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    Bette pulled her car into a space in the large parking lot outside of the restaurant she was meeting tina in, she noticed a few paparazzi off to one side. She knew that Tina was still a draw for magazines as she was linked heavily to Samuel Preston. She smiled as she saw Tina getting out of a car, she was getting her stroller out of the trunk.

    “Are we here Mommy?” Molly asked from the back seat, holding her toy mouse, that she seemed to take everywhere with her.

    “We are boo, we are meeting a new friend today.” Bette said as she undid her own seatbelt and turned to look at her daughter, who looked happier than she had done in a long time.

    “I like new friends,”

    “I know baby, her name is Tina and she has a son called Ethan,”

    “Is Ethan big?”

    “No baby he is a year old.”


    “Shall we go and meet them?”

    “Yes please,”

    Bette got out the car and walked around and opened the door and helped Molly out. The youngest took her mother’s hand and as Bette locked the car and put her purse over her shoulder walking towards Tina.

    Tina smiled when she saw Bette walking towards her with her daughter, they had matching skin tone and hair and Tina’s heart melted. It was clear they were close. Tina took a sleeping Ethan out of the car and gently slipped him into his stroller. She was buckling him in when Bette arrived at her car.

    “Hey Tina,”

    “Hi, how are you?”

    “I’m good,” Bette smiled, Tina’ heart hit her chest a little harder at the beauties smiles. “This is my daughter Molly,”

    “Hi Molly,” Tina bent down to be on the same level as Molly, “My name is Tina, and this is Ethan, he is very sleepy right now.”

    “Is he having nap time?” Molly asked sweetly.

    “He is,” Tina smiled,

    Bette smiled at how kind-hearted this woman was, after years of Jayne it was a pleasant surprise to have someone who was willing to be this kind.

    “Shall we go in?” Bette asked,

    Tina simply nodded and got up and pushed Ethan, they walked towards the restaurant and were shown to a table in a quiet corner. Bette helped Molly get settled with her kids menu and some colours to make sure she was entertained.

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    1. This is a nice sweet beginning…. good for the two of them to get to know each other before things get really hot and heavy. They are attracted to each other…. let’s see if they can get to know each other as people. They both come with built in families and rather public professions. And they both are just emerging from rather bad relationships. Taking a little time to get to know one another would probably be a good idea.

      I like these characters so far… cannot wait to know more about them….

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