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    Delayed Justice – Chapter 9

    Manhattan, New York

    Friday, August 11, 2006


    “Are you nuts!?!” Cassi was skeptical of Eric’s plan. “You can’t be serious, suggesting Bette put herself in danger like that.” She was flustered as she had to negotiate her Mercedes C320 to the correct lane of the Van Wyck Expressway to get to the JFK airport terminal arrivals area.

    “I’m telling you, Cassi,” Eric started to defend his plan. “This is the only way we’re going to get a confession. I already have Sterling on board with this.”

    “Of course he is because you’re doing all the legwork for him.”

    Eric was getting agitated and fired back. “He’s going out on a limb for us, Cassi. He’s going to catch a lot of heat for helping us.”

    Cassi was still unconvinced. “I still don’t trust him.”

    “I’ve been in his shoes before. Every city has powerful people who think they can snap their fingers and get what they want through the justice system. He’s walking a tightrope, trying to do the right thing and not get fired in the process. If it makes you more comfortable, I’ll be with him when this goes down.”

    “You mean we’ll be with him when this goes down. Bette’s my client, I have a responsibility to her.”

    Eric let out an exasperated breath, then finally relented, “Fine. We’ll hit Bette up when we get to the beach house.”

    Cassi approached arrivals area of the terminal at an extremely slow pace so Eric could spot his waiting daughters. About halfway down he spotted them. “There, the blonde and the redhead. Brace yourself, to only understand half of what they say. I swear they talk in slang just to knock me off my game.” he said with a straight face.

    Cassi grinned and replied, “Don’t worry about me, I got game.”

    Eric shrugged, then hopped out to greet his daughters. After he coaxed a hug out of both of them, he put their suitcases in the trunk. The girls jumped into the backseat, while Eric retook his position as the front passenger.

    “Hey girls, this is Cassi. We’re working on Bette’s case together,” Eric made the introductions. “Cassi, the one behind you is Bree and the one behind me is Lexi.”

    “Nice to meet you girls. You’re dad sure missed you two,” Cassi replied as she pulled back into traffic.

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    1. Incredible chapter, but god, you left us again with a cliffhanger 🙁

      Who oh who is the killer who is so hard to track down? I am lost in thoughts who it can be, i think I have to read the previous chapters to get all the hints you gave us.

      Loved the stories about Woodstock.

      Lexi seems to warm up to her mother and Bette’s relationship and can see that her parents are happy and in love.

      I don’t think she needs to know the whole true about their divorce, that is between them.

      Let Bette return safely to Tina and Angie. Hope she is able to pull a confession from the killer.

      Truly enjoy your story, thank you for sharing it with us!

    2. Hi CN:

      Excellent chapter, this is what I was waiting for, a nice weekend reunion, with lots of stories, fun and food, and also with love, reconciliation and understanding; I see that it won’t be hard for Lexi to forgive her parents for their divorce and to make friends with Bette.

      It is frightening me the ‘one shot’ thing; Bette needs to be able of bring out the confession, and not to mention that ‘past legally questionable behavior’; well there it is, our suspect.

      What I’m afraid is that Bette could fail in exposing this guy, or she may end hurt.
      Thanks for this wonderful chapter and we’ll see next week the long-awaited outcome of this case.


      • P, our characters certainly needed a little bit of fun…a mystery can be soooo dramatic. Sounds like you’ve followed my bread crumb trail correctly and now know the identity of the killer. Or do you?

        • Hi CN:

          As you are asking, I will say that I have an ‘idea’, who may be the person Bette is going to meet in Jackson Hights but I don’t think the man is acting alone, for startings In chapter 8 when Cassi showed the picture of this person, to Bette and Tina, this last one didn’t recognize the person, then is not Harris, Cam or anyone else from the Porter or Peabody family; but is someone who Bette knows (still may be someone close to one of them).
          Is a man who usually does work out and was in Melvin’s office around the time Cam was with him, or a little later, from 9 to 10 pm.
          The man wasn’t alone because, in chapter 7, Cassi and Eric mentioned “they” and indicated the suspect(s) was wearing sport clothes
          I won’t keep going because I hate spoilers, and I want to find out the outcome of this case in your next post. Such a wonderful story. Thanks again.


    3. It posted before I was done! I was going to say but I don’t really mind because this was another superb Chapter. I love this story and, in some ways will be sorry to see it end. By the way my Birthday is 11th August, some years ago but I’m not counting.

      • SassyGran, I know I’m a bad girl by keeping you dangling over a cliff, but I just had to keep up the suspense until the final chapter. August 11th is a special day for me, as well.

    4. Well, its Friday once again! Its seems we are coming to the end:(( I hate it!! Thanks for this amazing story. I truly enjoyed it. Lexi will come to love Bette I feel. I think Cassi did the right things in telling the girls that their Dad missed them. Plus she can talk their talk and that helped her out in the girls accepting her. I pray that Bette will be safe and sound while she brings the killer down. Well, off to sit and wait on next Friday. Have a great week. Until you Bless us with your present once again next Friday. Be Blessed PPS

      • Cellphone48, this book may be coming to an end, but our characters have at least one more good story to tell. I’ll be working on the third and final installment of the “Delayed” series over the next few months and plan to share it with you later this summer. Hope you’ll pop by and give it a read.

    5. Damn that was good, but you left us hanging. Don’t suppose you could post early this next week? When I was reading it, I knew you were going to leave us a cliffhanger. Thanks for a great chapter

      • An early post might be in order for the final chapter. It’s almost done…just putting the final touches on it, but first a Mother’s Day celebration with family and friends. Hope all the mothers of the world have a wonderful day filled with love.

    6. Another great chapter.Enjoy the stories at Woodstock.
      Hope Bette will get out of there safely with a confession.
      I don’t know why,but I think that you won’t reveal the killer’s identity in the last chapter.I think we’re going to wait for your next book for the revelation. I hope I’m wrong about it!!
      I know everyone here is dying to know who killed Melvin Porter and why.Like Cassi compared to Dallas and who killed J.R. Ewing.
      Looking forward to the next chapter,and some more fun at Indra’s state.

      • Oh, Guiga, you’re starting to know me quite well. It certainly has been a chore keeping up the suspense. Leaving clues is a fine balance of not making it too obvious and not leaving your reader completely surprised at the end. I have a feeling when you read the final chapter, you’ll say “Ah ha…of course.”

      • You are a smart one. So happy you found my stories and have enjoyed them. Hope you give my final installment in the “Delayed” series a read when I start posting it later this summer.

    7. Another comment from Dainty that keeps getting lost in the Ethernet:

      Great chapter, loved it. Happy that Bette got along with both girls, especially Lexi. And glad that Lexi seemingly got along with everyone and meeting with Derek Jeter was really overjoyed. The trips and experiences of both Woodstocks were funny,and very revealing from both couples. Lexi doesn’t realize this yet but, her young life will change in wondrous ways with life experiences she could only dream about previously. If she has her head screwed on right and her feet firmly planted on the ground, she will have the time of her life and an education most people only dream about. Money can open so many doors and provide so many things that she would not otherwise be privy too. I think Bette will be fine in her adventure, especially if she is seeing the person I think she is because that person is a weak-kneed, spineless braggart that will give themselves away. Hope Bette can get the person to admit to the murder, and show Bette the camera that was stolen from her father’s office, that way Bette can see for herself and not just pictures from Eric even though that will show the idiot up for the careless fool they are. Even if Bette sees the camera, I hope she can keep her temper and not try to have a go at that person simply because she doesn’t know what that person might do. Can hardly wait till next Friday. Thanks for posting. If at all possible could you post earlier than Friday, that would be so cool.

    8. Thanks for always answering our comments.
      Happy Mother’s Day for all the mothers in this site and abroad.
      I was expecting that Bette would consider Destiny to replace Georgia,once she found out about her being fired.
      I have been thinking about what had happened with the 2 leather files that Melvin had on his desk with the camera.You never disclosed their whereabouts.The files about Cam and Bette,with pictures of her involvement with you know who.Did Gretchen took them when she found Melvin’s dead body? The detectives? The perpetrator? Huuumm!!
      Have a great one!!!

    9. Thanks for the reply and Happy Mother’ Day to all the mother’s in the world. Yes, I will be reading the final installment of this amazing book when you post it. If the Lord’s will! I pray you do post before Friday! It would be greatly appreciated by all I think! PPS

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