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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 10

    Manhattan, New York

    Friday, May 27, 2011


    Bette sat alone in her office for several hours, waiting to hear from Tina. The isolation and anticipation were crushing, and the only sound in the room was Bette repeatedly tapping a pen against the top of her desk. She didn’t know if Tina had received her message or if she was just avoiding her. Not knowing was the worst.

    Bette’s intercom suddenly sounded. ‘Not now.’ She dropped her forehead against the desktop and let out a deep sigh. She blindly reached for, then pressed the intercom button. “Yes?”

    Gretchen’s professional voice followed. “Miss Porter, Miss Scott from accounting is here to see you.”

    “Send her in,” Bette groaned.

    Just as the door opened, Bette quickly righted herself and straightened her blazer. “I can’t take any more bad news today, Destiny. So, unless it’s good news,” she squeezed her brow with a hand, “just go away.”

    Destiny smiled and silently stood her ground, waiting for Bette to look up. Destiny studied Bette’s features. She could see it now, the family resemblance. They shared the same strong jawline and cheekbones. They even had the same dark brown eyes. ‘Why haven’t I noticed this before,’ she thought.

    Bette finally glanced up and raised an eyebrow. “What?”

    She handed Bette a folder. “We’ve been offered a $50 million line of credit.”

    “What?” Bette grabbed the folder and read. “Has legal looked this over?”

    Destiny nodded. “Yes, and they recommend accepting. It’s a simple 2-year note with a fixed rate of prime plus a half.”

    Bette’s eyes widened at the offer. The terms were incredibly generous. “What do we know about this…” she scanned the first page, “…M3 Investments?” Bette continued to read through the papers.

    “It’s a relatively new LLC incorporated through Barry Wexler and Associates with only one officer, someone by the name Ignis Opus. Wexler is one of the top law firms in the city, so the LLC has to be legit.”

    “This couldn’t have come at a better time. We must have a fairy godmother somewhere. What do you recommend?”

    “I’ve looked it over every which way, and I can’t find a downside. I say we take it.”

    Bette rubbed her chin for a moment. This would be enough to quash the downsizing plan. Hundreds of jobs would be saved. This would carry them over the hump until revenue from the massive wave of bookings and special events started rolling in.

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    1. Oh CN, you and other authors like it to much to leave us with clif hangers !

      But i forgive you 😉 I loved the update. Glad to see Bette more relaxed after the loan she and the company got from Cameron.
      But did i read it correct that Destiny was glad to help because they were sisters ?! I wonder when
      Destiny will tell Bette and Kit about the fact they are sisters and what they are gonna do.

      Very Happy that Tina is oke, you had me worried. I hope the Kennard family can move forward now that Bree knows the truth.

      But now i am worried about Kit and Destiny 😮

      I really enjoy your story, can’t say it enough, thank you so much for sharing your talent as writer.

      Sincerly Bibi

      • Bibi, LOL!. I make no apologies for those dreaded cliffhangers…they keep you coming back. Kit and Destiny aren’t the only ones you should be worried about…oops, I’ve said too much. You’ll have to wait until the next chapter to find out more. Thanks so much for reading along and commenting. Hugs.

    2. An update already? You’re spoiling us :) Thank you for another great chapter.
      What an emotional family-conversation! I’m so relieved that Tina is okay and Bree re-united with her parents.

      Btw, I love how you write your minor characters like Tina’s nurse in this chapter. Just a few sentences for her but that’s all you need to paint a vivid picture of her. Great writing, CN.

      • kiwipit, I may be spoiling you for the remaining chapters, so check back regularly to catch more frequent updates. This chapter and the next are packed with emotion. I was even a little choked up writing it…hit a little too close to home. Appreciate your observation about the minor characters. They definitely help bring the story to life. Thanks for reading and commenting. Warms my heart.

    3. Great chapter, Cn. Fantastic storytelling. Now Destiny gets a chance to see what K>t is made of, I’m worried about them but also think they will be okay. Those two females are street smart, sure hope Destiny has her own gun, surely she has one considering her previous occupation. Hope Bette is sending someone to help them after Tina telling her what Eric said. Really hope she either calls Cam or maybe even Victor, he owes her one. Cam would probably get in trouble if he went to their aid but, Victor could certainly help if he is not in on the substitution, which I would not put past the mob. Oh Mercy!!!!! Hope they will be okay. Also glad that Eric told Tina the truth about the video also happy to know that Tina et al will be fine. Glad Bree is feeling better about everything. This could have gone so wrong in all kinds of ways. Thank God for level heads. Paul needs to hide while Eric is in Ca. Happy they are going home when Tina is released. Hopefully Bette can be at the airport when they arrive. Sure hope you can have the Crown fellow held responsible for his actions along with the guy in the police department that helped him. Can hardly wait for Melvins’ old girlfriend , all her cronies that helped spread all the gossip and ennuendo he has spread in the papers. Thanks for posting an awesome early chapter.

      • Dainty, This is exactly why I appreciate readers’ comments. Your hopes for certain outcomes has me rethinking a thing or two. Keep the comments coming. Big hugs and kisses to a Dainty lady.

      • Lee, A year and a half ago, I would have never guessed I’d soon spend every free moment writing, researching something about writing, or just plain thinking about writing. You see, it was only a few years ago that I even became interested in reading, and writing, well, that wasn’t even on my radar. Once I started reading, it was like a snowball, and here I am today, writing full-length novels. Who would’ve thunk it? This is my roundabout way of saying I’m very grateful for every reader and for every comment. When someone takes the time to leave a comment, it tells me my work somehow touched them. Wow! For someone who didn’t even like reading a few years ago, that’s just an amazing feeling. So, thank you and every other reader for sticking with me throughout this journey.

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