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    Delayed Justice – Chapter 10 (Finale)

    Manhattan, New York

    Friday, August 11, 2006


    Less than a minute later, the door opened. Bette smiled and said, “You are a hard one to track down.” She waited for a response and wondered if her unexpected appearance would be welcomed or considered a threat. The first response would set the tone and tell Bette how to direct the conversation and hopefully get a confession. And there it was…a hint of a smile. That was her opening. “I’ve been looking for you for months. I can’t believe I finally found you again, Kelly.”

    “You’re the last one I expected to see at my door,” Kelly replied. She was definitely surprised by Bette’s sudden appearance and was skeptical as to why she was there.

    “May I come in? I really need to talk to you,” Bette kept it simple and tried to pique her curiosity.

    “How did you find me?” Kelly still didn’t trust Bette.

    During the ride to the precinct earlier that evening, Eric instructed Bette on how to work a suspect. He started off by telling her that a good undercover story is always based in truth. He advised, “Stay as close to the truth as you can without tipping your hand.”

    “Honestly, I hired a private detective. I don’t really know how he tracked you down, but I’m just glad that he did. Now, may I please come in?”

    Kelly reluctantly opened the door wider and stepped to the side, offering Bette a pathway inside her apartment. Once the door closed, Sterling, Diaz, and Eric hopped out of the surveillance van and at an unhurried pace, walked across the street and inside the apartment building. They positioned themselves just inside the stairwell on the second floor out of the line of sight of the apartment door in the event Kelly opened it.

    Meanwhile back on the street, Cassi and Tina observed the activity, which told them Bette was inside Kelly’s apartment. Tina began to nervously bounce her leg and bite her fingernails. Cassi reached in front of Tina and opened the glove compartment. She reached inside and pulled out a stainless steel flask. After unscrewing the riveted cap, she offered it to Tina and said, “Scotch…drink.” Tina grabbed the container and took one swig after another until she half-emptied it. Cassi expected her to slowly sip on it, not chug it like Kool-Aid. “Pace yourself, Tina. I just had my car detailed.”

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    1. Dear Readers,

      First, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of my silent and not so silent readers. Every view, rating, and comment has given me untold encouragement to continue writing and refine my craft.

      It’s been a pleasure bringing you the first two parts of my Delayed series, starting with Delayed Connection and now Delayed Justice, which has finally come to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

      Now that the suspense of Justice is over and the mystery has been solved…for the most part…don’t fret. I’m busy outlining the third and final installment of the series, we’ll catch up with all of our favorite characters years later when long-term secrets are exposed and plots of revenge come into play. The third book will take several months to put together, but I anticipate to start posting it here by the end of summer. I hope you all will stop by and give it a read.


    2. Wow CellaNox, i am speechless!

      That was one incredible journey. I really loved this second part Justice.

      Kelly was one of my suspects and wasn’t surprised she was behind Melvin’s dead. It was a accident, but still she ran away and because of that Bette became a innocent victim that was accussed and almost put to jail due to a asshole that wanted to solve the case asap. And i have a feeling we will see more of him and i hope from Destiny.

      It was a fantastic written story that put my mind in overdrive with all the hints you gave us for the possible killer and the multiple story lines of the main players.

      I applaud you 👏 . I am looking forward to the next story.

      Thank you again for sharing this incredible story with us.

      • I kinda felt like I hit my stride in writing “Delayed Justice.” At times it just seemed to pour out onto the page. Though it was a careful balance providing hints to make the mystery solvable but not give it away too early. Based on the comments along the way, it was such a relief to actually pull off the suspense until the end. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

    3. Hi CN:

      You really got me, even though one of my initial suspects was Kelly, because of the camera, I was more inclined to believe it was one of the men in Victor’s side.
      Your story is amazing and very well constructed; it was wonderful to follow the trail of crumbs you left for us.

      Kelly was a piece of work, very twisted mind, but probably it has to be with her background and her past, the things Melvin did to her, without her knowing; but as everybody, she has free will and she could turn her life into something much better and decent way, she was the owner of her life and future and made the wrong moves.

      What makes me sad, unfortunately, is how those chauvinists, homophobic men can destroy the life of others because of their sexual orientation, Melvin, was not only a prick but also a wicked man, a disgrace to the human race; how could these type of people dare to talk about sins, when they are the first to cheat on their wives, manipulating others at volition, destroying lives and reputations; who they believe they are to judge other people; I’m sorry he died without remorse, he was cruel to his children especially Bette and vengeful with Kelly, who was a frivolous and calculator person but taking away her scholarship was too much; but again, apparently money makes the winner.

      As we could see there is going to be hell for our lovely couple and their families in your next story with Georgia’s revenge (here another homophobic and hypocrite person). See you (better say ‘read you’) in your next story.

      Thanks again CN for your wonderful and exquisite writing.


      • Can’t believe I pulled one over on you. And yes, I agree that most people who judge others are rarely in a position to do so. Wouldn’t the world be so much better if we checked our judgment and let others live their lives as they see fit? Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in and we must be on constant guard against prejudices and bigotry.

        Thanks for following along and I look forward to reading your comments on the next book.

    4. A simple thank you! I was checking my emails at work and saw you had posted. I started reading but had to stop cause I got busy. I came straight home to finish reading this amazing story! I did not pass go and I sure as hell didn’t collect $200. LOL I had to finish reading in a major hurry. I knew it was Kelly. Who else would have known about the camera.. I also knew Georgia had those other pictures and paper work. Its going to be HELL for our favorite couple but LOVE will see them threw. Can’t wait until the next and final read. Friday’s just want be the same without your post:( Until next time be safe and Blessed!

      • Luckily this final chapter was workplace appropriate. (Wink!) I’ll be back as soon as I can with the final book in the series. I’ll try to make sure to post after your business hours; I’d hate to see you in the unemployment line because of me. Thanks again for your continued readership. It’s much appreciated.

    5. Thank you so much for the early post. I have loved reading the story and am looking forward to the third part. You are very talented and know how to weave a story. Looking forward to the third story. Again thanks for hrs of enjoyments

      • After several readers asked for an early post, I was anxious to get the final chapter out as quickly as I could. Thanks for much for the compliments and for reading along every week. I’ll be back soon.

      • So glad you loved the story. I had so much fun writing it and really enjoyed reading all the comments…rather heartening as a new writer. Hope to hear from you again once I start posting the final book.

    6. Really enjoyed this sequel and look forward to more.

      I know I have to wait but do bear it in mind that I am not getting any younger !!! :-)

      Thanks for posting – have a wonderful summer.

      • Alright, alright. You’ve given me the ultimate motivation to buckle down and get to writing the next book. I can’t keep SassyGran waiting. BTW, love your sass, young lady. Thanks for reading and commenting every week.

        • Thanks for the ‘young lady’ title – my son was 51 this week and you have just made it a little more bearable.
          BTW it was my Grandson who gave me the sassy title!

          Thanks again for your stories and please keep writing you have a great talent.

    7. Thanks for this amazing well plot out story.I have enjoyed following the hints and clues that you gave us to identify the suspect.I had two main suspects;Georgia and Kelly.When you wrote about the picture of her from a file Erick brought from Sacramento,that sealed the deal for me.
      I still have some questions.The files Melvin was placing in his safe when Kelly surprised him.The police broke into It and got the one over Cam,because he was arrested and charged for embezzlement based in those documents.Now,where is the file documenting Bette’s relationship with Kelly?
      If Georgia got the pictures Kelly left on Melvin’s desk,this mean she found him before Gretchen.If it was after Kelly ran out,he could be still alive.If it was early in the morning,she grabbed the pictures and didn’t call the police.
      I guess I’ll have to wait until your next book to get my answers.
      Have a nice time off.Enjoy your summer!!

      • The third book will definitely answer most of your questions. You know me and cliffhangers, I had to leave a few questions unanswered for now.

        Funny thing about summertime. I used to look forward to activities that provided me lots of fun in the sun. This year, I’m looking forward to time on my couch with my Surface Pro on my lap, so I can type away on the third book. Crazy, I know. I definitely think I have the writing bug. Thanks for reading and commenting every week.

        • Thanks for always so graciously reply to our comments.
          Answering most of my questions it’s better than nothing,I’ll take it.I do understand the need for suspense and cliffhangers.That’s what makes us come back for more.
          Lucky for us that you have the writer’s bug.So,get comfortable on your couch and type away.We are thirsty for more,but I advise you to rest and enjoy some sun and fun.
          Read you later!!

    8. A comment from Dainty that got lost in the Ethernet:

      Fantastic!!!!! I knew Kelly was the one that killed Melvin, when Eric showed Bette the picture he had and she looked at Tina and said “this is all my fault, ” I knew then without a doubt that the culprit was Kelly. I really hope Bette tells Tina what happened with Kelly because she does not want that to come out in the trial or at any other time. That bit of information would destroy Tina. Now Georgia is going to take her turn at destroying Bette once again and Kit will have to make a believer out of her one more time. Happy that Lexi can see the benefit to having Bette at her back now and in the future. Thoroughly enjoyed this story, can hardly wait for the next series in this trilogy. You are a great storyteller. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lost another partial comment, if you think it needs to be added to this one, please do so. Thanks again for a great story. I was about to go to the grocery store about two hours ago when I saw that you had posted, so the store had to wait. Have a great summer.

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