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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 12

    Somewhere Over the Midwest

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    Late Afternoon

    The faint scent of lavender teased Tina as she glided her lips down the angles of Bette’s arched neck. The desire that had been smoldering just below the surface ignited at the carnal hum of Bette’s moans. Tina pressed her body against Bette’s, pinning her against the bedroom wall.

    “T…,” Bette groaned in a husky tone.

    Tina pulled Bette’s blouse open, then raked her mouth down the sheer black lace of her bra, down the soft mocha skin of her abdomen. She ravished the flesh just above the waistband of Bette’s trousers as she loosened the button. Tina quickly rose and captured Bette’s lips as she drove her hand down past the light fabric of the lace thong, past the protective fleshy folds. Tina’s breath hitched.

    “Bette…,” she moaned.

    A slight tug on Tina’s shoulder distracted her.

    “Tina…Tina,” the male voice gently roused.

    Tina opened her eyes. For a moment, she was confused. “What?” When the fog of sleep finally cleared, she recognized the hypnotic hum of the jet engines and remembered she was on the Peabody jet. Eric, hovering just above her, came into focus.

    “Sorry to wake you, but Bette’s on the sat phone,” Eric said, offering her the handset.

    “Thanks, Eric.” Tina uprighted her seat and wondered just how animated she was in her sleep. Slightly embarrassed, she quickly accepted the phone. “Hey, baby. I was just thinking about you.”

    “Eric said you were sleeping. I hope you were dreaming something…,” Bette glanced toward the driver’s seat and saw a sly grin pasted on Cam’s face, “…umm, something nice.”

    Tina blushed. “It was.”

    “Good to know I still have that effect on you,” Bette said, but failing miserably at hiding her smile from Cam who was silently snickering.

    “Wanna know a little secret?”

    “Why, Tina Kennard. I didn’t know you kept secrets from me.”

    “I think you’ll like this one. I started having dreams about you the first night after we ran into each other on the river walk.”

    “My, my. You were a married woman back then.” Bette wanted to confess that she too had dreams and fantasies about Tina after their chance meeting, but her brother was listening.

    “That should tell you the kind of hold you had over me since day one.”

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    1. Cella, this cliffie wasn’t as bad as the other one. Please don’t let Cam die, he is trying to be a good guy and do something to help his sisters. Keep Georgia alive to go to jail FOREVER. Hope the three Porters heard what Georgia said. Hopefully Destiny will explain to the girls what Georgia meant and explain the birth certificate .discovery. Great chapter. Can hardly wait till next chapter. This is going great. Please don’t let Tina and Bree leave the car, I know they heard the gunshots. Poor Eric has enough to worry about with the gun-happy Sal. Lets hope and pray that Sal is just a fat empty headed crook with a poor aim. Thanks for posting.

    2. CN, that was a sad end to the chapter. I hope Cam will survive this and that Georgia dies a slow and painful dead, however she did try to save her daughter, so let her live and put her to jail where she can slowly rot in hell.
      I feel so sorry for Destiny, she found her family and thanks to her birth mother she is likely to lose them. Poor woman.

      Let Eric hurry to save the Porter family again. He is a good man, i like the way you portray him in your story.

      Tina & Bree should stay in the car, can’t let happening anything to them.

      To quote Dainty “Lets hope and pray that Sal is just a fat empty headed crook with a poor aim”.

      Thank you for another great chapter!

    3. CN You make me laugh and then you make me cry! Great post, great writing, great story,, thanks for the second post this week.

      Notice I have not said a word of recrimination about cliff-hangers

      As I’ve said before you make my life brighter and I am looking forward to a happy ending to this great story but on the other hand it will be a sad day. Surely there could be another ‘Delayed’ story in the series !What do you think?

      Thanks again.

      • Oh, SassyGran. I’m not really good at the humor thing, so thank you for saying I make you laugh. I try to sprinkle in a few lighthearted moments to break up the constant onslaught of drama, which is how I approach my sometimes complicated life…through humor. And about the crying…I did, too. Writing the scenes between Tina, Eric, and Bree was very emotional for me…they hit a little too close to home. As far as another story, while I find it hard to let go of this little world I’ve created, I’m putting the Delayed characters to bed after this one. I do have something planned for the three Delayed stories, but I’m keeping that under my hat for now. After I work on that project, I plan to be back with a whole new story and set of characters, but that’s several months off.

        • CN so true that the only way to deal with the things life throws at us is to inject humour no matter how difficult that can be at times.

          I will miss the ‘Delayed’ characters when you end the series but look forward to new ones.

          Thanks again for your stories.

    4. Fantastic chapter, CN. What a cliffhanger! Love it.
      I had to pace myself not to read too fast and possibly miss something important. The events are really coming thick and fast now.

      Thank you so much for giving us two chapters within a fews days. I can’t hardly wait to read how you’re (hopefully) saving everyone of the big Porter/Kennard family but I thoroughly enjoy the anticipation.

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