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    Do We Have a Deal?


    “Goodnight,” Tina whispered, closing her eyes as she studied the rhythmic beating of Bette’s heart; feeling safe and secure for the first time in a while.

    “Night, baby,” Bette whispered back; a lone tear falling down her cheek as she snuggled deeper into the blonde; her eyes closing for the rest of the night.

    French Quarter- Friday 9 AM

    Golden rays broke through the slivers of the blinds; casting moving shadows onto the dark comforter covering two entangled bodies. The room was quiet except for the sound of the fan cooling the room and the deep breathing falling from brunette lips.

    Tina looked around the room- her fingers twirling around dark mangled curls that were cascaded across her chest. Smiling softly as she felt soft breathing against her right breast; she looked to her left to see the time. A green flashing light marking 9:04 AM was being shown on the old alarm clock.

    Humming softly to herself as the blonde knew she had a couple more hours before she had anything planned; she continued the gently caress the curls on her chest. Feeling the sudden change in the brunette’s breathing, Tina looked down- a small smile masking her face as she saw Bette repeatedly blink.

    “Mornin’,” Tina said- her voice a bit husky as she tucked a messy strand of brown behind Bette’s ear.

    Bette looked up; confusion was written across her face before a large smile appeared, “morning.”

    “You looked like you just saw a ghost,” Tina whispered- her hand stilling onto the mattress as she looked into the dark eyes below her.

    “No…” Bette shook her head, her body moving away from Tina’s as she tried to sit up next to her. “I just- I thought it was a dream.”

    “Oh?” Tina questioned, following the brunette’s eyes as they dropped down to the blonde’s chest. “Babe… my eyes are up here, hon.”

    “Huh?” Bette questioned, shaking the sleepiness from her head as she reconnected her eyes to the blonde’s.

    “Never mind,” Tina smiled, biting her lower lip as the white sheet slipped an inch down the brunette’s chest. “I hope you don’t mind…”

    “Mind what?” Bette questioned, eyes furrowing as she looked down at her chest to see it covered in dark red and purple marks. “Wow… looked a lot different last night.”

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      Very interesting how Tina imagine her talk with Bette about who she is. “Honey, don’t be scared but i’m immortal witch, who kill with cold blood who i want and when i want? By the way – i really don’t remember how many peoples i killed – maybe hundreds or thousands.”?

    2. Thanks for the new update!

      Very interested in this story and i hope you would continue to write it.

      I have mixed feelings about Tina in this story. From one side – it’ s Tina and i always love her. From another – she absolutely don’t have humanity besides her coven of witches.
      Very interesting where you can lead this story.

    3. Hey Kylie,

      Want to let you know i still follow everything you write!

      It will be a very interesting conversation between Bette & Tina and how Bette will deal with it.

      Hmm, Marie and Fiona operated together years ago, wonder why they are now at war with each other.

      And yes, i agree with Shane that she is fucked a big time! But i think her friendship with Bette will prevail in the end.

      Looking forward to the next chapter and a new chapter from Hidden Past!

    4. I am enjoying this story a lot. Bette seems to be out of her depth. There are more rude shocks when Tina reveals that she is a witch and that Melvin and Shane want to kill Tina and her coven. Will Helena play fair with Bette if Tibette’s relationship become serious?

    5. Ok so I clearly had Mervin all wrong lol.. not sure how he thinks he can kill them now.
      Ok so I love me some Stevie, my favorite is Landslide.
      Love this story lots of twists and turns I really like the connection Bette and Tina have.I love it thst its Bette’s first real love. Thank you. Happy writing.

    6. Thanks for posting! I’m happy that you didn’t give up on this story.

      I hope that Shane will see that Melvin isn’t any better than Fiona and she’ll talk to Bette. It’s funny how many ways there are to write Melvin as the obstinate, not likable person that he was in the show ;-)

      Seems like the conflict between the witches will soon escalade. Let’s see if they are able to work together when Melvin attacks.

      Please continue!

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