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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 13

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Saturday, May 28, 2011


    At the Warehouse

    The muffled sound of gunfire penetrated the wooden door. Eric had heard that sound many times before while policing the streets of Sacramento and knew there was no time to call for backup. People he loved were most likely in there. He didn’t hesitate. Eric raised his right leg and kicked the door open, sending splinters from the frame flying across the office. ”Wait here. Call 911,” he yelled back to John.

    Eric’s pulse raced when he stepped through the half-broken door. The office was dimly lit, and danger could be lurking in any corner. He swung his pistol first left, then right, scanning the room for targets. Nothing. Eric heard voices and spotted more light coming from a rear office behind a counter. He shifted direction and went straight for it.

    A second shot rang out. Eric heard someone yell, “…nooooooo.”

    Eric rounded the counter at a fast clip. He pushed through the open door, then with a two-handed grip, assumed a Weaver stance with his pistol. Two targets up, one with a gun pointed at Bette. High threat.

    Eric fired. Double tap to the chest. Two hits center mass.

    Sal stumbled back when the hot metal punctured his flesh. The first bullet shattered a rib, changed direction and exited out his side. The second round was dead center. It clipped the left corner of the heart and exited, leaving a gaping hole in Sal’s back. Sal dropped the gun and spit blood as he fell to the floor.

    Eric pivoted his upper body like a turret and trained his weapon on the second target. Empty hands, low threat. “Gimme a reason.”

    Bette screamed, “Cam!”

    John bolted toward the light and sound of gunfire. “Kit!”

    Nick froze.

    “Hands up,” Eric ordered.

    Nick threw his hands up.

    Eric quickly scanned the room in every direction with his weapon at the ready. Bette…Kit…Destiny…Two others down. “Kit, any others?”

    Kit trembled. “No.”

    John turned the corner and stood in the doorway. Bodies and blood everywhere. “My God.”

    John’s instinct was to reach his wife, but Eric called out. “Get something to tie up this dirtbag.”

    John turned on his heels to search the outer office for some type of restraints.

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    1. Fantastic chapter, CN. Sorry Georgia died, I really wanted her to live and stand trial as an accomplice in Melvins’s death. She would have been found guilty and could have spent the rest of her life behind bars, which would have been justified. Now hopefully Cam will live and the girls will learn that he was the financial angel that saved the company from ruin. Now for Nick Castor, and anybody else he will give up as accomplices in the counterfeiting scheme, then they can all go to jail for a long time. Georgia was pure evil, so happy that Destiny could see that. Boy, I do love a ticked off Tina. When she is really pissed about something, she starts talking through her teeth and she really gets things done and commands the attention of everyone involved. Loved when she told Kit to “Sit.” Don’t know if you ever watched the show when it was on but, man oh, man they let her lose her temper a few times and she was awesome. Loved it. Like the way you have written her in this story as well. Great storytelling CN. Eric is quite a guy in this story too. Glad he was there for them. In the next chapters, really hope you can give us the history of all these people involved, the how, why, what, & when of the bad guys as well as their reasons for doing what they did to the Porter family. Thanks for
      posting. Reading this has got me all wound up, now hope I can get to sleep. Thanks again.

    2. Thanks CN made my day!
      About to start what looks like being a stressful day in many ways and a bonus post from you is like a ray of sunshine.
      Enjoyed the post, again your made me cry but tempered it with a smile or two if not an outright laugh!
      I love your writing of Tina and see Laurel throughout your writing, great job.
      Hoping for another post this weekend to help me cope with a visit from a Joiner for the installation of 4 new doors and a Gardener to remove a pesky overgrown Creeping, evergreen Ivy!
      Thanks again.

    3. CN what a amazing chapter!

      At one side í am glad Geogia is dead one the other side she deserved to spend her life behind bars.

      I am a little worried about Lexi, she blames Bette and is very mad at her. I hope she speaks with Tina about her anger to Bette and that Tina can take it away.

      A Tina in charge is incredible to see, she has amazing strenght. Glad that she was able to let Kit see Destiny is not the bad woman, but the sister with a devil mother.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

    4. Another brilliant chapter, CN! It seems that the “taking-charge-gene” runs in the Kennard family. Eric once again keeps a cool head and professionally handles a dangerous situation, Tina takes over as head of the family for a moment and sets Kit and Bette straight and Lexi steps in as caretaker of her mother at the hospital. Great how you show different facets of your characters.

      Thanks for Bette’s proposal! Or rather her explanation that it was planned for years even if she popped the question on the spur of the moment. Simply beautiful and romantic.

      The finishing line is getting nearer, CN. Let’s prepare for the celebrations ;-)

      • kiwipit, I struggled for weeks about when and how Bette should propose. These two always get closer in the midst of adversity, so it just felt natural that Bette would pop the question “unplanned” on her worst day. I’m excited to bring you and all my readers across the finish line, but at the same time, I’m a little sad to say goodbye to the characters I’ve lived with the last 15 months. Hope you like the ending I have in store for them.

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