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    Bette walked up and down the gallery she had decided to meet Shane and Alice together, but she didn’t want to do it at the house the last thing she wanted was for Tina to get upset again in her own home. She had managed to calm her wife the night before, they had made love for the first time in months and it had been amazing. She’d enjoyed just being with her wife, having that private time. They had woken wrapped in each other’s arms this morning and she had felt her wife was relaxed and at ease. She had helped her clean the cut on Tina’s foot and had left her for a couple of hours with Xavier and one of the nurses.

    Bette’s heels clicked on the floor as she took in the photos that were currently for sale in the gallery. She heard the doors open and Bette looked up as Shane and Alice walked, Alice already looked scared. Bette walked over and locked the door before walking back down the gallery and offer her friends a seat.

    “I’m sorry Bette.” Alice said at once.

    Bette looked at her friend.

    “Alice, you’re my oldest friend and you’ve hurt me and my family.” Bette was calm, her voice level. “I want to know what you said,”

    Alice didn’t answer, Shane looked at Alice and then at Bette.

    “We were in the Planet,” Shane started.

    “Shane…” Alice hissed looking at her friend.

    “We have to be honest here, Alice. I don’t want to lose Bette or Tina from my life. We should have been honest with them. I’ve felt guilty.” Shane said. “The last thing I’ve ever wanted to do was hurt Tina.”

    “Well Tina is hurt,” Bette said, “And so am I, now well me what happened,”

    “We were at the Planet, Jodi and a few others were around,” Shane said, “We went to the bar, Alice and I. Jodi asked where you were and Alice said. ‘She’s with her crazy wife’.” She said.

    Bette shook her head,

    “Crazy wife, you called my wife, the woman I love more than anyone else in this world. You called her crazy. She’s not crazy Alice.”

    “She’s…” Alice didn’t know how to word it. She knew she’d messed up.

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    1. I think Bette was very gracious to Alice. She just demanded that she get out of her life. She could have beat her to a pulp and then threw her physically out the door.

      This Alice is very self centered and possessive of Bette. She has no right to be possessive of Bette no matter how long they have been friends. When Bette chooses a spouse and a life that does not comport with Alice’s expectations, well that is what life is about. It sounds to me like she purposely went out to hurt Bette and Tina. Well, she got what she deserved – out of Bette and Tina’s life.

      Alice should understand innately that when someone goes so far a to marry someone, they are saying to the world that this is my person, my mate, my love and my soul. And until they say otherwise that is what Alice should see. And Alice should do or say nothing that does not reflect that understanding. Otherwise, she is not a friend at all.

      Thanks for this chapter…. look forward to more.

    2. Yeah, seems that is Alice who never grow up. She still don’t understand that with age some priorities are changing – from friends and parties to family and home and it’s normal.

    3. Regarding our Bette – Alice is almost always depicted as a jealous, resentful, cannot keep her mouth shut know it all. There is always an undercurrent that makes her come off in a very bad light. This is no exception. It was only a matter of time until the you are not around anymore card was played. I agree with Martha. Bette was more than gracious. I would have beaten the crap out of her after the last remark – after she had been warned! I wonder how widespread the damage is? She actually called Tina crazy – ?&$@$& – and then had the guts to come the party. Bette does not need this added fighting and pressure and gossip. Her life is challenging enough. Alice will not shut up. She doesn’t know how. She is relentless and ignorant. She is now wounded and will lash out against Tina. Shane is Shane but in this instance pretty weak. Clearly Alice and Tina can never be friends. Not in this life time. Tina does not deserve this kind of disrespect at all. She is making good progress but worried about Bette. I pray this does not come between Tina and Bette. Shame on Alice!

    4. Alice got off easy. She should have gotten her ass kicked into next week by Bette. Verbally assaulting someone, especially the wife of your friend is unacceptable on every level. It’s disrespectful, rude & downright nasty.

      Like Zheny said, Alice hs never grown up in any story or on OG or GQ. It’s always been about herself & how things affect her, not others. She’s always been jealous of Bette & in this story too.

      My vote – See ya until hell freezes over. Have a nice life away from Tibette.

      Tina has done absolutely nothing to Alice to & yet she gets Alice’s wrath & disloyalty.

      Thanks for the update.


    5. I just say Ditto to Martha, Billy and Collins. I have never liked Alice but in this Story I think my dislike has changed to hatred for her treatment of this lovely but challenged Tina. Thank you for this post look forward to more

      Stay safe

    6. I would have slapped Alice and kicked her out!!! She has never been a person i liked, she is annoying, arrogant, has a big mouth and always was jealous at Tina.

      I agree with the other comments above!

    7. I’ve never been an Alice fan, this story notwithstanding. I think Tina is going to reach out to talk to Alice. This the catalyst for Tina to come out of her shell I think. She’s not going to like the feeling of somehow coming between Bette and Alice. I also think after Tina stands up to Alice and puts her in her place, you will see a change in Alice.

      I could be wrong though.

    8. Great chapter, Alice always has a sense of entitlement like Bette owes her something because they are friends. She and Bette have been friends for a long time, but she should know things change a bit after you get married and have kids. You still do things with your friends, but you can’t be partying and hanging out all the time. “She took you away” Alice sounds like a spoiled brat who just got her binky taken away. OMG she really needs to grow up. Please post soon.

    9. Love that Bette read Alice the riot act that they are not 20yr old coeds free of all responsibility. Like that she let Alice know in NO uncertain terms that she has changed and is glad of it. NO regrets and will not abide Alice spreading gossip meant to hurt her with Tina being collateral damage.

      She’s mad because she no longer has the priority she once did. Alice loved spreading “Bette is a lathario and I’m her BFF” who gets to be with the gorgeous babe”!!

      Tina will still end up having to confront Alice somewhere down the road.

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