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    Confronting the Family

    Bette and Tina spent the night in their secret spot. They kept the fire going to provide them heat and made love off and on while talking and taking in the feel of the other in between. Their last session was spent with Bette laying on top of Tina as they ground their naked pussies into each other screaming out their climaxes. When Bette collapsed on her, Tina wrapped her arms tightly around the luminous woman as she whispered her love before they both fell into a deep sleep.

    As the sun rose in the sky both women began to wake. “Mmm… you laid on me all night.” Tina whispered. Bette blushed thinking she was too heavy for the blonde as she attempts to roll off, but Tina holds her still. “No, don’t get off yet; I’ve missed your body pressed to mine. Remember… when we used to sleep like this?” Bette lifts her head to look at Tina, as Tina brings her hands up sweeping the curls from Bette’s face. “Before we even made love, when we were just pre-teens, we would come here and lay between my legs, your head on my chest.” Tears of love fill both sets of eyes. “I felt your trust in the depths of my soul, like you trusted me to protect and comfort you. The pressure of your body on mine has always filled me with love and calm. So, don’t ever stop doing that, yes?”

    “Yes” Bette says sweetly as she gives Tina the first kiss of the morning. They kiss languidly for several minutes enjoying the expanse of soft skin around them before both stomachs emit fierce grumbles. “Ha! I think it’s been a good 24 hours since either of us ate. At least I thought to bring water.”

    “Mmm, that you did!” Tina rolls to her side effectively rolling Bette off her then sits up. Let’s get dressed and then get some breakfast. We texted our parents to meet them at your house at 11 AM, so we have some time together before we have to be there.”

    The women got dressed and cleaned up their bedding. Tina looked shyly at Bette as she spoke. “I… uh… I don’t have my car here.”

    This statement brings a smile to Bette’s face. She stands in front of the beautiful blonde and wraps her arms around her. “You needed to be with me so immediately that you ran to me, literally, without showering without changing.” Tina blushes deeper as she drops her head. Bette lifts it back up and places a gentle kiss to her lips. “Don’t be shy with me Love… never be shy with me. I think it’s cute that you ran here.” Bette kisses her again, slipping her tongue in quick before pulling apart. “Come on Baby, I’ll give you a lift.” Bette says with a wink.

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