortly.”

    ”I understand. It’s just that I have to go across town for a grand opening in an hour. My assistant booked me for these two events without cross checking and it was too late for me to reschedule either one”

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    1. Love this chapter. It feels like this will be another great story from you. Looking forward to reading more.

      Thanks for the update on Fire And Ice. I was disappointed when I saw it was no longer posted. I love that story!

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