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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 3

    Queens, New York

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011


    Today was the last time Cameron Porter would trek down the perfectly spotless stairwell of the Queensboro Correctional Facility to the fourth floor. The counselor’s office, which he was ordered to report to in exactly three minutes, was just two flights down from his residential floor, a place he had called home for the last five weeks.

    The barracks-style housing unit he was assigned to was a dream compared to the overcrowded two-man cell he lived in for the previous four years. Fishkill, a medium-security prison just an hour north of Manhattan, while nothing like Attica or Sing Sing, was still wrought with career criminals, gang-bangers, and drug addicts. Thrown into the mix, were several soft, white-collar first-timers, like Cam. He quickly learned the lay of the land, especially when it came to protection and earning special privileges.

    His time at Fishkill and Queensboro was both humbling and transformational. Many prisoners walk away from prison hardened, and it was only a matter of time before they returned. Cam, on the other hand, fell into another category. At least that was the assessment of his counselors at both Fishkill and now Queensboro.


    Fishkill Correctional Facility, New York

    October 2006

    Weekends at Fishkill usually meant the visitor’s room would be brimming with friends and family of dozens, sometimes hundreds of prisoners. This particular Saturday afternoon marked the first visitor for Cameron Porter since he was incarcerated six weeks ago.

    He was surprised when the guard knocked a baton against his cell door and said, “Porter, you have a visitor.” He had no real friends to speak of who would go out of their way to visit him in prison, and his only family, Kit and Bette, were still angry at him for what he did to earn himself a minimum of five years behind bars.

    “Who is it?” Cam asked.

    “What do I look like, an information booth? You takin’ the visit or what?”

    Cam silently snickered. He looked as wide as a booth, but smarting off to a guard could earn him a week in isolation. He swallowed his opinion and said, “Sure.”

    Cam reported to the visitor’s room. It was filled with men, some inmates and some not, women, and a dozen or so children. The chatter droned, making not one conversation distinguishable. As he walked down the center aisle, his eyes scanned each table looking for someone he recognized. Finally, in the far corner, he spotted Kit, not with a smile on her face, but a stern look of displeasure. He closed the distance between them, stood at the table’s edge for a few beats to stare her in the eye. Her expression didn’t change much, if anything, it worsened. He took a seat directly across, then said his first words to her since his arrest. “Hey, Kit. It’s good to see you.”

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    1. Hi CN, I’m very happy that you post one day earlier.It seems to me that this is a building chapter.
      It was very interesting to know about Cam’s life in prison and what he’s up to after he leaves it, and what he’s planning to do to regain his sisters’trust,especially Bette’s.
      I hope Destiny will finally find out about her birth mother,but if it’s the person I suspect to be,she’ll be very disappointed.
      Thanks for the update and have a nice weekend!!

    2. Good chapter CN,

      I was a informative chapter about Cam in jail. He seems to have his life on track again and i hope for him that he will be able to stay on that path and will regain the trust of Bette and Kit. He seems to want to help Bette with the business, hmm how is he going to do that.

      About Destiny, i hope she will find her birth mother and pray it isn’t that awful and cruel and lokking for revence Gloria.

      At a side note, i am adopted too and never had the urge to find my birth mother. People always ask me why and i know she was a teenager when she gave birth to me and had mental issues. I hope for her she had/has a wonderful life. I am proud and happy with my life, it wasn’t always easy but i am happy with how i am today.

      Ok, thank you again for this incredible journey you are taking us.

      • Bibi28, thanks so much for sharing your personal story. It must be a good feeling that out of all the children in need of a home in this world, that your adoptive parents chose you. Gives me hope that there is so much good still out there just waiting to be found.

    3. Hi CN:

      How nice chapter, it’s always refreshing watch when people change, especially vicious, bittered and heart cold people, It’s great that jail made Cameron change for good and not the other way around, just when Bette needs all the support of her family, in the material and spiritual way; I hope Cameron won’t fall again in the garbage he was before, and I hope Destiny will react in the best way when she learns who her mother is. Thanks so much for this wonderful update, I will be waiting for the next one.


    4. So happy that you’re continuing the series. This one is starting out with a bang, always thought Melvins old girlfriend had something to do with the murder. And now it turns out she is Cassi’s birth mother, like mother and father, like daughter, very good with figures. Very business oriented, bookkeeping, management, etc. Wonder what Melvin would have done if he had known he had another child, maybe supported her and paid for her education, job, etcl Would have been very interesting to see that happen. Of course, the woman is up to no good and has been long enough to ruin Kit and John’s business and maybe even put a kink in the resort business as well. Bullsh__ always shows up in the end, Hope its in time to save both businesses. Thanks for posting.

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