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    Confrontations and Conversations


    The same night, Dana unties the belt around her robe as she walks out of the bathroom and strolls over to the bed. She is just about to climb in when she hears a knock at the door. She drops her head and sighs and ties the belt back as she goes over to open the door.

    Dana: Who the hell is this?

    She opens the door without looking out of the peephole; so she’s surprised when she comes face to face with Bette.

    Dana: Bette?

    Bette pushes her way inside and Dana closes the door.

    Dana: Okay? Come on in I guess? Although it’s not really a good time.

    Bette keeps walking as she responds.

    Bette: I don’t give a shit I….

    Bette stops talking when she comes face to face with the naked woman lying across Dana’s bed. The unfamiliar girl doesn’t make a move to cover up, she instead just smiles and waves as she throws a quick wink Bette’s direction.

    Girl: Hey there

    Bette turns around to face Dana as she points behind her.

    Bette: Are you serious?

    Dana rolls her eyes at Bette and then walks over to the bed.

    Dana: Could you give us a sec, sweetheart?

    The girl giggles as she hops off of the bed and bounces over to a discarded robe laying on the floor. She quickly throws it on and eyes Bette up and down as she walks past her.

    Girl: I’ll go refill our ice.

    Dana:(smiles) Good thinking

    The girl walks out of the room and Bette shakes her head and scoffs at her friend.

    Bette: What the hell are you doing, Dane?

    Dana shrugs as she plops down on the bed.

    Dana: I’m single….so I’m doing what single people do.

    Bette:(sighs) Dana….

    Dana holds her hand out towards Bette as she interrupts her.

    Dana: And before you give me some lame ass lecture let’s not forget you fucked anything that moved when Tina left.

    Bette looks at Dana in anger.

    Bette: I think I had a lot more to shit going on than you do right now.

    Dana sits down on the bed and shrugs as she picks up the remote and starts to flip though the channels on the TV.

    Dana: Everyone has their own shit, it’s nobody’s job to judge whose shit is heavier. Which is what I was trying to explain to your wife. I’m assuming that’s why you’re here.

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    1. Congratulations, this chapter was amazing …. I really liked that fight and as Bette was to defend his wife, I really like the way you see the world tibette and his friends, was expecting a lot for this chapter and I was pleased to read and it was worth waiting for yours is great work, thanks and always wanting more.

    2. I am so happy to read your stories, in fact i am rereading your stories now, have a few days free from work and their is no better way than to spend time to reread your stories.

      I am glad that the family made up, they are each other family and was a great idea from Alice to set them all around in the same room to talk and apologize. Nice done.

      Bette is everything that she has been accused of, but she is the most loving, caring and protector of her family. And especially Zoe needs to grow up, insecure bitch, if her child needs something Bette has the right to make it happen.

      Amazing update! Thank you.

    3. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

    4. Love this story. Really loved this chapter. Dana didn’t seem to understand just how close she came to being made a part of the carpet when Bette was talking to her. And Bette meant every word she said to Dana, Bette doesn’t like for anyone to get after Tina in any way. Tina is awesome most of the time and her takeoff on candace was spot on, “side bitch.” Loved it. Always enjoy your stories. This chapter itself is a ten star rating. Thanks for posting.

    5. Thank you updating this one, I just LOVE your stories so much! :)

      I’m glad Bette confronted Dana and told her NEVAH EVAH to talk to Tina like that again. She was headed for a self destructed meltdown, hurting everybody because she was in so much pain. I know she was mad because she thought all of HER friends sided with Lara, but wrong is wrong. I thought for sure Tiffany would be her rebound piece of ass in the hotel room.

      Tina expressing her hurt and letting Bette KNOW how much her talking down to her and scolding her like she was a child IS UNACCEPTABLE this time around in their marriage and would not be tolerated. I was screaming in my head…my, my, my…I LOVE this new Tina! They are communicating so much better, how I wish all of this was on the show!

      Candace da SideBitch…just to funny! Tina letting her know we ain’t friends, no want to cordial with ya and YOU definitely have NO SIGNIFICANCE in OUR LIFE…stay away from be and my family! The Baddest Bitch has spoken, you have been fore warned.

      Still don’t trust Candace and now Zoe got her panties in a much, showing her jealousy and insecurities! B and T watch your backs.

      Alice butting in again, finally paid off. They all are extended Family for sure, ups and down are bound to happen that’s for sure. Tina getting closer to her Mom was nice to see and Angie has been talking with her Grandma. I hope Bette decides to let her kids meet the other side of her family.

      Bette/Tina and CLOSET SEX…huh…they will get it in whenever and wherever! (hahaha)

      Alice and Tasha looking to adopt, how sweet! Alice a mother…OMG!

      I’ve reread so many of your stories, you are so creative and imaginative! You always give us so many details and paint such a visual. I stay connect to the LWord through your wonderful writing! THANK YOU, AGAIN! I look forward to the next update…to any of your current active ones! :)

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