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    Darkness falls



    United Kingdom


    Elizabeth ‘Bette’ Porter, stood looking out over the city taking in the amazing view, watching the boats floating on the river Thames, seeing the accident city melting into the new. She turned and looked at her agent, Michael.

    “You don’t have to stay in London Bette.”

    “You’re saying my contract is up.” Bette replied

    “I told you not to do it,” Michael replied

    “You advised against it, you didn’t say don’t do it.”

    “I told you it might ruin your career and you did it anyways.”

    “I’m fed up of hiding. I’m an actor a bloody good one but when I’m not on stage or not on a film set I don’t want to pretend. I want to be me. I’m bored of not being able to be me.”

    “Well you’re headline news now,”

    “Because I told the truth. Because I admitted that I’m in a relationship, because I want to go home to the USA to be with her?”

    “You’ve broken a lot of men’s hearts.”

    “I’ve not dated a man since college twenty years ago Michael. I think most people may have noticed I’ve never been linked to a man or to a woman for that matter.” Bette walked over to the sofa in the office and sat down, crossing her legs and hands. She was thinking about her woman back home. A woman she had meet when starring in a hit crime show back in the USA, which she was due to return too once this theatre run was done.

    “You’ve always been very private but you’ve now opened yourself up to the press, the public and any other idiot.”

    “I told the truth about me. I’m a lesbian. I fuck women, I’m in a relationship with a woman. I live with a woman. not that anyone has fucking noticed yet. I don’t see why it’s the worlds business, or why it changes the way they look at me.”

    “Because you’ve been a pin up to men since your breakthrough role Bette. you live in a world were sex sells. You know that. Men lust after you. You know that.”

    “I never asked for any of this.”

    “Well you coming out has meant that the theatre has decided that they don’t want you.”

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    1. Oh wow, ok this is different and I totally love it and I’ve only read two pages ;)
      Great start. I’m on my lunch break and will now go read somemore.
      I Iike ones that are different. And thank God it’s not about Gen Q lol. Thank you.

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