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    Dinah Drama

    Shane: Can we go now before the Coyotes decide they’re ready for brunch?

    Tina happily wipes her wife’s brow and holds a bottle of juice while Bette sips from the straw.

    Tina: Yeah let’s go, my baby needs to cool down.

    Alice scoffs and rolls her eyes.

    Alice: Oh please, she changed a tire she didn’t climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Tina.

    Tina raises her brows at Alice.

    Tina: She’s in this state because you apparently weren’t aware that sharp objects are kryptonite to tires……now let’s go.

    Alice pouts and Tasha smiles and pecks her wife on the lips.

    Tasha: It’s okay baby……hey you people lay off my wife.

    Alice turns and smiles at Tasha.

    Alice: You know I love it when you stick up for me baby. I’m gonna go down so hard when we get to the hotel

    Shane: Ew…look I’ll drive, you’re done for the day Alice

    Bette tosses the keys to Shane before everyone loads up and gets back on the road….



    Alice looks over the top of her sunglasses as Shane pulls up to the Luxurious hotel.

    Alice: Fuck, Tina how much money did this cost you?

    When Tina doesn’t answer, Alice turns around and shakes her head when she sees Tina giggling and making out with her wife.

    Alice Hey, Tina? I’m talking to you woman.

    Tina pulls herself away from Bette and looks at Alice.

    Tina: What?

    Alice: I asked if you had to sell a vital organ for this hotel.

    Tina: Oh….

    Tina smiles as she goes back to nipping at her wife’s lips.

    Tina: No, it was mostly comped

    She then giggles when Bette whispers in her ear. Dana rolls her eyes and sighed.

    Dana: I see what kind of trip this is gonna be….


    Once they get checked in, they ride the elevator to the top floor and step out to the Penthouse. Carmen laughs and spins around the open space.

    Carmen: Now this is how you do Dinah Shore ladies…

    Dana walks over and looks out of the window and smiles down at the scantily clad women surrounding the pool downstairs.

    Dana: I think I’m suddenly in the mood for a dip in the pool.

    Lara glares at Dana and then peeks into one of the rooms.


    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      Maybe it’s only for me, but i think Tibette sometimes going too far with all this Alfa/Female separation in this story. And when they do that – their family seems very like typical geterosexual family, where man (Bette) drinking beer in bar with his friends, go to the strip clubs and even smoke drugs (don’t like at all this shit). While wife (Tina) sit at home with kids.
      So no, my voice for Tibette like equal partners, not for divided on the male/female characters.

      • Zhenya, i do not agree with you at all. I think it is just a good thing they both have their own nights out. And they go out together as a couple and with their friends.

        It all started when Bette threw that party for Shane before she married Carmen. It is fun and they all love it to play being Alpha’s and Fems once and a while.

        In my eyes they all have a loving and happy marriage and they have their problems and fights just like hetero couples, and yes they will seek advice and complain about their partners with their friends, but come on, this is fiction, but it happens in”real life” too.

        • You have your point, i have mine. Like i say – i prefer equal Tibette in s5, not with alfa Bette and her housewife Tina in s1.
          And this Alpha/female for me still equal typical man/woman relationship

          • I think they are equal in this story and Tina is certainly not a housewife in this story. She has her own career and they both take care of their family.

            Sure Bette is a Alpha, but she respects Tina as a woman, who can stand on her own two feet, but this is how they interact in their relationship and they both love to play the Alpha and Femme act. and if it seems to you as Bette as” the man and Tina as the housewife ” you have the right to see it as that.

            Being Alpha/female in a relationship happen in same couple relationship too.

    2. I almost jumped from joy when i saw you posted a chapter!

      It was a pleasure to read it, so much fun and the little drama. The Alpha’s and the Fems, when you started that and still write about them, it is so funny to read how they act and react to and with each other.

      I am happy that Tina is able to explain to Bette about how Bette made her feel in their first marriage when she acted like a controlling bitch. They both really grew up and are able to talk and apologize about most things.

      Poor Bette, the Kennard family for a whole week in the house, what a mood killer after a relaxed weekend away.

      If they don’t behave i will kick them out of the house by myself.

      Waiting patiently for the next chapter!

    3. Hi BEG:

      Thanks for this amazing chapter, I really like your stories. This one is very funny and relaxing.
      I guess we’ll have more fun in the next chapter with Tina’s family at home.
      Hope you could update the other wonderful stories, especially “Unintentional love”
      Thank you again and pps.


      • If there’s a petition to ask you which stories need an update, i would give my vote to unintentional love and down to earth (what can i say, i’m too greedy, and i love all your stories). I know that u might be busy, but i think every one desperate for an update :)
        So please, browneyedgirl, don’t let us hang too long :)

    4. Enjoyed the Dinah weekend, Tina and Bette continue to grow as a couple and handle things so much better than they used to in their past marriage. Glad Tina revealed WHY she reacted to Bette’s request to change out of her outfit. Although I think Bette had a valid point of not wanting her wife out and about ASS out in the wind like that. It’s a respect thing for me. :)

      OMG…the Kennards are in town for a week in Bette’s house! Mama Kennard, I believe Bette could tolerate but those other two….judgmental jerks, WOW. Hope you write us something about Kennard Week next chapter!

      Thanks for the update! Always happy to see a new chapter from you.

    5. Savouring this last posted chapter truly made my day, dear author, and I cannot help but trying my best Bette’s pouting face to ask you a new chapter as soon as possible !! Well, what can I say ? I’m just addicted to this story, with all this wonderful and so endearing mix of humor, bit of drama and so obvious love for your characters…
      Now I’m pretty worried for my poor Bette surrounded by all these awful Kennards – mainly the sibblings.
      Please, please, could we have the joy to get a new chapter ?? Thank you SO much for everything – and take great care of you ! :-)

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