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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 11

    Manhattan, New York

    Saturday, May 28, 2011


    Every Saturday morning, seating along the cement benches of the Ancient Playground in Central Park was at a premium. Bette set out early to stake out a position near the sandpit, Angie’s favorite activity of late. Sand was the great equalizer. It was the one place where Angie could compete equally with the older elementary school kids. Bette encouraged Angie’s sandy play as a suitable training ground for her first day of kindergarten that was rapidly approaching.

    Dozens of young children scampered through the park, chattering and yelling as they played. The sandpit was no exception. As soon as they hit the cement ramp leading down to the pit, Angie tugged on Bette’s hand, anxious to reach her friends.

    “Emma and Sarah are here. Can I go play, Mama?”

    “It’s, may I go play?” Bette said with a smile. “And, yes you may.”

    Angie dropped her mother’s hand and went off running toward the sandpit, plastic bucket and shovel in hand, without a second thought. She soon caught up with her first-grader friends and began their greeting ritual before playing.

    Just as Bette was settling into her observation perch, a familiar voice sounded from just behind her.

    “Coffee?” Helena asked, offering a cup to Bette.

    “You read my mind. I hardly slept at all last night.” Bette eagerly accepted, then sipped on the hot brew.

    Helena sat on the bench beside Bette. She instantly spotted Angie playing in the sand among a throng of young girls, then turned her attention back to Bette. “Need I remind you that excuse won’t fly with Mother? She’ll expect you to pull your weight mucking out the stalls today with Lexi and Connor.”

    Bette was actually looking forward to serving out her punishment from Peggy for making her get up in the middle of the night to get the four of them out of police custody without charges being filed following their midnight shenanigans at Yale. She grinned and sipped her coffee. “So worth it.”

    They watched Angie play for several minutes in silence, sipping their coffee. Bette’s mind drifted. With Tellus struggling the last few years in the global downturn, virtually all her energies were focused on trying to keep the business afloat. She had sorely neglected the things that really mattered to her…her family. Tina ending up in the hospital overnight was a loud wakeup call.

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    1. CN, you made my day, a new chapter 😚

      There is so much happening, so much to comment about.

      First, i am happy that Bette is taking or thinking about some serious desicions to be able to give her family her love and attention they need and deserve.

      Eric finally feel that he is the father that his family deserve after making sure Paul stay out their lives.

      Bette and Cameron seems to make progress to rekindle their brother/sister relationship and both on the way to rescue (I hope and pray) Kit and Destiny. And Eric too.

      Finally Destiny and Gloria meet after 39 years and what is Gloria gonna do, she sure wouldn’t kill her daughter.

      Fantastic update, i loved it and more and more is disclosed.

      Thank you!

    2. Wow a Halloween Gift! Made by Tuesday CN.

      Great Post, great story, hope we are still on for a post at the weekend?

      Thank you CN for bringing a little sunshine into my life, especially when we have just ended Summer Time here in the UK!

      I swim each morning and for the first time yesterday I had to clear ice off my car’s window screen! I hate winter and my arthritic joints hate it even more..

    3. Mercy me!!!!!, what a chapter. This one was setting the house afire after a small smouldering spark, then it all went up in flames that touched everything within reach. Hope Bette and Cam will use some common sense and involve the police before approaching those warehouses and asking questions. Georgia would love nothing more than killing all of Melvins’children and leaving her child as sole heir to all of it. Merciful heavens, what a quandry. Maybe Eric can get back in time to save them all. The plane should go straight to Philly rather than landing in NYC first. Time is of the essence. If Georgia can stall for time that will give Eric time to get there with reinforcements to take all the bad actors down. This is really getting good again, CN, you’re doing smashingly once again. Leaving us to wish and wonder again until everything is solved. I really don’t care for cliffhangers. Lol!!! Keep it going CellaNox. Great work.

      • Dainty, Dainty. I know the cliffhangers are annoying as hemorrhoids, but (pun intended), they’re staying in. I can’t abandon my trademark, can I? You’re going to really hate the next cliffhanger. Teeheehee.

    4. Teeheehee, some nothing!!!!! OMGoodness, you really won’t do another cliffie, would you. Yes, you would and I believe you enjoy it a little too much. Well, have your fun and we shall survive. Just let all our good folks survive and lock up the bad guys or kill them off, really don’ care about them. Thanks again. Maybe you and a few other writers should apply to be writers for the redo of “L Word.” Sure hope they don’t use some of the orig writers, they just left a lot to be desired. Can hardly wait till Friday.

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