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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 14

    Manhattan, New York

    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Two months later…

    As soft, pillowy lips trailed down her long slender neck, she tossed her head back against the bathroom wall. She moaned, then ran her fingers through her lover’s thick curls when she felt a hand caress her clothed breast. She couldn’t ignore the growing ache between legs and pressed her hips against the woman who had aroused her into a frenzied state.

    She felt another hand scrape her inner thigh and push up her dress, inching it higher and higher. Her pulse raced, and her breathing shallowed when she felt fingertips graze the panties covering her warm, moist center. She grunted softly, “Fuuuuuck.”

    A knock on the door.

    A muffled voice from the other side of the door said, “Helena? I have orders to drag you back to the party.”

    Lara removed her hand from under Helena’s dress, then gave her a quick peck on the lips. “Wedding sex will have to wait, honey.”

    A second knock on the door. “I know you’re in there.”

    Helena fixed her hair and dress, then abruptly swung the door open and saw that Cassi had her fist raised, ready to knock a third time.

    Helena glared and raised her hands like a football referee calling a penalty. “Clitorference.”

    Cassi chuckled under her breath as Helena pushed her aside and stormed down the hall. Cassi turned her attention to Lara and sheepishly said, “Sorry, Peggy’s orders.”

    Lara rubbed Cassi’s arms and smiled. “She’ll get over it.”

    Lara and Cassi chatted as they followed Helena’s trail down the hallway. “You should be proud, Cassi. Today’s a momentous day for the gay and lesbian community.”

    Cassi was proud. Once she learned her firmed was hired to write New York’s Marriage Equality Act legislation, she lobbied the other partners to head up drafting arguments for its support. This was personal to her. She had grown close to Bette and Tina, Indra and Peggy, Helena and Lara, and even had hopes for Lexi and Connor. She was determined to win them the same right to marry that she and Eric had.

    “Once we got Alesi and McDonald’s support in the Senate, we knew it would pass this time.”

    “Have you heard how many weddings are being performed today?”

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    1. Interesting chapter, not at all what I expected. Was hoping to learn what happened to the criminals involved with Georgia, etc. Happy that Cam has lived and gave the explanation for his loan to the company. Although great news we are still lacking info into the whys and wherefores of the case. Was this chapter an intro to another series? Thanks for posting.

    2. Got home from the Theatre last night to notification of your post and just had to read it! So glad I did.
      Great post as ever but I don’t think your Summary is quite correct as all has not been disclosed. Having said that I was happy with your outcome and assume we have another post to tell us what happened the criminals. Hope so.

      Thanks as always CN for providing an beautiful oasis in the desert that can be life!! Quite poetic!
      BTW Creeping Ivy removed and doors being finished off as I type.

      Thanks again

    3. Here’s a comment from Bibi28 that got lost in the ethernet:

      Hey CN,

      I agree with Dainty and SassyGran, great chapter but it didn’t disclose everything.

      Can I hope for another chapter where you will disclose more like what happened to the criminals who helped Georgia and Kelly’s part in it, what happened with that journalist that made Bette’s life miserable by writing and posting suggestive articles and video.

      But I really enjoyed the part where Indra put Lexi in place by defending Bette and her role in making it possible for Lexi going to Yale.

      Bette and Tina got married and are surrounded by their family and dear friends. Poor Harris, I hope he will find true love again.

      Great chapter CN, thank you.

    4. Dainty, SassyGran, Bibi28, and anyone else still wondering,

      You three sure have kept me busy all day catching spears. I’m gleefully exhausted.

      To address your concerns, let me start by saying I wanted to lay out things in a certain sequence, and it just so happened the nuptial came first. Don’t worry, we still have one more chapter to go that will hopefully tie up the loose ends for you. Keep the suggestions coming either by comment or PM, I do appreciate each and every one. They help me to understand what readers like and expect. I hope you all will stop by next Friday for the final chapter.

    5. I will try again to comment here.

      Sad to read it will be the last chapter but i am hopeful to see you back with another incredible story.

      But first waiting for next friday.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

    6. What a nice chapter! Thanks, CN. After all the exitement it was quite relaxing to read about the wedding and the story about Francis – LOL!
      Will the storyline with Maxin’s camera come to an end? Maybe Bette will finally get her mom’s M3 out of the police’s evidence vault and change careers from hotel management to photography ;-)

      Great characterisation of all your players as usual. I’m sorry to see this story come to an end.

      • kiwipit, I couldn’t leave the mystery called Francis unsolved. Parts of that were actually wrestled out of real life. I, too, am sad to say goodbye to all of my characters; it’s like saying goodbye to old friends. I’ve lived in their world for 16 months and it already feels strange winding all of this down.

    7. CellaNox, Thank you so very much for this story. I love this story and your writing! I will be looking forward read your next chapter! Can’t wait for Tina surprise for Bette! I think I know what it will be! Again thank you for this wonderful story! ☺

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