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    Delayed Simple Life – Part One

    Southampton, New York

    Present Day, six years later…

    Nature’s Fireworks had become the sought-after gallery for photographers, then after an expansion, also painters and sculptors, to show their collections to the Hamptons’ elite. Accordingly, collectors flocked to the little gallery nestled in the heart of the art district. Despite the high demand for Bette Porter’s keen eye for up-and-coming talent, she never worked later than five o’clock, keeping the promise she made to herself to never lose sight of what was truly important…family. Life was simple, and that made Bette and Tina very happy.

    Bette checked her leather-banded watch, a gift from Tina on their third wedding anniversary. Usually, every time she glanced at it, she smiled because it reminded her of her beautiful wife, but this time she sighed. It was almost five, and she was growing impatient, wanting to go home and curl up on the deck chairs with a glass of Barnette wine before the sun went down. But today those plans might have to wait. She had promised to stay and help Peggy and Indra pick out a painting for Helena and Lara’s newly renovated Park Avenue apartment. While Helena was happy with its design when she took it over from Peggy, Lara spearheaded a remake of the kitchen and her ideas eventually spilled over to the living and dining rooms. Now, most of the apartment had been transformed match the sleek modern feel of her dream-like professional kitchen. Helena could deny her bride of five years nothing and eagerly agreed to every change she asked for.

    Finally, the door chime sounded, alerting Bette that guests had arrived. She emerged from her small, yet tastefully decorated office that was just off the main showroom and was pleasantly surprised. She smiled, just as she had done for the last 12 years every time she saw that face. “Tina,” she said, then closed the distance between them, and gave her a loving embrace and kiss. “I didn’t know you were coming to the shop tonight.”

    Tina placed a small cloth shopping bag on the sleek wooden table guarding the entryway to Bette’s office, which was right next to her assistant’s. “I promised Robbie a batch of my cranberry oatmeal cookies.” Tina had taken up baking in the last few years, a hobby she shared with Angie once or twice a month. Bette loved baking weekends. The beach house would fill with various sweet alluring aromas, tempting her to taste test each variety of cookies. Her waistline had grown almost two inches, attesting to Tina’s and Angie’s baking skills.

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    1. Hello Friends,

      I’ve received several requests for more stories surrounding the characters in my Delayed series (Delayed Connection, Delayed Justice, and Delayed Exposure). Though I have several projects in the hopper, I wanted to first thank those loyal readers by answering their call. While I don’t anticipate writing another full-length novel for the Delayed characters, I like the idea of writing a few short stories to bring the characters up to present time. I’m calling the collection “Delayed Simple Life.” So, here’s the first installment in a short story I’ve dubbed “Slaying Demons.” I don’t plan on adding to the collection on any type of schedule, only when time permits. I hope you enjoy the first of what I hope will be several short stories to come. Happy reading.


    2. Hi CN,

      What a pleasant surprise to see you already post short stories of the Delayed series!

      Unfortunaly i am tired and ready for my beauty sleep, but i couldn’t resist to comment.

      I will try to read it tomorrow.

      Thank you for continu with short stories about the characters from the Delayed series

      You are the best!

    3. Hi, thanks for another great story with Delayed characters!

      But i have to ask – maybe i forget – how old Bette and Tina in this story? I remember that Bette much younger, bot for how years?

      Ok, will be waiting for another stories from you.

      • Zhenya, you’re right about the age difference. In the present time, Bette would be early forties and Tina in her early fifties. Very happy you’re joining me on bringing these characters up to present day.

    4. Thank you, Thank you CN!
      I love these characters and the whole ‘Delayed’ series.
      A great story and as usual you had me reaching for the Tissues.
      Such a great storyteller, love your talent, you brighten my life.
      BTW looking forward to more on the ‘Flames’ stories. I know never satisfied!
      Thanks again, keep posting

      • SassyGran, this is all your fault, you know. You left a comment on the final chapter of Delayed Exposure asking for an epilogue of sorts. I got the feeling that you weren’t ready to these characters go. To be honest, a little piece of me wasn’t either, but I wanted to get Flames down on paper before the idea of it left my head. Since I had a little break in between Flames stories, I wanted to return to Delayed and give this Bette and Tina, along with the other characters, more life to live. I hope not to disappoint you, SassyGran.

        • Hi CN
          Just had a Comment disappear on posting!
          Trying again, Yes you are quite right my request for an Epilogue was because I did not want to say good bye to the Delayed characters. I like the Flames girls too though and look forward to more.
          You will never disappoint CN please keep writing and posting.

      • izzie, I wanted to keep these characters alive somehow, but there’ only so much time in a day. Planning and writing a full novel takes a lot of time….and I mean a looooooot of time. So, while I’m working on the followup to Flames and taking care of a few other things (having a life and family does have its demands), these short stories will hopefully fit the bill until I can dedicate more time to it.

    5. A fantastic idea, the scholarship fund. It is a very good cause for all of people who were victims of rape or born because of that.

      I am glad that that that bastard is dead and with his death they can set up this fund.

      Both Bette & Tina are still so in love after twelve years, they deserve the love and happiness after all that what they endured. The way you wrote their love making and Bette giving Tina all the control was heart warming. Bette knows exactly what Tina needs to put away her demons and is able to give her that. So good to see.

      Great story as always CN!

      • Bibi, I always struggle with love scenes. I’ve never liked stories when a love scene pops up just for the sake of having one. When I throw one into a story, I try to include a meaning beyond the physical act. Having said that, it’s a battle balancing a description of the mechanics (the steamy stuff) and the meaning behind it, which is what makes the reader really connect to it.

    6. Thank you for this great update. I like the idea of good coming from pain suffered by Tina and Bree. Please continue to grace us with your wonderful stories. I am currently recovering from knee surgery so having this site to entertain the boredom of long days is greta.

      • majicspider, We’ve all suffered pain in our lives, some more than others. Experience has taught me that good is always possible, even under the worst of circumstances. It may just take some time for it to present itself.

        BTW, I’m no stranger to long, boring days when recovering. It warms my heart knowing my stories help you escape and pass the time. I know how important a healthy diversion can be during those times. I hope you heal quickly and can get back to doing all those things that bring you joy.

    7. Very nice to see a comeback of your Delayed characters. I like the way you write Bette and Tina in this series. They have such an amzazing connection, verbal and non-verbal.

      The scholarship is a wonderful idea and a very mature thing to do for Bree. Great idea to give Tina and her girls some sort of closure.

      I’d be happy to read more short stories with your Delayed crew. Thanks for sharing with us, CellaNox.

      • kiwipit, When I finished the Delayed trilogy, I didn’t have any vision on where to take these characters next…I felt tapped out. Working on the other series (Flames), helped me to regroup and take a fresh look at them. I guess that little break was just what I needed. I’m tackling the followup to Flames first, then will circle back to Delayed. I was thinking about dedicating one short story to Peggy and Indra.

    8. It’s good to see you take your flagship characters off the shelf and play with them a bit! It’s so funny how the lovely reading population can influence a little inspiration from time to time.

      This was a nice little delayed epilogue. Very well done with a multitude of emotions to boot. You sure do know how to make folks a bit weepy don’t you? =)

      Thanks for posting so soon after wrapping up Flames!

      • meloveslu, I was moved by SassyGran and others asking me to continue these characters and that feeling gnawed at me the entire time I was writing Flames. It was inevitable that I took them out for a spin.

        What is good LesFic without a few laughs or tears? I’m still working on the laughter part in my writing. @browneyedgirl28 is the standard bearer for that.

    9. Hello CN, read this when you first posted but couldn’t get my devices to cooperate for me to make a comment. Finally, it worked today. The update was awesome, always happy to see a positive story and outcome for our girls and their family. Great to know that Tina has a great relationship with Angelica. Thrilled to know that you will devote a story to Indra and Peggy. The scholarship idea is a wonderful plan for the proceeds of the auction. Thanks so much for posting. Hope you’re doing well.

      • Dainty, Ever since I introduced Indra into the Delayed, I thought her and Peggy’s relationship deserved more exploration. With the original books focusing on B&T, this short story format will allow me to explore those characters that didn’t get enough attention. This is a good thing and the possibilities are endless. With all these ideas popping up in my head, this writing thing will keep me busy for quite a while. BTW, life is treating me very well these days. Hope you’re finding as well all the sweet pleasures life has to offer.

    10. Ok, ok. So Tina “slayed” her “dragon” – Paul, but what about Bette’s “dragon”, which will back from prison only in few years Kelly (she get 15 years)? How B&T will be dealing with her?

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