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    Dinah Shore

    The sun hadn’t even come up yet as Bette and Tina slowly walked, hand in hand towards the Planet. They weren’t usually up before the sun however today was different, they were heading to Palm Springs for Dinah Shore weekend. They had both agreed to go at the last minute after Dana had been invited to do a panel.

    “I was thinking about asking Yolanda’s ex girlfriend to bid on the Provocations job,” Bette said, as they approached The Planet.

    “Is she a contractor?” Tina asked, rubbing her thump against Bette’s hand. recently they had had their problems, since Tina had lost their baby. She was hoping that this weekend away with their friends would help them bond again. she wanted that feeling back. she wanted to feel that processive love that Bette had always given her but she had felt was lacking recently. She wanted to reconnect with her partner.

    “Carpenter. She’ got an all women crew,” Bette replied. She opened the door to the Planet, letting Tina in before her, she looked down and smiled at Tina’s perfect ass in her Levi’s.

    “That’s cool, You should definitely hire her,”

    The rest of the gang were already here. They headed to the counter where Marina was passing out coffee. Bette stood next to her woman and slipped her arm around her. Tina felt protected when Bette was this close, she was starting to feel like that was missing lately. Something had changed when she was pregnant and when they lost their baby.

    “Good morning,” Alice grinned, “Are you ready for a weekend full of Lesbians trying to make out with other lesbians,”

    “What?” Bette raised her eyebrow. Not sure what Alice was going on about it,

    “Bette it’s Dinah Shore women make out with other women and it will be crazy.” Everyone could tell Alice was excited.

    Bette shook her head completely unsure what her friend was going on about, this was to be the first time she was going.

    “Good thing I’ve only got one woman on my mind then isn’t it?” Bette smiled, looking at Tina who gently rested her head against her partner shoulder.

    “And what that woman be me?” Alice asked, putting her hands on her hips and cocking her head to one side which made both Bette and Tina laugh.

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    1. UK-a nice one off story. That should have happened in season one. What’s also great about it was that Alice didn’t interrupt and try to get into the room. She’s always at the right place at the wrong time. Tx for this one.

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