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    Bette stood in front of the large full length mirror in the bedroom, wearing her maternity bra, baggy cargo pants, her hands on her rounding stomach, she was now eight months pregnant, and she was starting to enjoy being pregnant more. Now the morning sickness had finished and she could feel their baby moving. She was loving sharing it with Tina, she felt closer to her wife than ever.

    Tina walked out of the bathroom, brushing her hair and smiled at her wife.

    “What are you doing B?” Tina asked as she put her brush down.

    “Just admiring myself in the mirror.”


    “I’ve got a bra on, I’m just amazing at my stomach,”

    “Well you’re keeping beanie safe,”

    “I am.” Bette smiled. “You okay?”

    She turned and looked at Tina who had had a bad night. They both understand that this would happen from time to time but they were slowly finding ways to counter it.

    “I’m fine my love, I am,” Tina walked over to her wife and kissed her lips before heading out of the door.

    Bette knew that Tina was done talking about it, she also knew her wife was going to get Xaiver who was growing up fast. He had recently started walking and talking better and they were both overjoyed with his progress, he was still smaller than most child his age but he was strong and doing well. They had been to see the doctor the week before and he had been fully discharged. They would just have yearly check up now.

    Bette walked into the closet selected a nice flowing top and headed downstairs she smiled when she saw Xaiver was toddling around holding his new donkey that they had recently got him at the zoo, while Tina stood in the open plan kitchen putting together their breakfast.

    “Hello little man,”

    “Mama,” He grinned and toddled over to her, “Up,”

    Bette picked him up, slowly making sure she and he was safe. She kissed him before slipping him into his high chair and passing him some cut up banana that Tina was currently cutting up

    “Thank,” he nodded before he started to eat.

    “That boy can eat,” Bette laughed.

    “He is growing,” Tina smiled.

    “He is, what do we have planned today?”

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    1. Thanks…after de tlwq, pseudo new…..we need tibette love…this genq is still very strange… it discredits the characters in their origin, repeats old dramas and there is not a single relationship that lasts….tanks !

    2. Welcome baby Angelica Katherine Kennard Potter…. glad to see you are healthy and ready to join your family. Xavier is happy to have a little sister…. Now, for the hard part….. that first 6 weeks where we need to eat a lot and sleep a little, have a nappy change and enjoy our mothers’ care and love…. Hopefully your moms have worked out a routine so they both can have an adequate amount of sleep….

      Thanks for the update….

    3. Lovely chapter, I know they will have good days and bad days, but I hope mostly good. Boy, Jodi is not going to be satisfied until she gets that ass whipping she has been begging for is she? Great to know you are still working on this one.

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