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    Delayed Justice – Chapter 1

    Manhattan, New York

    Thursday, July 27, 2006

    … 8:00am

    An intricate pattern of steel girders fashioned into one giant ‘X’ after another whizzed in and out of view from the back seat of the Peabody Town Car as it ferried a very tired Bette Porter across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan. The inner lanes on the lower deck of the 103-year old bridge leading into the city were encased on top by a second deck for subway trains and outbound cars and on both sides by thick, evenly spaced girders, giving it a cocoon feeling. Bette thought it actually felt more like riding through a tunnel rather than on a bridge, and wondered if Tina would feel the same. Only 39 hours earlier, she discovered that Tina had a lifelong fear of bridges and required a sample of her hotel’s signature cocktail, ‘Delayed Connection’, to calm her nerves. Bette quietly laughed at the name of the drink, remembering how she and Tina recently lived through a delayed connection of their own. They felt an instant connection when their paths first crossed one evening on a path along the Napa River, but it took them more than a year to find each other and finally connect as friends, lovers, and at least for Bette, true love.

    ‘Why didn’t I say I love you?’ Bette silently chided herself. She then reasoned, ‘It’s too early…right?’

    “Miss Porter….Miss Porter? The driver asked, interrupting Bette’s internal debate.

    Bette finally shook herself from her thoughts and answered, “I’m sorry, Richard. What was that?”

    “Do you need to stop at home first, Miss Porter?” Richard repeated.

    “No, I have everything I need. I just want to get to Peggy’s so I can hug my little girl.”

    Bette managed to wrap up her business in San Francisco not long after the reception and tours of the newly remodeled Tellus Resort. She caught a late night flight to JFK airport and was now anxious to get back to see her beautiful baby girl, Angelica. Three nights marked the longest she had been away from her daughter since giving birth on New Year’s Day.

    “I apologize for the delay ma’am. I had to take the southern route due to an accident in the midtown tunnel.”

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    1. Yeah, a update and a very good one.

      I like Harris, but he doesn’t stand a chance to have the real family he wants. I am glad that he respect Bette so much that he will not interfere in Bette’s relationship.

      God, i really don’t like Melvin and i am not the only one because he has been murdered. I can understand that he removed Cam from his wil, but Bette, only because she loves a woman, very sad.

      Looking forward to the next update!

      • Harris isn’t quite done with Bette yet, but you’ll have to be patient for several chapters to find out what he has in mind. Melvin is definitely a troubled man in my stories. His reaction to Bette’s sexuality is a stark contrast to those of other characters, which I think is reflective of the experiences of many who frequent this site. Not every coming out story is completely a bed of roses nor a total nightmare, most, in my experience, are a mixed bag.

    2. Welcome back and it was amazing! Well, Melvin didn’t GET a chance to sign the new will. Therefore, Bette, Cam and Kit are still in the will! Or Kit gets everything but shares with Bette but not Cam. Knowing Kit she will share with Cam also. She will let Bette RUN the family business cause she has her own business and family to run. Please post again soon! Loving it! PPS

    3. Lovely to have you and this wonderful and sad story back. Happy that our girls were able to connect and had avgreat time together. Looks like Melvin was caught being a bully again and it backfired, literally, on him this time. The obvious suspects are Cam or the mobster or one of his henchmen. Certainly not Bette, she wasn’t even back in town. My money is on the bookie as the culprit, and we shall see soon enough. Cam is a possibility but, he doesn’t have the balls to kill Melvin, at least, I don’t think so. But being cut out of all that wealth will make a person do strange and stupid things. Of course, the bookie is very high on my list because of the mob and he was to meet a man at a bar, evidently he did not make that meeting either or the person that killed him would not have followed him back to his office to kill him, they would have taken care of that in the bar. That leaves one person. Harris has been on a killing spree but, don’t think it was him either. Still leaves one person. Hopefully we will find out who killed him before too long. So since Melvin did not get to sign any of the documents that were prepared, that leaves Bette in charge of everything, hopefully. Thanks for posting.

      • Dainty, so I laughed when I read your comment. I was thinking, ‘Man, this girl certainly is invested in my characters.’ You make a good case for either of them to be the killer. I’m not one to let the cat out of the bag, so I’ll just say that I’ll keep you guessing until the very end (hopefully).

    4. Thanks for the warm welcome back. I deeply appreciate everyone who takes the time read my little musings. It certainly warms the heart. A special thanks to those who comment and drop me a message now and then. You provide great encouragement.

      I plan to stay on a regular schedule and post updates weekly on Friday or Saturday and anticipate at least 10 chapters. I hope you enjoy what is in store for our favorite characters in Delayed Justice. I’ll do my best to not disappoint you.

    5. Morning, thanks for the reply! I hope you don’t give our favorite ladies too much drama! Please write about when Tina meets Angel and Harris for the first time. I hope its not in the same meeting. I hope Harris be surprised at the beauty of Tina when he meets her and realize that Bette want come back to him. PPS

    6. CellaNox – thank you for coming back with the continuation of Delayed Connection. I was looking forward to it, and you didn’t disappoint. I really like your style of writing with the multiple timelines to give background and current events at the same time. Looking forward to the frequent updates.

      • Thanks BAT2012, it means a lot coming from you. I’ve enjoyed several of your past stories, and plan to binge on your newest one once I get further along on Justice. Hope you stick around until the end. Who knows, I might even have another cliffhanger at the end.

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