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    Bette pulled the car in the first car parking slot she could find. She didn’t want to be driving around, she looked at Tina who had closed her eyes, as soon as they have left the ranch. Bette knew she hadn’t slept well the night before and was fine with it. she switched off the engine. Tina opened her eyes at once.

    “Are we here?” Tina asked, sitting up

    “Yeah baby, are you okay?”

    “Yes, I’m fine B. honestly.”

    “Ti, you know I worry you’ve been really sick these last couple of weeks.” Bette reached out and gently ran her fingers through her wife’s hair.

    “I’m good, I will tell you if I need more rest.”

    Bette nodded at her wife’s words.

    “I just…”

    “I know,” Tina reached over and ran her fingers down her wife’s face before kissing her softly. Tina pulled back and smiled. “I love you but if the gang knew what a massive softy you are, you are never going to live it down.”

    Bette laughed before getting out the car. she walked around and helped Tina out. locking it. she put her arms around her woman and headed towards the planet.

    The walked in and it was busy as it was always was. they saw the gang were already sat in the corner and walked over. They were grated with hugs and kisses before they sat together, Bette draping her arm around the back of Tina’s chair, with her hand running up and down her wife’s back as Tina read the menu.

    “How was the honeymoon?” Alice asked

    Tina looked up confused.

    “Didn’t you guys know we came home early?”

    “What?” Alice was shocked.

    “Yeah I got sick and we had to come home. I thought you knew as Shane brought us food.” Tina looked confused at Bette who was grinning.

    “You didn’t tell me Porter,” Alice demanded.

    “I didn’t want the jokes”

    “What jokes?” Alice cocked her head to one side

    “Mainly about my powers in the bedroom,” Bette raised her eyebrow, everyone’s attention was on Bette and didn’t see the blush that covered Tina’s face. “Maybe how I got Tina sick as she’s younger than me and I can’t keep up. you know the jokes you seem to make behind my back but never to my face.” Bette replied softly.

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    1. Oh no!!!!! Poor Tina. She has endured so much. Please do not let her be really ill. Need this couple to be happy and healthy. Please!!!! And I still think Shane has an innocent but major crush on Tina. And keep Jodi away. Oh dear. Major drama.

    2. Oh no! Not sure what is wrong with Tina. Poor Bette, I hope Shane gets to the hospital soon..she is such a calming presence for the couple. Please post again soon, with some good news about Tina!

    3. A seizure! This is not good. Could it be just sleep deprivation and a weakened condition from the bug she had? Tina needs to take care of herself. I hope this is something that can be cured with a day or two of bed rest and chicken soup. Why is she not sleeping? Surely they are not having that much sex? Sure they are newly weds but when you do not sleep at night, you sleep all day especially after you have been ill.

      We need this Tina and Bette to be healthy and happy. They have agreed to have a family in the future and I want to see that happen…

      Thanks for the chapter. Give us more when you can.

    4. Kinda agree with Billy that Shane may a bit of a crush on Tina bc that’s the kind of woman she would like to have.

      ButI think she is totally cheering for dear friend Bette her and for this couple to live&prosper. She wants to see them happy.

      Gosh I hope the doctors can properly diagnose and treat Tina.

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