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    Do I Have to Get the Bleach and Shovel?

    Washington D.C. – October 29, 2009- Thursday

    Bette blindly rolled over in bed in search of the blonde only to come up empty. Feeling coolness of the sheets instead of a warm body, the brunette opened her eyes and looked around the room to see it completely empty.

    How did she get up from underneath me without me waking up?

    Slowly sitting up, she pulled the sheets tighter around her naked body and began to smile softly. Biting her lower lip, she slowly grabbed a white robe from the hanger and a pair of Tina’s slippers. Peeking out the master suite’s door, she overheard Angie and Tina’s voices coming from down the hallway.

    Walking quietly, not wanting to interrupt, she just stared at the two in the kitchen making breakfast.

    Tina, feeling a presence, looked up and noticed the brunette smiling to herself. “Good morning, sunshine.”

    Bette’s smiled widened as she began to get closer to the two, “good morning to you too,” she whispered as she gently kissed Angie’s cheek. Looking up, she kissed the tip of Tina’s nose, “what time did you wake up?”

    Tina let her eyes glance over the brunette’s covered body as she bit her lower lip. Looking into her dark eyes, Tina smiled innocently, “around 2 hours ago…”

    Realizing for the first-time what Tina was wearing, Bette looked up at the clock to see it was 11 a.m. “Jesus I slept in…but why are you dressed?”

    “I have to go to the office,” Tina shrugged. “I have files to work on from the last case.”

    Biting her lower lip, she nodded, “can I come?”

    “Sure,” Tina smiled as she handed Bette some pancakes and strawberries. “Kit called a bit earlier and asked if they could come as well… they want to meet the group… it’s practically the reason they’re here.”

    “Is everyone going to be there?” Bette asked, taking a bite of breakfast and looking at the little girl beside her with whipped cream on her face.

    Chuckling lightly at her daughter, Tina cleaned off her face. “No…AJ had to go do something, Delia obviously isn’t there, and I believe Rob is currently in a ‘conference’ meeting all day.”

    Nodding slowly, Bette figured that only Benny, Will, Greyson, and Ivy would be there. “Alright, I guess I should get dressed then…when are we leaving?”

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    1. Totally agree w/SassyGran!!! Think Tina shouldn’t under estimate the young dude that left the warning note on her windshield. He might be the offspring of some criminal she sent up the river!

      Tina is more than a little bit EMOTIONALLY and physically attached to her FBI fam. Will be interesting how she reconciles the “past” life that she has kept alive.

      Finally, she needs to talk to Bette about Helena. Don’t think Helena is going to go peacefully into the night. She’s more in love with Tina than ever before

      • She will definitely not underestimate anyone…that isn’t SSA Kennard’s style ;)

        I think she is looking out for her family. She’s known most of them for anywhere between 15 and well…37 years of her life. Just because she has set up a more “traditional family” in L.A., doesn’t mean that she will neglect the ones who have been there from the start.

        Keep an eye out for the next chapter… Tina has a bit more explaining to do.

        And of course, thank you for the comment!

    2. So, when Bette and Angie will return in LA Tina wants to stay in DC. I love Tibette, but i guess for this Bette and Tina separation might be not bad thing. Because in DC it’s only Tina life, not Bette. It’ s Tina job, Tina friends, Tina lovers. Bette don’t fit in that story. Bette needs to live her life in LA, not Tina’s in DC.

    3. This is such a different storyline for Tibette! I am totally into this story and can’t wait for your Friday posts. I am not sure where you are taking the characters but I feel Tina’s backstories will help us and the gang figure it out. Love it! Please post again soon.

    4. I am already looking forward to the next chapter!

      I agree with SassyGran, this story grips you till the end.

      Matt is a total asshole and i am glad A.J. is divorcing him, i don’t trust him but i don’t think he is the one that threatens Tina and the others.

      Bette is discovering so much about Tina and still she will hear and learn more about her. It is cute to see her a bit insecure about the woman that Tina works with, seeing a rival or threat in her relationship with Tina. But Tina loves Bette and will not betray Bette or put ther relationship in danger. But it is important that she tells Bette about her fling with Helena and Helena should move on before Bette kicks her ass.

      Incredible story!!!

    5. Great post, The rest of the family will probably want to kick Matt’s ass after they find out about what he did to A. J. I know Tina wants Bette and Angie to be safe away from her in LA. but, she is forgetting that this criminal knows where they live there also. I think it would be better for them to be close to her instead of where she can’t get to them if something happens. As far as Helena she needs to get her shit together and step back before Bette has to kick her ass. Can’t wait for your next post.

    6. Thank you for another AMAZING update
      This has become one of my favorite stories ever and you have become one of my favorite authors on here :)
      You always leave me wanting more ;)

      Looking forward to the next update as always

      • Thank you so much, love. Not only am I happy to hear this story made it into your list of top stories, but for me to be one of your favorite authors? That’s amazing!

        Thanks for the comment. I always look forward to reading them!

    7. I tried to wait as long as I could to read this since waiting a week is excruciating but it didn’t take very long for me to cave in!

      I’m getting some uncomfortable vibes between Helena and Tina that I don’t want to feel. Why does it seem that Helena knows a little more about Tina’s life than Bette does?

      I really do feel for Bette, I would feel the exact same way if someone I loved had this whole other life you weren’t a part of. But I guess you’ve gotta go through some crazy things with people to understand!

      Anyways, thanks as always and I’ll be anxiously awaiting for your next post!!!

      • About Tina and Helena – it’s not only about them. Tina with Delia, Tina with AJ, Tina with Lexi – their interection seems much more alive than Tina with Bette. I see two reason for that. First – this Tina and Bette not friends. They lovers, they have child, but they not friends. They lied each other, not trust each other. Thats why some of Tina friends know her better, than Bette.
        Second – this Bette not equal partner for this Tina. This Bette is weak, insecure, submissive person. Besides sex Tina treat with Bette not like with partner, but like with child. Helena and other more equal Tina in this story.

    8. I could see why Tina would be closer to her BAU fam, their work put their lives at sacrifice 24/7 and from what it seems they’ve also gone through life changing life threatening situations together. That would change any kind of ‘relationship’. They’ve experienced it all so to speak.

      If we’re still going off of the l word storyline, Bette became a hell of a lot more submissive in the last season because she didn’t need to be in control anymore. She started seeing Tina as more her ‘equal.’

      I think Bette and Tina’s relationship is secure but I don’t think Bette is insecure because of that. She does feel threatened by their ‘relationships’ but only because Bette felt she should know her the best out of anyone and now she doesn’t even know this whole other side of Tina.

      But it’s Helena and Tina’s ‘relationship’ that’s odd to me here because Bette certainly should know hell of a lot more about Tina than her. By their exchange in this chapter, Helena acts like she just ‘knows’ Tina and to some extent knows about this part of her life too. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

      • I’m happy that I’m not the only one who has seen a bit more submissive Bette in season 6. She is still powerful, but isn’t afraid to show her emotions anymore. Additionally, Tina definitely grew through seasons 5 and 6 and is not longer that submissive type character.

        I’m glad you see Bette and Tina’s relationship as secure. I’m not trying to create a situation where Tina looks at Bette as weak or anything, but it is a slightly weird and insecure time for Bette because she is witnessing all these new interactions with Tina and people who she doesn’t quite know. Tina is trying to do her best supporting both sides.

        You’re right about Tina’s relationship with her BAU fam. I’ll probably throw in a couple of past events do demonstrate what they have gone through together, it just hasnt been the correct time in the storyline to do so. Furthermore…. future chapters await for more!

        Helena in fact can read Tina, but that doesnt mean Bette hasnt been able to either. It’s just the fact that Helena has voiced it sooner than Bette has (wait until the next chapter ;) ).

        Thanks for the comment!

        • Thank you for the replies! It definitely eases my heart a little bit more haha. I always loved how Bette and Tina started to almost switch roles seasons 5 and 6 and really started connecting rather than just playing a role in the relationship.

          You can definitely see how attentive Tina still is with Bette by checking if she’s okay through little touches and gestures even with her other fam. Unfortunately I have a feeling Bette won’t fully understand the closeness of their connections until whoever is after Tina, comes after… them.

          Okay. I need to wait for that next chapter now. Thanks again!!

    9. Kylie, thank you for this very different storyline. It certainly has kept us wanting as every chapter reveals more about Tina. She not only has a secret other life and family but she’s accomplished in another career that she’s kept alive for 10 years. How did she pull off all these disappearances to work cases while being a studio executive, wife, mother and take on lovers on the side. She’s truly Wonder woman.

      I agree with Angel 81. How she relates to Bette is very different from how she relates to the other women in her life including Helena. Maybe because this is the post cheating, post Jodi relationship. Bette is even more insecure, not only because she is in a position where Tina can decide to leave her at the drop of a hat and take Angie but also because Tina has all the power in the relationship, and in her world.

      Tina was able to leave her job in LA at a moment’s notice without checking in with anyone. While Bette had to wait days for Kelly to get back to leave the gallery. Bette is not financially secure while Tina has a title, a second home, and obviously a great salary that gives her a lot of freedom.

      No doubt she’s not going back to the movie business, Angie is thrilled to be with her other family. Tina has at least 2 ex-lovers that want her back, so Bette is at her mercy. She may love Bette, but she doesn’t trust her or need her like she needs the others. Will be interesting to see how Bette adjusts. Petty jealousies is the least of her worries. If Tina could pull off a secret life that her 3 year old knew all about and Bette was clueless about for 10 years she can get away with anything.

      • Tina was more involved before she met Bette. When she did meet Bette, it says in either the 3rd or 4th chapter that she sort of separated herself from the cases and became sort of a councilor for them. When Bette and her broke up again, she started to get much more involved in this life because she didnt have to necessarily explain her whereabouts with Bette. As long as she was there every other week to take care of Angie…well, she had other things to deal with in the meantime.
        Tina loves and trusts Bette more than any of her ex-lovers. In terms of her teammates, it is a bit more complicated than that, I have maybe 5 endings in my mind for this story and I havent decided which one it will be. But Tina and her team have gone through things that only people with nightmares will be able to comprehend and understand, But when it comes to her job and Bette’s safety, she will do anything to make sure there is not a repeat of the AJ event.

        I didnt write it in, but there is an assumption in either this chapter or next (I forgot which one) where she did take a leave of absence from her job in L.A.

        More gets explained in the next chapter in terms of what Tina is planning to do and what Bette thinks of it, I just didn’t want to make this one super long.

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