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    “Let me help you,” Bette said after opening the door to her apartment to Tina who was carrying a number of grocery bags as well as her overnight bag. Bette had insisted she brought with her.

    Tina gave Bette the overnight bag and walked into the large open plan kitchen/living room. she put the bags onto the counter and started taking out everything she needed for their meal. Tonight she was wearing casual jeans and t-shirt. Bette walked out wearing jeans and shirt. She looked stunning.

    “What are you making?”

    “Chicken Thai curry,” Tina replied as she put out more and more fresh ingredients.

    “Nice, red or white wine,”

    “White,” Tina said softly. “How was your day?” Tina asked as she moved around Bette’s kitchen working out where everything was. They had spoken every day and it felt normal for them now. It’ had only been a week since they had meet in a night club and fucked for a weekend. But this felt more.

    “Good, got a couple of commissions to find some rather rare books, I’ve put the feelers out.” Bette smiled, “You?”

    “I wrote about a page, cleaned my tiny ass apartment. Then went shopping,”

    “I should see this apartment of yours,”

    “It’s a one bedroom place. You don’t’ want to see it. It’s only till I find something better.”

    “Why are you there?”

    “Ava…” Tina stopped.

    Bette poured their wine and looked at Tina. she suddenly saw a sadness she didn’t expect.

    “Who is Ava?”

    “My ex, we broke up about three years ago. Erm. she got the apartment,”

    “Why do I think there is more to this than meets the eye,”

    “When I’m ready I will explain. I promise.” Tina said softly.

    “Okay, no pressure.” Bette walked around the counter and slipped her arms around Tina’s waist. Gently cupping them in front of Tina’s stomach as her lips found Tina’s neck.

    “You smell so good,” Bette whispered.

    “So do you,” Tina smiled, “If you carry on like this we won’t eat tonight.”

    Bette pulled away and looked at Tina, she moved her fingers down her back. Just thinking about what she wanted to do to this woman. she took a breath, calming herself.

    “I would like to try your food, then relax and then maybe…”

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