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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 6

    “Of course.” Barry moved around his desk and quickly instructed Cam on the basic iPhone functions.

    Barry then returned to his chair and grabbed the first of two folders sitting on his desk just to his left. He handed Cam a stack of papers that contained several charts, graphs, and tables. “As you can see, your portfolio has been well managed.” He then handed Cam his passport, several bank cards, a stack of cash and a new wallet. “Your ATM and credit cards, along with $5,000 in cash as you requested.”

    Cam set up his wallet, then Barry grabbed the last folder and continued, “We set up the L.L.C. per your instructions and filed all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We’ve also set up a corporate account and funded it with an initial $50 million.”

    “Are the funds available now?”

    “Yes, the wire transfer cleared yesterday.”

    “Thank you, Barry. It looks like you thought of everything.”

    Cam chuckled, thinking back to his final mandatory lecture before he was released. The counselors outlined the traditional difficulties parolees first encounter when they’re released from prison, including securing housing and employment.

    “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, Barry,” Cam said as he shook his hand.

    “We remain at your disposal, Mr. Porter.”

    Cam left the law offices and exited to the busy, humid streets of Manhattan. He pulled out his new iPhone, swiped the screen just like Barry taught him. The first thing he did was open the web browser and Google Bette’s name. The first thing that popped up was a link to The Daily News and an article titled, “Lies, Lust, and Larceny: How the Mighty Have Fallen.”

    He clicked on the link.

    The article started off by recounting Melvin’s murder and how Kelly killed him. It went on to detail the affair she had with Bette while at Yale and the sex photos documenting it. He clicked on another link and brought up the photos. There they were. The very photos he tried so desperately to get his hands on to turn the tables on Bette. The very photos for which he sold his soul. Those photos, those fucking photos. ‘Five million,’ he thought. Five million was the price to get his hands on those photos. He borrowed it from Victor, then had to steal from the family business to pay it back. He shook his head in self-loathing and whispered, “I was such an asshole.”


    1. Great chapter, CN. Feel sorry for Bree but I wished she would talk with Tina and Eric first before meeting that man. She is in for a very rude awakening when she finds out the truth. Having to tell that story all over for Tina will not be a good thing, especially since Tina has the heart condition and Bree will be so upset, irritational, and emotionally distraught really wish Lexi could have stopped her from going to Ca. So much about to come out that will turn everyone’s life upside down. This will hurt Tina so badly and Bette will really need to be there for her, like she never has before. This will be just awful for her. Great update, superb story. Thanks for posting.

      • Dainty, one universal truth about teenagers is that they often don’t make wise decisions, and afterward, it’s the adults in their lives that end up picking up the pieces. You’re right, everyone’s life is about to be turned upside down. Hope you stick around.

    2. Fantastic chapter CN,

      Like Dainty already mentioned, Bree is gonna faced with a rude awakening. I understand she is upset, but just leaving on a plane to meet her ” father” , who isn’t allowed contact with her and will try to brainwash her about what really happend years ago. When Tina find out she will be devastated and be faced to tell it all again. She will need Bette’s and Eric’s support and love to work this through as a family.

      Cam is obvious in the position to help Bette and Kit, seems that he wants to make amends, i think he is sincer.

      Eric, i really love how you portray him as a family man, sincer and always ready to help the Porter sisters.

      But you still didn’t reveal the truth about Destiny and her mother/ father 🙁 Maybe in the next chapter?!!!!

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

      • Bibi28, you are an impatient one. Destiny’s truth will soon be revealed and made public in a way no one will ever forget. I really like Eric, too. He’s how I wish every man could be.

    3. Another great update,CN.As you wrote before,this book is all about secrets,but is also about revelations and investigations.And how they’re going to affect the whole structure of the family and friends’ circle.

      I’m anxiously waiting to see how Cam’s plan will play out; if Destiny will decide to reveal her family ties with her friends; if Eric’s hunch is the same as mine; how Bree is going to react when she meets with Paul Stevens and what kind of explanation he’s going to give her.

      I felt sad for Angie and Bette,missing so much of each other.Yes, Bette needs to make some changes and prioritize her family,specially her daughter, or she’ll regret later.

      I’m wondering if you’ll ever reveal to us the story about the mysterious Francis and the wild summer night with John and Eric.

      What’s up with Eric and nachos? He ordered nachos in different occasions with Bette and Cassi,when they met with Victor, and now with Destiny.What the hell?!!

      Thanks for the update and have a nice weekend.

      • Guiga, About the mysterious Francis, this story is called “Delayed Exposure” for a reason. We all may just find out what happened that summer night. And about the nachos, Eric knows what he likes and he sticks with it. Besides, nachos are awesome!

        • I just thought it was amusing that he always ordered nachos,because my son does the same.Everytime he has a chance to go to Taco Bell,he orders nacho bellgrande(I’m not certain if the spelling is correct).

    4. Another brilliant chapter, CN! Thanks for all the work and pain you’re putting into this piece. I thouroughly enjoyed re-reading the first two installments of “Delayed”. :)

      I’m very sad to see that Bree doesn’t trust her parents enough to let them explain everything to her. They obviousley raised her with love and probably supported her in every way so that she became an intelligent, selfconfident young girl. But now she doesn’t know better than to turn to a complete stranger for answers?

      I really hope that she has a change of heart in the last moment and at least listens to her sister. How does an underaged child gets her hand on an airline ticket anyway?

      Is Cam really a changed man? I hope so. No better moment like the present to prove it to his sisters by helping to save the family business.

      Looking forward to the next part!

      • So flattered you like the entire series, Kiwipit. You ask, ” How does an underaged child get her hand on an airline ticket anyway?” Prepaid spending cards. Many parents these days obtain prepaid spending cards for their teens. It’s a great way to limit a teen’s spending and gives the teen an added sense of security of not carrying a lot of cash. Catch you next week.

        • Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t know that in the US you are allowed to buy a ticket when you’re under 18. Great, I learned something new! Like they say: “Reading broadens the mind.” :-)

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