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    Delayed Connection – Chapter 12 – Connected

    Manhattan, New York (July 2006)

    Melvin’s Madison Avenue Office…

    It was only mid-morning and Gretchen was already busy at her desk, preparing various reports for Melvin Porter’s review. His primary focus that day revolved around several resort renovations. Under Bette’s supervision, the Times Square remodel was a first-class project and had attracted many corporate and high-end clients. The San Francisco project was also a major renovation that included the construction of an elevated platform in the hotel center atrium that housed a bar, restaurant, lounge, meeting rooms and market. It was a huge undertaking, but Bette managed it perfectly, on time and on budget.

    Gretchen’s concentration was eventually interrupted by Blake Ward, the interim Chief Financial Officer of Tellus Group. Blake stepped into the position when Cam suddenly dropped his letter of resignation on Melvin’s desk, and within weeks under Melvin’s orders, started a clandestine audit of the company’s finances.

    “Good morning, Gretchen, is Mr. Porter available? It’s critical I see him immediately.”

    “Good morning, Mr. Ward. Let me see if he can see you,” Gretchen replied. After buzzing Melvin, she quickly ushered Blake into Mr. Porter’s office.

    “Mr. Ward, what’s so pressing?” Melvin said as he continued scanning the construction reports on his desk.

    “Mr. Porter, I just completed the audit as you directed, and I found some disturbing information that I believe you should know right away.”

    “Please, sit down,” Melvin directed Blake to one of the guest chairs in front of his desk. “Now tell me what you found.”

    “We’ve uncovered what appears to be a significant embezzlement scheme that involves your son.” Blake handed Melvin a detailed audit report, which contained a number of supporting documents similar to those Bette used to piece together Cam’s involvement.

    Melvin scanned the executive summary and a few of the supporting documents and noticed Cam’s name, along with Victor Padula’s, on all transactions associated with V.P. Construction and Suite Hospitality. “How much and for how long?” Melvin succinctly asked.

    “$1.25 million over almost two years, but there’s an interesting twist.”

    “How so?”

    “Two months after young Mr. Porter’s resignation, Miss Porter transferred that same amount from her personal account to the company’s general fund.”

    “What does Elizabeth have to do with this?”

    “I don’t know. I’m not even sure the two are connected. The transaction was only marked as ‘repayment’.”

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    1. A giant thank you to all the silent and not so silent readers for joining me on my first literary joyride. I especially appreciate each of you who took the time to comment and send messages, encouraging me to continue writing. Now for those of you who don’t like cliffhangers, don’t fret. I plan to take a few months off, and hope you all will join me with the follow-on book. Happy New Year to everyone!

    2. Are you serious? Can we say Cam? He didn’t get to change the trust or the will! God don’t like ugly! Thanks and it was greatly appreciated. You were an amazing writer for your first time. See you soon I pray! Be Blessed!!

    3. Hi CN:

      That was really great, but I don’t know if Melvin is actually dead or if he is just pretending, anyway, it is wonderful to know, Tina and Bette love each other hopefully they will keep going, but you will probably tell us in the sequel to this story. I will wait for your comeback thanks so much for this wonderful story, please come back soon.


    4. This was an intense powerfully well written story.You not only gave a backstory you brilliantly pulled all the pieces together.I wondered how you would get TINA and BETTE together and with ERIC choosing to ”let her go” it was the best solution all around.With MELVIN’s untimely demise the likely suspect would be CAM but that would be too easy ,so i’m looking at the husband of BETTE,yes HARRIS who has as much to gain as anyone with the deaths of both his father and father in-law and the power they both wielded.You are truly gifted so continue with the sequel to this story because you got it right on the 1st try. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    5. Yeez, why end this story with a cliffhanger, you tease 😉 , how am i suppose to wait a few months 😮

      The way you wrote their first love making to each other was erotic and very tender, excellent done.

      About Melvin being murdered and changing his will or his attemp to do that before he was murdered, i am not sure what to think about it. I have to wait patiently for your next update.

      For now, i would like to thank you for sharing this incredible story!

      I wish you a happy New Year!

    6. Mercy me!!! What a story and a cliffie to boot. I was really surprised to read that someone had killed Melvin. Hope he did not cut Bette out of his will and the business. He might not like what he saw Bette doing in the lounge but, she is the only choice to carry on with the business. I think Cam is too much of a coward to off Melvin, and Harris, I don’t think he did either. There are any number of people that could have killed him and the detective did not say how he died. We have a lot to think about for awhile. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us. Now we must wait for your return. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, now wishing you a Very Happy New Year.

    7. Happy New Year! I am really enjoying this storyline. Not sure who killed Melvin but there are several suspects:Cam, Cam’s sketchy business associates, retaliation for Harris’ at her being murdered, Harris’ cousins, and others Melvin has abused in his business career. More surprises to come! Please do not keep us in suspense too long.

    8. Amazing story-line and so well-written. Not sure if you are in the USA or have access to watch Designated Survivor but it’s a TV show that I got hooked on earlier this year. Like your story the last episode was a cliff-hanger and then they said stay tuned for the new season starting in March 2017!! My heart dropped as I could not believe I now have to wait three months to find out what happened. I feel the same about your story. Looking forward to when you come back with the sequel. Enjoy a wonderful, safe and prosperous new year. Thank you for sharing your talent. .

    9. Loved the hotel room with our BnT….beautiful…to bad daddy dearest wasn’t happy but least we know it wasn’t her..daddy may have came in and caught Cam with his hand in the cookie jar…I guess we will hold our breath till you return. Thank you…

      • meloveslu, I very much appreciate the read and your comment. Delayed Connection represents my first attempt at writing fanfiction and I’m happy with how it turned out. The community here has been very receptive, inspiring me to write the sequel. I even have a third book in the Delayed series in mind, too.

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