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    Damned Coleman Alt, pt. 1: Of dalliances and heartbreaks.

    Damned Coleman Alt, pt. 1

    Of dalliances and heartbreaks.



    April 12th, 2021


    Breaking News: Actresses Tina Kennard and Bette Porter, TV personality Alice Pieszecki, and hairstylist for the stars Shane McCutcheon join forces to support cancer research.


    Los Angeles, CA – In a stunning show of solidarity, actresses Tina Kennard and Bette Porter, TV personality Alice Pieszecki, and celebrity hairstylist Shane McCutcheon have teamed up to auction off pieces of their most iconic work and appearances to raise money for cancer research.


    The four women are longtime friends and have been mourning the loss of Dana Fairbanks, who tragically passed away two years ago from cancer. In honor of Dana’s memory, the group is coming together to help those who are currently fighting the disease.


    Dana Fairbanks was a renowned tennis player, and her love story with Alice Pieszecki made headlines in 2016 when they finally came out as a couple after years of friendship ( for more information, see: “Alice Pieszecki and Dana Fairbanks’s Full Relationship Timeline” ). Her passing has profoundly impacted the group, and they are dedicated to ensuring that her legacy lives on.


    The auction will feature items from each of the women’s careers, including iconic outfits and props from their most beloved performances. All proceeds will be donated to cancer research organizations.


    In a statement released to the press, Kennard said, ”We are thrilled to be able to come together and support such an important cause. Cancer has affected so many people, and we want to do our part to help find a cure.”


    The auction is set to take place in Los Angeles on May 15th, with online bidding available for those who are unable to attend in person. The group hopes to raise significant money to help fight cancer and honor their friend’s memory. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting event.


    ”We lost a dear friend to cancer, and it’s been devastating for all of us,” said McCutcheon. ”We want to do everything we can to help support research and find a cure.”


    Bette Porter added, ”It’s heartwarming to see so many people coming together to support this cause. Dana was an incredible person, and we miss her every day. This is our way of honoring her legacy.”

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    1. Hey Sof,

      You really used all the names of the people who where with Bette & Tina through the years and how i really dislike most of them.

      I am proud they want to tell every thing from the beginning and i know Alice will do a good job to write their story.

      The raising money for cancer research, a way to bring awareness to this terrible disease and honor and remember Dana, it melts my heart.

      Can’t believe we had almost none group scenes with Bette Tina Shane and Alice, it’s a big fat finger from the showrunner to us the fans and them. The totally disrespect she showed, i am glad GQ ended with Tibette married and all the new fanfic from new writers like you.

      Did i mentioned that i am in love with your stories?!

      Hope to read more soon!

      • Hey Bibi!

        hahaha I did use all the names, I have been binge watching TLW again so I have all the names still fresh in my mind.

        I’m really super glad that you are liking the story and that you enjoyed the mention about cancer research.

        You are truly the sweetest, thank you so much!

    2. Wow… looks like Bette and Tina were apart over the last 40 years or more than they were together. Or at least they had a lot of other romantic interest. I am another one who has not read The Seven Husbands of …. whomever…. so all of this is new. Thanks for the chapter… hope to see more…

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