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    Bette pulled the car into the drive watching as the gates closed behind her in the rear-view mirror. She had driven home in silence. Her mind had been racing. she knew she had made a massive mistake and now she was willing to take that. She had to be open and honest with her wife. The kiss had shown her one thing. Her feelings for Tina were everything to her. She took a deep breath and ran her finger through her hair. She knew she was stressed and she’d let her guard down.

    Bette picked up her purse and briefcase and headed into the house. She could smell Tina’s home cooked food, the moment she opened the door and she smiled sadly when she saw her wife moving around the kitchen. She was wearing baggy cargos and a tank top, she looked perfect, Her blonde hair was tied back at the nap of her neck and she looked younger than her 30 years.

    Bette removed her jacket and dropped her purse and briefcase onto the chair near the front door.

    ​“Hey babe,” Tina said as she eats some raw veg which she had cut up.

    ​“Hi,” Bette’s voice shook, the guilt of what had happened hours ago was already eating away at her.

    ​“What’s the matter?” Tina said at once,”

    ​“Can you come into the living room, please.” Bette added the please. The last thing she wanted was Tina to get angry in the kitchen.

    ​“Sure,” Tina turned the cooker off and walked into the living room and took in her wife, she could read her well and knew at once something was wrong. “What is it B?”

    ​“Erm, you’re going to get angry; you’re going to be mad at me and it’s justified but before I tell you I want you to know I love you,”

    ​“You’re scaring me B.” Tina stood behind the armchair she loved to curl up in.

    ​“Just remember I love you,”

    ​“I love you too,” Tina whispered.

    ​“Erm, well today you know we had the construction crew in. The head of the team is a woman called Candice Jewel. She was flirty, I did not join in. She districted me.”

    ​“You were distracted when I called you early.”

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    1. I’m glad Bette told Tina but nonetheless it made absolutely no sense to me for Bette to even let Candice kiss her and for Bette to kiss her back. And with Tina’s mental health issues I’m surprised she reacted as calmly as she did. Something like that could and might set her back…

      Anyway thanks for the update!..Hope they get past this!

    2. Well, it’s good that this Bette can find to dignity to confess her wife, but if she was sincere when she told she not attracted to carpenter? Or she already bored with this Tina and need to distraction?

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