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    Delayed Exposure – Chapter 7

    Manhattan, New York

    Thursday, May 26, 2011


    The headquarters of the Daily News was bustling with all hands on deck. It was nearly moving day. In just days, the entire newspaper headquarters would relocate 4.5 miles away to the lower tip of Manhattan. Every office and workstation was filled with boxes, and most of the electronics were already staged for transport.

    Most offices were already prepped for the weekend movers, except for a few holdouts. Matt Crown was the worst offender. He had yet even to consider packing. Instead, his attention was focused on his computer screen, reading the online morning edition of the Times.

    “Nothing to do with her…my ass,” Crown barked as he continued to read the article.

    His voice carried into the hallway and caught the attention of his boss, who turned on his heels and poked his head in Crown’s office.

    “Crown…you need to get off your ass and be packed up by the end of the day. Our entire division will be relocated tomorrow morning.”

    “Yeah, I know. I’ll be ready.”

    Crown went back to his computer screen and flapped his arms up and down. He was incredulous as he read the Times, which was always a day late and a dollar short in his opinion, and their piece summarizing his Porter family exposé and detailing Bette’s response when she was cornered by the press’s equivalent of a mob in front her office building.

    “Can you believe that pile of B.S.? Bette Porter says, and I quote: What? Of course not. That’s a preposterous lie. I had nothing to do with her…,”

    “Can you prove she’s lying?” His boss asked.

    Crown remembered the anonymous package he received that contained Bette’s letter and the photos. It included a note that hinted at the existence of a video proving that she and Kelly were intimately involved. The only catch…it was evidence and in police custody.

    “I think I can.”

    “Well, then get to it.”

    “As much as I like packing…” Crown started.

    “Go, but you better be back in time to…” his boss looked around at Crown’s office that was in complete disarray…its natural state, “…pack up all your stuff.”

    “You got it, boss,” Crown answered just as his boss left.

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    1. Excellent chapter as always CN!

      There is always so much that happen in your story.

      I feel so sorry for Tina, Lexi, Eric and Bree. The family secret is out. I hope that Bette is able to support Tina like she deserve given her own problems. Their relationship will be tested big.

      Hmm, Destiny’s reaction to Kit has me wonder. You are mean to let me still wonder about her birth parents CN, but i will wait patiently for the disclosure.

      Good that Eric found some leads about the wine.

      That ass reporter is a big pain in the ass for the Porter family esspecialy for Bette.

      I loved the update, thank you!

    2. I am really wondering about a few things from this chapter. By the way I love your stories. My wandering mind is thinking: why is Destiny acting so strange with Kit; what is plan B for Cam and with who; where was Bette when Eric and Lexi came to Tina’s brownstone; why is it not Tina and Bette’ home? And how will Bree handle meeting her biological dad? Can’t wait for next post CN!

      • Finn422, nice to see you back. Destiny’s strange behavior will become clear very soon, as well as Cam’s plan B. Bette was still at the helm of the sinking ship, Tellus, while Tina learned the news about Bree. As far as their home, nice catch. As far as Bette is concerned, what’s hers is Tina’s, and vice versa. So glad you’re enjoying the story.

    3. Oh My a Cliff Hanger!!
      As it’s you and I love this story I’ll forgive just this time. Don’t go making a habit of it!!!!
      Seriously thou my life’s full of lumps and bumps at the moment and I look forward to your weekly posts and the enjoyment they give me, thank you.

      Not going to dissect the plot just enjoying having my own thoughts on where it’s going.
      Roll on next Friday

      • SassyGran, I know, I know, another cliffhanger…and that won’t be the last one…hehehehe. You warmed my heart. I’m so glad that my stories provide you an escape from the choppy waters you’re currently navigating. I hope the storm passes soon and I wish you smooth sailing.

        • Funny you should say ‘smooth sailing’ – I’m getting away for a break tomorrow and will be crossing the Irish Sea.
          The television Weatherman is gleefully saying that the end of the last Hurricane is due to hit the Irish Sea around late morning Monday 15th! You’ve guessed it, I’ll be mid way between the English coast and the Isle of Man. no doubt throwing up unless the Bar is open!!!!
          I’ll be reading your next update on the day I’ll be returning over those choppy waters – hope the Hurricane end will have long past!!!
          Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum – make mine a double!

    4. Thanks for another brilliant chapter, CN. What a great start of the weekend!
      Cam really impressed me. His good intensions seem genuine. I just hope that he’s sincere and that his Plan B will help Bette and Kit to legally pull the company out of this strained financial situation.

      Maybe talking with Tina about Cam’s proposition will bring Bette to change her view of her brother’s intentions. It’s cute how a simple word from Tina on the phone calms Bette :-) But I guess Tina has her own problem to solve. Will she talk to Bette about Bree? She will need her to lean on, to draw strenght from.

      Long week ahead waiting with bated breath for the next part.

    5. Fantastic chapter, CN. Now the problems begin and I hurt for them all. Really hope Bree will not keep the appt., but will call Eric or Tina first before meeting paul. Hopefully paul remembers his last meeting with Eric and what he said to him. If he has any sense at all, he will not meet with Bree, he should call Eric first and tell them that Bree is in town wanting to meet him. That is the only way to save his own skin. Great chapter. Thanks for posting.

      • Dainty, you and everyone are so sweet for thanking me for posting, but it’s me who’s is very grateful for your (and everyone’s) continued readership. I took up writing as a hobby just about 12 months ago and now, through so many encouraging comments, it has become a passion. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and leaving such thoughtful comments. Hugs and kisses!

    6. That definitely should become an income bringing hobby too! I can easily imagine a wonderful film based on the script like this. Honestly! Or in the form of a bestseller ;) Best regards to that very special person of yours whom you draw your inspiration from

    7. Hello,just stopping by to say that I’m still reading this wonderful story but don’t have the time to do my usual analysis and predictions.I got a lot of things going on right now,but that doesn’t stop me from reading.I’ll be waiting anxiously for your next update.
      Thanks for giving us a way to escape from reality.

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