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    Tina sat on her Mac, she was programming her website to put up a number of painting at 00:01 tomorrow. She ad decided to sell a collection of watercolours she had been working on the set was four pieces and were all the sun raising or setting around the ranch. She was sat making sure everything was in place when she looked up because there was a light tap on the door,

    “Shane, long time no see.”

    “I didn’t know if I was welcome,” Shane admitted as she pushed her hands into her pockets.

    “You’re always welcome,” Tina said, looking at her friend, as she pointed at a chair that Shane could sit in while Tina finished up her working.

    “Sure about that?”

    “You are.”

    “Alice told me you guys have applied a restraining order against her.” Shane said

    “You’re still talking to her?” Tina raised her eyebrow.

    “Yeah, she’s still my friend. I know I could end up in the middle of a massive fight, but she was there for me when I was homeless and alone and no one gave a fuck you know,”

    “I do. It’s fine. You don’t need to explain yourself. I get it.” Tina smiled. “I don’t expect you to drop her because for some reason she’s decided to hate me.”

    “Its because you have Bette.” Shane said bluntly.


    “Al’s always had a thing for Bette. All the woman that have come and gone, even when Bette was at the hight of her player ways usually got a ‘talk’ from Alice. You didn’t.”

    “Have Bette and Alice ever…?” Tina wasn’t sure she could say it

    “No, they haven’t. much to Alice’s disapontment. I think she thought when they first meet she had a chance. But she never made the move and Bette wasn’t interested.”

    “And because I’m the woman who managed to get Bette Porter to marry her I’m public emery number one?”

    “I think it looks that way,”

    “I feel sorry for her, Bette loves her as a friend I might add, and wants her in her life, even with all the crap surrounding me.  Friendships are very important to Bette. She loves her friends. As you know but at the moment we can’t have Alice in our lives.”

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    1. Good chapter. But very worried about what Alice is up to. Once again she seems to be getting a bit of a pass. So not fair to Tina at all. Her self esteem is shot! She should not be demeaning herself or taking on any guilt over the likes of Alice. Tina needs to focus on her recovery and on her marriage and their son. Bette needs to focus on her own mental and physical health and her marriage and Xavier. Sorry if this comes off harsh. Frankly – the hell with Alice!! Enough. So you didn’t get laid. Move on already! And Shane – please just grown a pair!! And Kelly got a painting. Peggy must be opening a Tina Kennard wing. One million dollars! Nice. Tina should feel good about that.

    2. I think it’s a good idea to get restriction order against Alice for Bette and Tina, but i agree that Shane don’t need to chose between them – it’s her life and if she needs to be friends with all of them – she needs to try.

    3. Shane… remaining Alice’s friend is going to encourage Alice’s behavior. It’s going to put the votes on her side of the ledger that she is right and Bette and Tina are wrong. Note that the comment is that Alice “went too far.” Not that Alice’s beliefs and behavior is unreasonable and they of a “crazy woman”. In other words, its okay to think that Bette is under the control of Tina but continually trying to convince Bette of that idea of that is going to far. Her friends should be telling her that her whole concept is cocoa-puffs and not normal and her behavior is getting close to institutional placement (mental or criminal).. She should get some counseling minimum.

      Glad to see that the trip has been put off for a while…. makes a lot more sense since the family is still adjusting back to some normal routines.

      Prices on her art work is going through the roof.

      Thanks for the update….

      Good chapter….

      • 100 percent agree!! Alice needs total ostracizing by everyone. Shane should not be in the middle because that implies that there are two sides. And there absolutely are not two sides. If Alice murdered someone would that be enough for Shane? What is the benchmark here? Alice has done her best to destroy Tina. That she may not be succeeding merits zero consideration. Alice is evil. She has feelings for Bette and the only reason her psychotic behavior hasn’t been called out before is because Bette was not in serious relationships? Really? Shane has known about Alice’s behavior and has excused it! Wow!! Shane is so very wrong. On so many levels. This will only embolden Alice. And it is really unfair to Tina.

        • Its unfair to Bette as well…. Kit has already acted by banning her from The Planet. Bette and Tina have gotten a restraining order. Her friends have said “she went too far”. So unless Alice makes some verifiable changes in her thinking and behavior, continued association just gives Alice that she is justified in what she is doing. It is extremely hard to admit that we are wrong and as long as there is one person who is willing to tolerate this, Alice will not change. Its the old “the world is crazy, its not me.” My question is, what if Shane gets into a permanent relationship. Can she expect the same behavior from Alice? I do not think that Alice’s behavior has anything to do with the fact that Tina has mental problems. Its that Bette has chosen her to be her lover, wife and life partner. Tina could have no problems and Alice would be behaving in the same way. She would simply find another avenue of attack. And that is a problem –

          Thanks Billy for your comment….

          • Yes I agree. Good point. It really has little to do with Tina but she is using Tina to spew her venom. That takes us back to Alice showing up at the gallery and pretty much saying when you are done with her look me up.It really is Fatal Attraction I Will Not be Ignored Glenn Close psychotic behavior. It’s all about Bette. And one day she will do it to Shane. How can Shane possibly excuse this or pretend it away? What will it take for Shane to realize this?

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